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1x02 The Homecoming Job

[Exterior Street, Iraq]

(Perry is standing on a street being filmed by a handheld camcorder)

Perry: All right sweetheart, we are near Najaf, Iím not allowed to say exactly where. (to another soldier) Hey Dwight, say hello to Jenny.

Dwight: Heís cheating on ya!

Perry: Nice.

Dwight: With a camel. A drunk, slutty camel.

Perry: All right, it was one time, okay, and the camelís been texting me but itís over I promise ....

(the sound of backup alarms goes off)

Dwight: Hello. PSD.

(a truck is being loaded by a bunch of soldiers in black uniforms)

Perry: See those guys, private contractors. They make seven hundred bucks a day. I make seven.

Dwight: Yeah, but you know what they gotta do? They gotta Ö

(men start shouting and gunfire rings out. Dwight is hit several times in the chest)

Men: Shots fired. Shots fired. Go, go! Go red!

Dwight: Uh!

(the camera falls and focuses on Perry as the screen goes to static)

[Hospital Rehab Dept]

(Nate is watching a laptop with Perry, who is in a wheelchair)

Dwight (on screen): Yeah, but you know what they gotta do? They gotta Ö

(video shows Dwight being shot. Nate pauses video)

Nate: Is Jenny your fiancťe?

Perry: Well, she was but Ö

Nate: Oh. Iím sorry.

Perry: Iím not mad, it happens. Look I donít want charity.

Nate: We are not a charity.

Perry: I just want my rehab. You know if Iím gonna work, and I want to work, Dr. LeRoque says I need another year and a half of hardcore rehab, maybe two more surgeries. Castleman shot me up. I just want them to pay my bills, no more, no less.

Nate: Hmm.

(the room is full of soldiers doing rehab)

Nate: The army investigation determined, what, that you were hit by insurgents?

Perry: Yeah, thatís because Castleman refused to cooperate in that investigation.

Nate: And they can do that.

Perry: Nobodyís stopping them. Theyíre cowboys, they go off all the time, boom, boom, boom. I just want them to do right by me.

(Perry pulls a flash drive from the laptop as Dr. LeRoque approaches)

Dr. LeRoque: Pardon me, Mr. uh?

Nate: Oh, uh, Nathan Ford. Youíre Dr. LeRoque?

Dr. LeRoque: Can I talk to you outside?

Perry: Doc, heís cool, I found him on the internet.

Dr. LeRoque: Yes, that never goes badly. (to Nate) With me.

Nate: UhÖ Iíll be in touch.

(Perry hands him the flash drive and Nate follows the doctor out of the room)

[Exterior Hospital]

Dr. LeRoque: You canít just come in here and get his hopes up!

Nate: Iím just here to provide options.

Dr. LeRoque: There are no options.

Nate: The Veteranís hospital Ö

Dr. LeRoque: Is 400 miles away and has a five month waiting list. Everybody in that rehab room is a reservist. When reservists get out they get sent home no matter where home is or how far it is from the treatment they need. Nobody thought this through. Weíre not a rich hospital, I cashed in every favor I had to take care of these kids for as long as I could but I have to go back in there and tell Perry we canít treat him anymore. I have to do that. Run your scam on somebody with money.

Nate: Itís not a scam. Iím here to help.

Dr. LeRoque: People donít just show up to help. Thatís not the way the world works.

(as the doctor walks away. Nate pulls out his cell phone makes a phone call)

Nate: Hardison, call them.

[Audition Room]

Sophie: Why? Why? I canít live like this anymore. With the lies and the filth. No. Help me. I want to be clean. I want to be clean.

(two directors watching are overwhelmed by just how awful Sophie is)

Rogers: Yeah, you understand this is a soap commercial, right?

Sophie: Uh huh. When I thought about Peggy I came up with this idea that the dirt was really this giant metaphor, for sin.

(Sophieís cell rings, she glances at her purse)

Rogers: You should take that. No, no you should take that.

Sophie: Oh. (answers phone) Hello? When? (hangs up) Peggy killed her first husband.

Rogers: Thank you.

[Parking Lot]

(one man is laying on the hood of a car and another falls on top of him. Eliot turns away from the car as the last man pulls a gun on him. They stare at each other for a moment, then a phone rings)

Eliot: That you or me?

(man seems unsure as the phone continues to ring)

Eliot: Could be important. Does your mama have your number?

(man looks down and Eliot grabs the gun, punching the man in the neck. The man goes down, choking. Eliot unloads the gun and tosses it away before pulling out his phone and answering it)

Eliot: Yeah? Nothing, why?


(guard walks by a painting hanging in a museum gallery. He looks away for a moment, and when he looks back a rope is dangling where the painting had been. A cell phone rings)

Parker: Parker. Shh. No, I wasnít shushing you.

[Hallway, Leverage Headquarters]

(Parker, Eliot and Sophie come around the corner and head down the hall)

Parker: From the first job?

Eliot: Yeah.

Parker: I put all that money in a Swiss bank account.

Eliot: Millions of dollars and you didnít buy anything?

Parker: I donít like stuff, I like money.

Sophie: I bought a little retirement home, an island.

Eliot: Nice.

Sophie: In Dubai. And Tokyo.

Parker: What about you?

(they reach the door which has a small envelope with Sophieís name written on it. Sophie takes it off the door and opens it)

Eliot: Yeah, Iím not about to tell two known thieves what I did with a multi-million dollar payout.

Sophie: Donít you trust us?

(Eliot doesnít answer. Sophie uses the key from the envelope to open the door. A sign in the lobby reads ďLeverage Consulting & AssociatesĒ.

Sophie: Okay. Okay.

Eliot: I donít get it.

Parker: What is this?

(Hardison walks in carrying three cell phones and three file folders)

Hardison: This is our new cover story. Welcome to Leverage Consulting and Associates, founded in 1913 by the great Harland Leverage the Third.

(Hardison points to a painting on the wall of an older man that greatly resembles Nate)

Sophie: Iím sorry. Nate is going to kill you.

Eliot: Did you paint that?

Hardison: Iím gifted.

Eliot: Thatís weird.

Hardison: Now Leverage Consulting Inc. is squeaky clean, all corporate taxes on record as being paid for the last ninety years. (He gives them each a cell and a folder) All your identities as partners, your payroll taxes are paid, you guys have pension plans and dental, those are employment records, case files and company newsletters.

(the group walks the halls of the Leverage offices as they discuss the files)

Parker: In 1998 I won the sack race at the 4th of July picnic. Cool.

Hardison: Now these, these are your offices. Now you can bring something like a photo, you know what, a plant! Iím a big supporter of dandelions.

Sophie: Hardison, I canít believe you spent your share of the cash on all of this.

Hardison: Me? No, hell no! Nate paid for all of this, you know with what he had left. I mean, you know, after he gave the rest of it away.

Eliot: Whoa! What do you mean? He gave it away?

Hardison: Yeah, all of it. Every last penny. It was like to some childrenís hospital or something like that but this, this is my masterpiece.

(Hardison opens doors to a conference room that holds a long table with many chairs around it. One wall is dedicated to large TV screens)

Sophie: Nice.

Eliot: My man.

Hardison: Long version or the short version?

Sophie: Short.

Eliot: Short version.

Parker: Shortest.

(Hardison hits a remote the TV screens illustrate his explanation)

Hardison: Photo and video forensics programs, back doors into every electronic banking system in the world, running heuristic data crawls all over the news sites to find our clients, oh also!

Parker: This is the short version?

Hardison: Facial recognition database tied into CIA, NSA and the FBI. But, the real piŤce de rťsistance (changes screens to sports games) DirectTV HD Total Sports Package. NFL, NBA and I threw in a little bit of hockey Ďcause I know you people like that.

Eliot: Hockey.

(Nate comes in through another set of doors)

Nate: All right, stop kicking the tires. (holds up the flash drive) Want to take her for a spin? (tosses the drive to Hardison)

(team watches the video)

Perry (on screen): See those guys, private contractors. They make seven hundred bucks a day. I make seven.

Dwight: Yeah, but you know what they gotta do? They gotta Ö

(Hardison pauses the footage on Perryís body)

Nate: Our client is the cameraman. Corporal Robert Perry. He says that the Castleman contractors spooked and started firing.

Eliot: 5.56 NATO rounds mixed in with some 9 mils from the sub-machine guns. Insurgents would have used AK-47s with 7.62 ammo. It has more of a... (hits the back of his hand to his palm) crack. Contractors shot 'em up all right.

Parker: You IDíd the weapon from the gunshot sound?

Eliot: It has a very distinctive sound.

Hardison: (changes screen) Castleman Security is hardcore folks. Billion dollar company, they got fat government contracts everywhere we got troops. Thatís Charles DuFort, CEO, very paranoid and very professional.

Eliot: I want to get this clear right now. This is a private army youíre talking about taking on. They got their own intel assets, they got a lot of trigger pullers.

Nate: Yes, and lobbyists in every office in Washington, DC. The problem with a cover-up is all the paperwork it takes to keep the lies straight.

Hardison: Internal emails, memos.

Nate: Exactly.

Sophie: SoÖ

Nate: So letís go to work. (Nate exits, the rest of the team following)

Sophie: So, we steal the evidence and threaten to expose them.

Parker: Blackmail.

Nate: Ah yes but just enough blackmail to, uh, pay for Perryís rehab, maybe a couple of million more in damages.

Eliot: Itíll never hold up in court.

Nate: Ah, but thatís why Corporal Perry is lucky, he doesnít have lawyers. He has thieves.

(the team exits, Nate finally noticing the painting that looks like him)

Nate: Hardison.

[Private Party]

(sign reads ďCastleman Security welcomes Congressman Robert Jenkins. Private party. Tickets requiredĒ. Eliot walks by the sign dressed as a waiter and carrying a tray. Nate is among the guests wearing a suit)

Eliot: Next time, I wear the suit.

Sophie (on comm): DuFortís here. Iíll make contact.

(Sophie takes a glass from Eliot)

Nate: See what you can squeeze out of him. Parker, Hardison, time to hit his office.


[Hardison and Parker are wearing black and connected to repelling gear)

Hardison: I gotta go back to the office I just remembered something.

Parker (adjusting Hardisonís harness): What?

Hardison: I just remembered gravity and the squishiness of all my manly bits.

Parker: I designed this rig myself. The line is carbon fiber. Five point harness. Weight support here, here, and here. Auto-breaking resistance on the main pulley back here.

Hardison: Okay cool, so itís tested?

Parker: Not yet.

Hardison: Not yet? When the hell was you gonna test it?

(Parker pushes Hardison off the roof. She smiles, he screams)

Parker: Big baby.

(she jumps after him. Hardison screams until he stops upside down. Parker lowers herself to his side)

Hardison: Seriously? Seriously?

[Private Party]

Nate: Okay Hardison, Parker, guard sweeps are every ten minutes, that means you got nine minutes, thirty seconds.

Hardison: Iím working on it.

(Charles DuFort and Congressman Jenkins are talking as Sophie approaches them)

Jenkins: Castleman is going to be very happy with the new Appropriations Bill.

Sophie: Pardon me, Congressman, Lilly McCreedy, Iím with Executive Orders.

DuFort: Theyíre a London-based Defense Contractor. (shakes Sophieís hand) Charles DuFort. Executive Orders doesnít work for the US government.

Sophie: Yet. Perhaps we can do something about that.

Jenkins: Yes well, it was very nice to meet you. Now youíll have to excuse me. (walks away)

DuFort: Youíre not poaching are you? Appropriations Bill 718, those are our defense contracts, donít even bother.

Sophie: Mr. DuFort, surely thereís enough war to go around.

DuFort: I rather like you.

Nate: Hardison, Hardison whatís this, whatís this Bill theyíre talking about?

[DuFortís Office]

(Hardison is sitting at the computer typing while Parker searches around the office with a flashlight)

Hardison: You know Iíd like to give you the Schoolhouse Rock but this man has an RFID security card reader on his power supply so Iím a little bit busy.

(Parker moves a painting to reveal a wall safe)

Parker: Ooh, old school. I found a safe. Youíre not going to believe this, itís voice activated.

[Private Party]

Nate: All right, well one problem at a time. Uh, Sophie, Iím going in. We need to get an RFID card to Eliot.

Sophie: My companyís focused on meeting senators, but Iím thinking congressmen.

DuFort: You know the great thing about congressmen? Fifty, a hundred grand well spent will get one elected, but then once theyíre in the incumbency rate is over 95 percent so you can get an average 18, 20 yearsí use out of one of them. In these uncertain times buying a United States congressman is one of the best investments a corporation can make.

[DuFortís Office]

Hardison: Oh I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Iím a professional criminal and I find that disturbing.

[Private Party]

(Nate takes an appetizer from a waitress and dips it in sauce)

DuFort: Weíve been providing military advisors, internationally, for over forty years.

(Nate walks behind DuFort and wipes the sauce across the back of his jacket)

Sophie: Well, helping rebels overthrow their governments Mr. DuFort.

DuFort: No, overthrowing the government is too harsh a way to describe it, we just, help them along. A kind of collaboration.

(Nate walks to the bar and tosses the appetizer away. He grabs a napkin and heads back to Sophie and DuFort)

Sophie: Oh, is that what you call it?

(Nate walks up to DuFort, holding the napkin and pointing to his jacket)

Nate: You have a little dip on Ö

Sophie: Oh dear. Youíve got dip all over this beautiful jacket.

(while DuFort is distracted Sophie pulls out his wallet and removes the RFID card. DuFort takes off his coat to look at the stain)

Nate: It shouldnít be too hard to get out in the wash.

DuFort: Can you believe this, first day Iíve worn it. Thank you.

Sophie: Let me see if I can get someone to help you with that. Excuse me? (to Eliot) Yeah, garcon.

Eliot: Yes, maíam.

(Sophie slips Eliot the RFID card under the tray)

Sophie: I was wondering if you could help us. We seem to have gotten a little stain on this jacket.

Eliot: Oh, look at that. Let me take care of that for you.

Sophie: If you could splash a little soda water Ö

DuFort: (grabbing his wallet from his jacket) Let me keep this. Man in my position shouldnít forget his wallet. Thatís embarrassing.

(Eliot walks away with the jacket and the card, handing his tray to one of the guests)

Eliot: Here you go, sir. Knock yourself out. (looks at card) Thereís no magnetic strip.

[DuFortís Office]

Hardison: It emits a little radio frequency just, just put it up next to the phone I gave you.

(Hardison places his phone next to the RFID reader on DuFortís desk)

[Private Party]

(Eliot holds the card up to his phone. The display on the phone reads Ďcloningí and then Ďcode clonedí.

[DuFortís Office]

(Hardisonís phone reads Ďsending code dataí. As the transfer finishes, Hardison types into the computer)

Hardison: Iím in.

[Private Party]

Nate: Parker, whatís the status of the voicelock?

[DuFortís Office]

Parker: Uh, Iíve been sampling DuFortís speech but I still need a few more sounds.

[Private Party]

Nate: How many?

[DuFortís Office]

Parker: Well I only need the sounds puh, tuh, oo, ah, eh, oh, ah, ke, a, ef.

[Private Party]

Nate: Ah, only those. Eliot.

(Eliot walks by carrying two trays of appetizers)

Eliot: Iím on it. Pardon. (approaches Sophie and DuFort) Hello.

Sophie: Ooh. Mmm.

Eliot: (to DuFort) Appetizer, sir?

DuFort: Sure, what do you got?

Eliot: Iíve got the p‚tť díescargot avec biŤre d'Argentine and (looks at second tray and grimaces) what looks like old duck, kind of greasy.

DuFort: I guess Iíll have the first one.

Eliot: Of course.

(Eliot offers him the second tray and Dufort looks at him expectantly)

DuFort: Well? May I have some?

Eliot: The greasy duck?

Sophie: Oh, no, no, no, I wouldnít have the greasy duck.

Eliot: No I wouldnít suggest it.

DuFort: No, the other one.

(Eliot pretends confusion)

DuFort: The the p‚tť díescargot with the biŤre d'Argentine!

Eliot: Excellent choice sir (gives DuFort the first tray).

DuFort: (takes food) Who is this clown?

[DuFortís Office]

Parker: Pretty good. Got most of them. Okay, now all I need is ef, uh and kuh.

[Private Party]

(DuFort spits out the appetizer he has taken)

DuFort: This is shrimp!

Eliot: Very good then. (walks away)

DuFort: Itís shrimp you stupid F----!

[DuFortís Office]

Parker: Oh, there they are. Really loud too.

[Private Party]

Nate: Okay, Sophie, start the walk away.

Sophie: I was wondering if I could I drop by your office?

DuFort: Anytime.

(she moves away from him toward Jenkens)

Nate: Where are you going?

Sophie: Playing a hunch.

Nate: All right, well play it fast. Hardison, what have you got, you got three minutes.

[DuFortís Office]

Hardison: Too much. They got all of Perryís medical records. Which, sure is pretty normal but theyíve got psych evaluations, high school records, theyíre reading his emails.

(Parker sits down with him, opening a folder she took from the safe)

Parker: Tapping his phones. Iíve got surveillance photos of Perry here from the hospital yesterday.

Hardison: Why spend so much money watching our guy? I mean investigations of the shooting were done months ago.


Perry: See those guys, private contractors.

(contract soldiers are loading a truck)

[Private Party]

Nate: Because itís not about the shooting. The cover-up has nothing to do with the shooting, itís about the trucks.

Sophie: Congressman.

Jenkins: Yes?

Sophie: Your support on the next Appropriations Bill would be very helpful.

Jenkins: Weíve already earmarked the no-bid contracts for Castleman. They deserve it.

Sophie: Nobodyís perfect, look at all the trouble they had with that shooting in Najaf.

Jenkins: Iím sorry, I donít really follow that sort of news. I just review the contracts.

Sophie: Of course.

Jenkins: Excuse me. (walks away)

(Nate comes up behind Sophie as they head for the door)

Nate: Parker, Hardison bug out, go back to the office. Weíre going to the hospital.

[DuFortís Office]

Hardison: Do you need to talk to Perry again?

[Private Party]

Nate: The shooting wasnít an accident, Perry isnít a victim heís a witness. Does Castleman strike you as the kind of company to leave a witness alive?

[Hospital Hallway]

(door to Perryís room opens, Nate and Sophie walking out)

Nate: Heís not in his damn room.

(elsewhere in the hospital, Eliot grabs a doctorís coat off a sleeping intern)

Eliot: Iím checking all the corridors that are connected to the exterior doors.

[Rehab Room]

(Perry is alone practicing walking on the handbars. He sees someone walk in)

Perry: Sorry doc I know itís closed butÖ Mr. Ford?

Nate: We gotta get you out of here, now.

(Nate grabs a wheelchair and moves it in front of Perry)

Perry: Why?

Nate: Castleman. Come on.

(Sophie and Nate get Perry into the chair)

Perry: (to Sophie) Rob Perry.

Sophie: Sophie Devereaux. Ooh, watch those hands Mr. Perry.

Perry: Iím in a wheelchair, Iím not blind.

(Nate pushes Perry toward the door)

Sophie: Letís go.

[Hospital Hallway]

(Eliot walks past two large men in doctorís coats]

Eliot: Nate get him clear I canít find--

Dr. LeRoque: Excuse me, do you work on this floor.

Eliot: I uh, what floor is this? Iím in orthopedics soÖ

(Eliot looks down at LeRoqueís feet, seeing that sheís wearing Crocks. Realization sits in and he looks back at the two men heís passed, both are wearing boots. Eliot follows them)

Dr. LeRoque: Hey! Hey!

(elsewhere, Nate is leading the way as Sophie pushes Perry towards the elevators. When they turn a corner, the two men are there, Eliot coming up behind them. One of the men pulls a knife)

Nate: Get the elevator!

(Nate pushes a gurney down the hallway to block their path)

(Eliot pushes one man into the wall then knocks the other into the gurney, flipping him to the ground. The first man comes at Eliot with the knife, which Eliot deflects. He knocks down the first man as the other comes at him with a knife. Eliot uses an IV pole to deflect the blade. He kicks the second man in the stomach and hits the first in the face with the pole. The second man comes back with the knife, Eliot knocks him to the ground and punches him several times)

Perry: Mr. Ford!

(Perry pushes a defibrillator towards Nate, who grabs the paddles. The first man runs toward Eliot with a knife, but Eliot grabs his arm and pushes him toward Nate)

Nate: Hello.

(Nate hits the man in the chest with the defibrillator paddles and he flies backward, unconscious. The elevator dings behind Sophie and Perry_

Nate: Go.

(Nate gets them into the elevator. Eliot goes back to get a belly bag from one of the men before joining them)

[Leverage Conference Room]

(Eliot empties out the belly bag onto the table. A money clip, pack of cigarettes, note, knife, pair of sunglasses and a gun fall to the table. Eliot unloads the gun as Hardison checks the serial numbers)

Eliot: I got all this stuff off one of the Castleman hitters.

Sophie (reading note): I canít live with the pain, Iím so sorryÖ this is a suicide note.

Hardison: The gun is registered in Robert Perryís name. The bill of sale belongs to a gunshop a mile from his house.

(Nate walks in with a bottle of liquor and a glass)

Nate: I got Perry squared away in a safe house.

Eliot: Play timeís over Nate, itís only a matter of time before they come after us. The tall one, the way he used a knife, ex-Marine, probably Force Recon.

Hardison: You IDíd a guy off his knife-fighting style?

Eliot: Itís a very distinctive style.

(Nate pours himself a glass then drinks directly from the bottle before placing the glass on the table)

Nate: For later.

Hardison: I didnít sign up for any of this. What I did before, nobody got hurt.

Sophie: I stole paintings for a living.

Parker: I never hurt anybody.

Eliot: I actually hurt people, soÖ

Sophie: Nate, if anything had happened to this kid--

Nate: You know you guys called on me. You remember? You begged me to run the crew, agreed to play by my rules. Now walk out if you have a problem with that. Walk out any day if you have a problem with that. Itís simple.

(everyone looks hesitant)

Eliot: We finish this one.

Parker: Just one.

Hardison: How do we hit Ďem?

Sophie: Congressman Jenkins, heís our in. Looked me straight in the eye and told me heíd never even heard of the shooting.

Parker: So?

Sophie: Looked me in the eye? When men are telling me the truth theyíre not looking me in the eye. A man only ever looks a woman in the eye when heís making the effort to lie to her.

Eliot: Well you canít argue with that.

Hardison: Noted and filed.

Nate: All right, Jenkins is DuFortís pet congressman, letís see if we can get him to bite. The best way to get two people to reveal a secret, get Ďem to turn on each other.

(Eliot gathers up the items from the bag while Parker and Hardison leave. Nate takes a long drink from his liquor bottle. Sophie gets up and takes it from him)

Sophie: May I put that away for you?

Nate: Didnít sound like a question!

(once she leaves the room, Nate picks up the glass heíd set on the table and takes a drink)

[Federal Building]

(Sophie approaches Jenkins in the hallway)

Sophie: Congressman Jenkins.

Jenkins: Oh, uh Ö Executive Orders, the European company from the fundraiser, right?

Sophie: Thatís right.

[DuFortís Office]

(Nate and DuFort walk in)

DuFort: I remember you, from the fundraiser. (indicates seat) Please.

Nate (sit): Tom Abrahms. You can call me Tommy.

DuFort: You donít work for Congressman Jenkins, do you?

Nate: I do not. No, I work for Congressman Calloway from upstate.

DuFort: We already have enough friends on the Appropriations Committee.

[Federal Building]

Sophie: European countries will aid the United States in foreign operations if they know that European companies are going to reap some of the benefits. Some help in the Appropriations billÖ

Jenkins: I support American companies.

Sophie: Like Castleman?

Jenkins: Like Castleman. And they support the country.

[DuFortís Office]

Nate: Well Iím here because Congressman Calloway wanted me to let you know that heís open to discussions now that Congressman Jenkins has gone soft on you.

DuFort: Jenkins always delivers.

Nate: Jenkins told my boss to his face that heís tired of covering for you.

DuFort: Weíve backed him for years.

Nate: Well, Jenkins wanted my boss to meet this woman from a British company, er, uhÖ

DuFort: Executive Orders?

[Federal Building]

Sophie: I didnít pick you at random congressman. Castleman can be a fickle friend, rumor has it theyíre looking for some fresh blood.

[DuFortís Office]

Nate: Iíll tell you what, if your earmarks and your no-bid contracts are still in that Appropriations Bill then you know that heís still your boy, but if theyíre not, well, Congressman Calloway would be open to enjoying the same favors that Jenkins has enjoyed for all these years. But of course Jenkins has new friends now.

[Federal Building]

Sophie: You should look out for the signs congressman. Missed phone calls, no more little favors.

Jenkins: Those are the same signs that your wife is cheating on you.

Sophie: Thatís right.

Jenkins: What am I supposed to do when that happens?

Sophie (hands him her card): Play the field.

[DuFortís Office]

DuFort: Thanks very much for coming Tommy.

Nate: Pleasure.

[Leverage Conference Room]

Hardison: Congressman Jenkins is very careful. No direct bribes but heís renovating his house and so far heís received over $600,000 worth of work for a little over fifty grand.

(Hardison brings up pictures of Jenkinsí house on the screens)

Eliot: Castleman owns the contracting company, huh?

Hardison: I mean, heís going through like three shell companies but yeah. And this man loves his house. Just check out his web browsing habits.

(Hardison changes the image to a website for wood panels)

Hardison: Look here, see the man spent three weeks picking out the perfect mahogany wood panels. This site is like wood porn.

Eliot: Is his house finished?

Hardison: Not even close.

Eliot: Can I borrow your phone?

Hardison takes out his phone, dials for Eliot and hands it to him.

Eliot (on phone): Hello? Yes, Iíd like to cancel delivery on some mahogany wood paneling. Please.

(Hardison tries to help, Eliot walks away)

Eliot: The Jenkins house. Yeah, you know what, do me a favor man, just go ahead and cancel the whole order. Yes sir.

(Eliot leaves the room as Nate enters with a bowl of popcorn and two beers)

Nate: Whatís he doing?

Hardison: Yanking the congressmanís chain.

Nate: Uh-huh. Parker started her run yet?

Hardison: Just now.

[Capitol Building]

(Parker walks down the hall dressed as a cop. She salutes another cop as she walks by then turns down another hallway)

Hardison: You know I still think it would be easier for me to just hack the bill in the printer queue.

(Parker comes back into the hallway dressed like a clerk)

Nate: No, no, no computers. The Bill is put into a wooden box on the congressional floor called the Hopper.

[Leverage Conference Room]

Hardison: A woo--whoa, whoa! A wood-- a wooden box?

Nate: A wooden box.

Hardison: Wood? Well, we can put a man on the moon but all our laws go into a wooden box.

Nate: What we need to do is we need to get DuFort to believe that Jenkins is abandoning him. That Jenkins submitted an Appropriations Bill that doesnít have any of the usual contracts for Castleman.

[Capitol Building]

(Parker runs into a clerk and steals his ID bdge, then inserts new pages into the bill)

[Leverage Conference Room]

Nate: Which means that we have to put our own pages into the Bill.

Hardison: That means the only place that we could get at it wouldÖ ah! Ah! Okay.

[Capitol Building]

(Parker flashes her badge and walks into the Senate Room as the clerk she stole the badge from is being questioned by security.

Security Guard (to clerk): If you donít have a pass you donít get in.

[Leverage Conference Room]

Hardison: I mean, break a law, everybodyís done that, my mamaís done that but steal a law. Oh, sheís gonna be a legend baby.

(on screen, C-SPAN news shows the Senate floor where Parker is walking to ďThe HopperĒ. She waves at the camera and puts the fake bill into box.

Parker: The eagle has landed.

Nate: Itís in!

Hardison: Uhn! Go ahead girl! Sexyness! Unh. Rrrnnn.

Nate: Might want to ease up on that a little bit.

Hardison: Just saying.

Nate: Yeah.

Hardison: Between me and you. Between me and you.

Nate: Never leaves the room.

[Leverage Conference Room]

(the next day, the team gathers around the table. Audio playing of Jenkins and DuFort arguing)

Nate: How was Washington?

Sophie: Villians, conmen, wolves in sheepís clothing. Felt right at home.

Nate: This is pretty good. Listen to this.

DuFort (on audio): Donít call me this is your contractorís problem.

Jenkins: Oh please. Letís not pretend Ö

DuFort: You pulled all our earmarks from the Appropriations Bill.

Hardison: Thereís about an hour of this but hereís the high point.

Jenkins: Somebody screwed up. Iíve always been there for you. I called Manilla, I cleared customs for you in Los Angeles and that was a risk.

(Hardison pauses the audio)

Hardison: Now after that theyÖ well, whatever you call the rich guys on telephonesí version of make-up sex, but, now we know, Castleman makes a thousand shipments a month, but one ship through Manilla, right after the shooting, linked to phone records from the congressman.

(the screen scrolls through several documents before stopping on a picture of the L.A. harbor with many containers)

Hardison: Their shipments come through here. Now somewhere in this madness is container 541. Itís currently sitting at the Port of Los Angeles.

Parker: Whatís in it?

Hardison: No idea, but itís moving in two days. Headed to the main Castleman storage facility in Kansas.

Nate: Now that, thatís why they tried to hit Perry, right there, thatís it.

Eliot: Wanted to tie up all the loose ends before they tucked this one away at home base.

Sophie: What do you ship in a crate, from Iraq?

Nate: Oh boy. Something worth killing for.

[Port of Los Angeles, Gates]

(cranes move crates through the yard. Nate and Sophie are waiting by a car outside the gates watching the guards.

Nate: Howís security?

[Port of Los Angeles]

Parker, Hardison and Eliot have broken inside and trying to spot container 541.

Eliot: Dockyard entrance is no problem butÖ

(many armed Castleman guards are patrolling the area. They move off, revealing container 541)

Eliot: There it is. Itís 541.

(Eliot starts towards the crate but Hardison grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him back)

Hardison: Hold up Rambo.

(Hardison uses his cell phone to detect any electronics in the area)

Hardison: So, no lasers, no motion detectors, no vibration sensors, no--whoops.

[Port of Los Angeles, Gates]

Nate: Whoops? What whoops?

[Port of Los Angeles]

Hardison: Thereís a webcam, Iím picking up its broadcast on my phone.

(Eliot moves away)

Parker: Oh, I see it. Up on that pole.

Hardison: I just have to spoof the IP address and overlay a digital duplicate over the WiFi Ö

(Eliot comes back with a rock he throws at the webcam, which shatters)

Hardison: Or that.

Eliot: Letís go, come on.

(they move toward the crate)

Hardison: Iím sorry it was too far away for you to punch Iím sure that really frustrates you.

[Port of Los Angeles, Gates]

Soldier 1 (into radio): Position 1 whatís your status?

Soldier 3: Perimeter secure, weíre ready for you.

Soldier 1: Copy that, Iím on my way.

(the soldiers move into the Port)

[Port of Los Angeles]

(Parker picks the lock on the container while Hardison and Eliot keep watch)

Hardison: What do you think is in there?

Parker: Artifacts from Baghdad museums, maybe some from the Saddam palacesÖ

Eliot: No, I bet itís weapons. Lot of back alley arms dealing going on in a war zone.

(Parker gets the lock open and Hardison and Eliot pull open the doors. Inside is completely filled with pallets of cash)

Hardison: Moneyís good too.

(Parker moves forward to hug the money, then turns giggling)

[Port of Los Angeles]

(soldiers from the gate congregate with those who were watching the crate)

Soldier 1: Hey, line of sight. You shouldnít be away from that container.

Soldier 3: Somethingís wrong with the webcam.

(Soldier 1 looks at phone to see nothing but static. He rushes toward the container, his men following, but the area is clear)

Soldier 1: Get some men up there to fix that webcam. I want it working in an hour. Move.

(some of the soldiers leave while the others stay to guard the container. On top of one of the containers, Hardison, Parker and Eliot are lying flat to hide)

[Leverage Conference Room]

(handfuls of money is spread out on the table while Parker strokes it reverently)

Sophie: Okay, thatís worth killing for.

Hardison: Ultraviolet checks out, the paper checks out, the watermarks, the ink, it all checks out.

Sophie: Thereís a whole container of it from Iraq of all places, itís gotta be counterfeit.

Parker (rubbing bills on her cheek): No, itís real. It feels real.

Eliot: Hey, what do you got going on, you and Hardison, what is it like a creepy contest?

Sophie: I donít know what is it two, three hundred million in US currency? Whatís it doing in Iraq?

Nate: We sent it there.

Eliot: What?

Nate: Beginning of the Iraq war my old company helped insure the largest currency transfer in history. Billions and billions in ones, fives and twenties, all cash. Sent to Iraq for reconstruction.

Eliot: Bribes.

Nate: As needed. Nine billion went missing.

Sophie: Wait, billion? With a Ďbí? Nine billion dollars of US taxpayer money just disappeared.

Hardison: Castleman gets a cut of the booty. The day they go to move it, real soldiers, they see the transfer Ö

Eliot: One of the contractors spooks, starts shooting.

Parker: Yeah but Corporal Perry didnít see anything.

Nate: Well, they donít know that.

Hardison: Castlemanís a billion dollar company why would they even care about this cash?

Nate: Because itís cash. You know money is money, thatís one thing, but cash is a whole other thing. For all the money in the economy thereís only about $500 in cash for every American.

Sophie: Untraceable small bills, perfect for slush funds or home improvements for US congressman.

Hardison: Or small time donors, you know for re-election. No electronic trail.

Nate: Itís money laundering.

Sophie: How so?

(Nate illustrates his points with an electronic pad, which shows what he writes on the screen)

Nate: All right, well Castleman uses the illegal cash to re-elect his congressman. Congressman gets him no bid contracts for government jobs, and the government pays for his services with legal money. Thereís the circle, right there.

Hardison: They turned the entire US government into a money laundering scam.

Nate: Thatís right.

Hardison: Brilliant. Iím impressed.

Sophie: Never thought Iíd say this, ever, but that is just way too much money to steal.

Nate: No, youíre not gonna steal it. You donít remember? Youíre got the good guys now, youíre gonna give it back.

[Port of Los Angeles]

(the area is filled with guards, all heavily armed)

Soldier 1: Check the perimeter. (to guards in a car) Start your rounds.

(two guards are talking near container 541 when yelling is heard. Nate and Sophie round a corner, dressed like tourists)

Nate: The car is right over there!

Soldier 4: Hey you two!

Sophie: I told you we should have taken the shuttle bus.

Soldier 5: Stay right there.

Nate: I paid them $2,000 for food poisoning theyíre not getting another cent!

(Parker looks around a corner, dressed as a construction worker, and sneaks past the distracted guards)

Sophie: I have to hear this again?

Nate (to soldiers): Hey! Hey you! You, come here! Whereís the Pacific Cruise, the parking lot!?

Soldier 4: You people have to move away from this area.

Nate: Yeah well Iím trying to jackass just tell me where my car is.

Sophie: Yeah, thatís right, start a fight why donít you?

Nate: Ahh!

Sophie: Oh!

[Port of Los Angeles, Gates]

(Jenkins pulls up to the gate, gets out of his car and knocks on the window of the guard booth)

Jenkins: Excuse me.

Eliot: Yes, sir. Congressman! What a pleasure.

Jenkins: I paid a fortune for these mahogany panels and Iíd like to know where the hell they are.

Eliot: I can help you with that right here sir.

(takes the paper from Jenkens and looks it over)

[Port of Los Angeles]

Parker: They changed the lock.

Hardison: Just do what you do. I mean, whatever, what you need, ah, uhÖ

(Parker pulls out a small bomb from her toolbelt)

Hardison: Nah. Uh-uh. Stop all that playing. Hell no.

(Parker fixes the bomb to the container door and sets the timer while Hardison moves away behind a nearby truck)

Sophie: After squeezing out three brats for him Ö

Nate: Ah, here we go again.

Sophie: Then he treats me to a little romance.

(soldiers approach from behind them)

Soldier 1 (to soldiers): Hey you two back to your posts. (to Nate and Sophie) Whatís this? (recognizes Nate) I know you.

Nate: What?

(Parkerís bomb goes off and everyone dives for cover. Hardisonís truck pulls away quickly)

Soldier 1: Check the container.

(Nate and Sophie run off)

Soldier 1: Wha--whoa whoa, whereíd they go?

(as the truck passes Nate and Sophie, they disappear, leaving behind only their bags)

Soldier 1: No. No, no, no, no, no!

(soldiers run to the blown container, only to find it empty)

Soldier 1: No!!!

(soldiers run after the truck)

Soldier 1: (into shoulder radio) Perimeter. Perimeter, thereís a white truck coming at you. Do not let it pass!

(as the soldiers move away Jenkins wanders into the area with a key and a map of the storage yard, looking for something)

[Port of Los Angeles, Gates]

(a truck full of soldiers follow Hardisonís Truck. He makes it through security, which is manned by regular guards)

Soldier 5: Stop that truck!

[Exterior Road]

Soldier 5: Come on! Come on!

(the Castleman truck pulls out in front of Hardison forcing him to stop. The soldiers pull their guns and surround the truck)

Soldier 1: Get out of the vehicle, now!

(Hardison puts his hands up)

[Port of Los Angeles, Gates]

(DuFort drives up to the gates and meets them.

Soldier 1: (to regular security guard) Get out of the way.

DuFort: Whatís going on here?

Soldier 1: What are you doing here?

DuFort: Weíre moving the container today now whatís happening?

Soldier 1: The container is empty.

(the soldiers go after the truck while DuFort drives into the storage yard)

[Exterior Road]

Soldier 1: Get out of the truck.

(Hardison gets out of the truck, his hands raised)

Soldier 1: And just where do you think youíre going?

Hardison: Iím just transporting.

Soldier 1: No, youíre just gonna open this truck.

[Port of Los Angeles]

(Jenkins stands near the container that was blown. DuFort approaches angrily)

DuFort: What did you do? (grabs Jenkins and shakes him) Who the hell are you working for you stupid son of a bitch! I will bury you!

Jenkins: Get your damn hands off me! (pushes DuFort away).

DuFort: You donít think we kept all of your emails, all of your phone calls! You go down with us on this.

Jenkins: What is this?

DuFort: This is the container!

Jenkins: The container? The container with the Iraqi money?

[Exterior Road]

(Hardison is standing near the back door of the truck, surrounded by soldiers)

Soldier 1: Open it.

Hardison: Okay, I see what this is. This is racial. This is about my ethniticity, ainít it? Uh huh. Itís cause Iím Jewish.

[Port of Los Angeles]

DuFort: Iím supposed to believe that you just happened to be here on the day that a couple hundred million dollars in cash goes missing?

Jenkins: Donít blame me! I helped you smuggle that money through customs. I broke laws, I could go to jail!

CNN Reporter: Congressman? Is this the container Congressman?

(Jenkins and DuFort turn to find half a dozen reporters and cameramen approaching)

Jenkins: Uh Ö what?

CNN Reporter: You called us Congressman.

Jenkins: I-- no, no, no, you must be mistaken about that.

[Exterior Road]

Hardison: ÖJust cause a brother likes mozzaball soup, whatís wrong with that? Sammy DavisÖ

(soldier 1 cuts him off by shoving a gun in his face)

Soldier1: Open that door, or I open your head.

(Hardison unlocks the door and pushes it up to reveal an empty truck)

[Port of Los Angeles]

(CNN Reporter moves one of the open doors to reveal the numbers on the container)

CNN Reporter: Not this one. This is 542.

Jenkins: What?

(CNN Reporter moves the other door to reveal that Container 541 is undamaged)

CNN Reporter: Your phone call said 541. Sir, youíre holding the key.

Jenkins: Oh, yeah well.


(Jenkins is talking to Eliot at the gates)

Jenkins: Iím just back from Washington for a day and they say I have to personally come down here.

Eliot: Iíll give you a map to your container, right there, one second hold on. (Eliot hands him a map and a key) Get ya the key.

[Port of Los Angeles]

(Jenkins puts on a fake smile and moves to unlock the container)

DuFort: Donít. Donít.

Jenkins (to Dufort): Theyíre watching. Theyíre filming us. (louder) Charles, will you help me here please?

(Jenkins and DuFort pull open the doors to reveal the container filled with cash)


(Parker is affixing the explosives to container 542)

[Port of Los Angeles]

CNN Reporter: Congressman what is all this? What have you uncovered here?

Jenkins: I have uncovered corruption. This is Charles DuFort, from Castleman Security and in the course of his companyís very patriotic work in Iraq they discovered a massive theft of US currency.

DuFort: Our intel revealed that this container left Iraq sometime last month. I knew that I would need high level help unraveling this conspiracy so I called the most honest man that I know, Congressman Jenkins.

Jenkins: And I want to tell you this, I for one am not going to stand by and let this sort of war profiteering continue.

(the cell phones of all the reporters, cameramen, Jenkins and DuFort all start ringing. All of the phones have received a video message of DuFort and Jenkins talking minutes earlier in front of the Container)

Jenkins (on video): Donít blame me! I helped you smuggle that money through customs. I broke laws, I could go to jail!

DuFort (On video): You donít think we kept all of your emails, all of your phone calls? You go down with us!

(seeing the angle on the video, the reporters all look up to see the webcam mounted on a nearby container)

CNN Reporter: Congressman, is this a confession?

Jenkins: Thereís an explanation for everything.

CNN Reporter: And sir, what is that explanation? How long have you been involved in this smuggling?

Jenkins: Oh crap. (walks away)

CNN Reporter (makes call): Weíre gonna lead with crap.

[Exterior Hospital]

[Perry wheels himself down the driveway followed by Dr. LeRoque)

Dr. LeRoque: Whatís this all about?

Perry: I donít know. Mr. Ford said he wanted us down here right away.

(the team is waiting for them at the end of the drive near the truck Hardison was driving earlier)

Nate: Hi guys.

Dr. LeRoque: What do you want?

Nate: Show Ďem.

(Hardison unlocks the back door of the truck and pushes the door up, revealing an empty truck)

Dr. LeRoque: An empty truck.

Hardison: Nothing up my sleeve.

(Hardison climbs into the truck and rips a painted canvass that made the truck appear to be empty. Behind the canvass are two huge pallets of cash)

Dr. LeRoque: Is this stolen?

Sophie: Not anymore.

Dr. LeRoque: What are we supposed to do with it?

Sophie: Pay for Corporal Perryís rehab.

Hardison: And some other guysí rehabs.

Parker: Pretty much whatever you want.

Perry: Doc, a cute blonde shows up with a couple million dollars I say we take the win. Thank you.

Eliot: Corporal, (shakes Perryís hand) Thank you. Thank you.

(Eliot, Parker, Sophie and Hardison walk away while Nate lingers)

Dr. LeRoque: The world doesnít work this way.

Nate: So change the world. (walks away)

Dr. LeRoque: Okay.

(other injured soldiers join Perry and LeRoque near the truck)

Dr. LeRoque: Weíve got it, we can take care of everybody.

Perry: I get half right?

Dr. LeRoque: No you donít get half!

Perry: Yes I do, I get half!

(The team watches the interaction from nearby)

Nate: Anybody who wants to walk away can do it right now.

Eliot: One more.

Hardison: Maybe two.

Parker: I bought a plant.

Hardison: Nice. Team spirit.

Parker: What does it do?

Eliot: (to Nate) I canít believe you gave all your money away. You didnít buy yourself anything.

Nate: Oh, I bought a car.

Hardison: Probably a station wagon.

Nate: An electric car.

Eliot: Of course.

Sophie: How sweet. Do you have to wind it up?

Nate: Uh, just trying to be responsible.

Hardison: Responsible? You know it sucks being the good guys, right?

Nate: You havenít figured it out yet, have you? Just cause youíre the good guys now, doesnít mean you canít have a little fun along the way!

(Nate gets into a red Tesla Roadster. The team watches him pull out, shaking their heads)

Parker: Woo hoo.

Sophie: Oh boy, midlife crisis.

Eliot: Absolutely.

Hardison: Definitely midlife.

Parker: Totally midlife crisis.

The End

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