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1x05 The Mile High Job

[Leverage Headquarters]

Mother: Al Haldeman laughed us out of his offices.

Father: They said there was no way to link the fertilizer in the water to Ashley’s death.

Nate: Because of her pre-existing condition.

Mother: She had a thyroid condition. But that had nothing to do with her lungs, her heart. And they found these... masses in her chest, and...

Father: Our doctor testified, but Genogrow trotted out all these experts...

Sophie: Who were paid to say exactly what Haldeman wanted them to.

Mother: It's not about the money. I mean, people like Haldeman, they need to know that they can't get away with this. They need to pay.

Father: The problem is, our attorney doesn't think we can win.

Nate: Burden of proof. You need evidence that Genogrow knew what could happen if the fertilizer was leaked into the water supply.

Father: We've been trying to get access to their research reports, but their lawyers keep stonewalling. Trade secrets, they said.

Sophie: Means they're hiding something.

Nate: Means there's a smoking gun. And we are gonna find it.

[Genogrow Lobby]

Sophie: Bonsoir. La soirée est ici, non?

Guard: Excuse me?

Sophie: Ze rave party is here?

Guard: I'm afraid you're in the wrong place, miss. This is an office building -- You know, where people come to work?

Sophie: I work hard ze dance floor.

Guard: I'm sure you do.

Sophie: I don't understand. My PGS c'est ne marche pas. Is -- How you say is, is broken. You help Michele?

Guard: Yeah. Sure. Absolutely.

Sophie: C'est completement cass? Nothing. There is no signal.

[Genogrow Hallway]

(Parker drops down out of the ceiling and opens a door to let in Nate and Eliot)

Nate: Okay, our man, Allen Haldeman, C.E.O. 30th floor.

[Genogrow Lobby]

Sophie: You see?

Guard: You know, I used to work with ham radios when I was a kid.

Sophie: Ah, bon? You are good with your hands, I think. (hands him her phone) Oui. You are my hero.

[Genogrow Hallway]

(Eliot hits the elevator button repeatedly)

Parker: They're locked down, security timer.

Nate: We need a key card.

Eliot: And I hate to say it, but you know who we could really use --

Nate: Don't even say his name. I don't want it spoken aloud.

(Nate turns and heads down another hallway, followed by Parker and

Parker: Target's on the 30th floor. You don't really expect us to –

(Nate opens the doors to the stairs and goes in)

[Genogrow Stairway]

(team heads up the stairs eventually reaching the 30th floor)

Eliot: Great. Another key card.

Parker: I'm gonna kill him.

Nate: Not if I get to him first. Okay, Parker. Let's try.

(Parker places explosives next to the key pad)

Parker: Go!

(team runs down the stairs)

[Leverage Headquarters]

(Hardison is watching a microwave, which dings)

Hardison: Yeah, buddy!

(he tries to pick up the pizza pocket but it is too hot and he drops it)

Hardison: Damn it!

(he blows on it and picks it up to eat it, then takes a watering can and heads out of the kitchen)

[Genogrow Hallway]

(Parker picking locks on a door while Nate and Eliot wait)

Parker: Got it. (heads through door) Corner office.

[Leverage Headquarters]

(Hardison walks through the offices watering plants)

[Haldeman’s Office]

Parker (going through files): So, we're looking for some kind of paper trail?

Nate (searching desk): Safety studies, research data anything that proves they knew the fertilizer was unsafe prior to releasing it.

(Parker goes over to computer and turns it on, placing a flash drive in a slot)

[Leverage Headquarters]

(Hardison yawns and turns on a computer. Comm channel frequencies show up on the display, making him sit up in alarm)

Nate (on comm): Come on, come on.

Parker (on comm: I'm going as fast as I can, okay?

[Haldeman’s Office]

Parker: This thing's taking forever to boot up.

(Genogrow splash screen shows up on computer screen)

[Leverage Headquarters]

(Genogrow splash screen shows up on computer screen. Hardison scrambles for an ear piece)

Hardison: Hello? Hey, hey, hey! Hey, guys. W- What's up?

[Haldeman’s Office]

Nate: Where are you?

Hardison: I'm at the office.

Hardison: What happened --There was a thing –

[Haldeman’s Office]

(Parker and Nate exchange a look)

Hardison: My electricity went out.

Eliot (watching door): I swear, when I see you --

Hardison: My electricity, man --

[Genogrow Hallway]

(Haldeman steps out of the elevator, talking on the phone)

Haldeman: You're not listening. I'm out of options at this point.

Eliot (ducks into office): We got company.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Nate: What?

[Leverage Headquarters]

Hardison (typing on computer): Okay, I’m hacking into their security system.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Eliot: Visual range in 10 seconds. Nine…

(everyone scrambles for cover)

[Leverage Headquarters]

Hardison: I'm in. I'm in.

[Haldeman’s Office]

(Nate leaves the inner office)

Eliot: Eight...seven...

Parker: Wait, the computer! (goes back to turn computer off)

Eliot: Six... five...

Nate: Parker! Get out of there!

Eliot: ...Four... (hides behind copier)

Parker: I know. I know.

Eliot: ...three...

Hardison: Guys?

Eliot: ...two...

Hardison: It's Haldeman.

(Haldeman enters office, still on phone)

Haldeman: We're gonna get slammed once those EPA subpoenas are executed. If I don't do something now, I’m gonna lose the company.

(shot shows Eliot hiding behind copier)

Haldeman: It's all on that Caymans flight. All the assets, everything. Yes, the 1209.

(Nate peeks out from behind a desk and scrambles for the door after Haldeman walks by)

Haldeman: Takes off in an hour. Look, I need someone I can trust to keep an eye on this for me. So I need to know... (enters the inner office)
Are you that guy? (shot shows empty room) Good. Good.

Nate: Hardison, you get all that?

[Leverage Headquarters]

Hardison: Assets and a flight to the Caymans? He's liquidating.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Nate: Firewalling. He's gonna bankrupt the agricultural division.

Hardison: If that part of the company ceases to exist, it'll become a mess of creditors.

Nate: Wiping out any chance our clients have at winning the civil suit. We got to get on that plane.

Eliot: All he said was the plane leaves in an hour, and the airport's clear across town. Even if traffic's good, we're still not --

Nate: These people killed a kid, all right? They killed a bunch of kids. There's no way in hell we're gonna let them get away with it. We are going to get on that flight.

Eliot: All right.

(open the door to the hall to find Parker waiting)

Parker: So, what are we waiting for?

Eliot: How does she do this?

Nate: I don't even ask anymore.

Hardison: Don't bother with the stairs. I got you a ride down.

(elevator dings and they enter)

[Genogrow Lobby]

Sophie: Is, um, how you say, um... is far from here?

Guard: Far from -- No. Not very far at all. See, this is us right here. And my house --

Sophie: Your house?

(Nate, Parker and Eliot run into the lobby, headed for the door)

Nate: No, it’s right behind us, it’s right behind us!

(guards put their hands on their guns)

Parker: It’s furry, it’s big, it’s chasing us, get down now!

(they grab Sophie on the way out the door, leaving the guards confused)

Nate: Come on, we need to get to the airport, now!

[LAX Airport]

(team walks into the building)

Nate: Hardison, we need those tickets.

[Leverage Headquarters]

Hardison: I'm working on it. All right, I got two seats in first class.

[LAX Airport]

Nate: Okay, Sophie and I will take those.

[Leverage Headquarters]

Hardison: What I.D.s have you got on you?

[LAX Airport]

Nate: Let's see...

(team begins looking through their pockets)

Nate: We got, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, and I have a Tom Baker. Yeah.

Sophie: Ooh, yeah, I have a Baker. Sarah Jane.

[Leverage Headquarters]

Hardison: Perfect. I now pronounce you man and wife. (typing on keyboard) Now go on and kiss that bride.

[LAX Airport]

(Sophie hands Nate a ring that he places on her finger)

Hardison: And now for you, Eliot--

Eliot: Hardison, I don't need a ticket. I got an Air Marshal badge.

Sophie: What if there's already a Marshal on the plane?

Eliot: There's only one Air Marshal per every 100 flights.

Sophie: Ooh, I know that's good for us, but I so wish I didn't know that.

Nate: One authority figure's good. Two's better. Parker, you're about to get a day job.

[Airport Hallway]

(stewardess walking down the hallway pulling a carryon bag. Her phone rings and she answers)

Stewardess: Hello?

Hardison: Hi, yeah, sorry to bother you, ma'am, but I’m calling from the Westchester animal control. We just got a felis catus in here by the name of fidget.

Stewardess: Oh, my god – (stops) Fidget! Is he all right?

Hardison: Yes, he's fine, ma'am. He's fine. But you might want to get down here quick as you can. We can only hold unclaimed animals for a certain amount of time before... you know.

Stewardess: Okay, I’ll, uh, I’ll be right there. Just keep an eye on him, okay? I'm on my way! (turns and trips over Eliot, dropping her bag) Oh, oh! Oh, my God! I'm sorry! I'm in a rush –

(Parker swaps her carryon bag with that of the stewardess as stewardess helps Eliot up)

Stewardess: Kitty emergency. Excuse me, I’m so sorry! (rushes away)

(Parker walks out of the bathroom wearing a stewardess uniform and pulling the carry on bag)

Sophie: How did you both know there'd be an extra uniform in the bag?

Nate: Everyone knows flight attendants are required to carry extra uniforms in case they get called to work unexpectedly.

Eliot: Or if something happens to the one that they're already wearing.

Sophie: How does "everyone" know that?

Nate: Worked airport security.

Eliot: Slept with a flight attendant.

[Security checkpoint]

Security: Put your items in the tray and step forward, please)

(security guard opens Nate’s luggage to find many BSDM items inside.
Nate gives Sophie a look)

Sophie: What? We needed luggage. Lost and found.

Nate: You didn't check the bag first?

Sophie: We were in a bit of a hurry. (to guard) Yeah. Cuffs are his. Whip's mine. (slaps Nate’s butt) Second honeymoon.

Eliot (picking up his bag): Idiots.

[Leverage Offices]

Hardison (on computer): Let's see what we can learn about Nathan Ford today. Online poker? Online chess? Sudoku. Crossword. What... Damn. Somebody needs to get laid.

Nate: Hardison.

Hardison: What's up? Yeah?

[LAX Airport]

Nate: Are you in my chair?

[Leverage Offices]

Hardison (getting up quickly): N- No, I -- I'm not -- I'm not in your -- I'm at a desk -- My desk -- In my office, w-waiting on your call so you can tell me what I can do to help you a-and the team, boss. What's up?

[LAX Airport]

Nate: You can stop now.

Hardison: Appreciate it.

Nate: I need you to go back to Genogrow.

[Leverage Offices]

Hardison: What for? The assets are on the plane. We grab the money, give it to the client. They don't even need to go ahead with the lawsuit.

[LAX Airport]

Nate: We are taking this company down. Not this lawsuit, not the EPA -- us. And I need you to finish what we started. Find the smoking gun.

[Leverage Offices]

Hardison: I'm on it.

Nate: And, Hardison?

Hardison: Yeah?

[Leverage Offices]

Nate: Don't forget to turn off my computer.

[Leverage Offices]

Hardison: Well, how in the hell... (turns off computer)

[Interior Plane]

Stewardess: Welcome aboard:

Passenger: Thank you.

Sophie: There's, um, there's two in here. That's my husband.

(Sophie and Nate walk toward first class)

Eliot: What am I, a second class citizen?

Stewardess: Hi.

Eliot: I'm in coach.

Parker: Hey. Sorry I’m late.

Stewardess: Who are you? Where's Becky?

Parker: She got promoted. Did you not get the e-Mail?

Stewardess: She got promoted? She only started a few months ago.

Parker: She must really know how to pick 'em. A few more lay overs, and she'll be Piloting one of these things, huh?

[First Class]

Sophie: Okay, so, um... If we're gonna play "happy family," we should, you know, really get our background straight.

Nate: Let's keep it simple -- use our own back-story. Our wedding day is the day we met, which means we've been married for 8 years.

Sophie: 10 years. You don't remember when we met.

Nate: No, of course I do. I was just rounding it off.

Sophie: By subtracting two years?

(Sophie picks up magazine and Nate sighs)

Nate: Is this gonna be a thing? A couple of years.


(Parker on P.A. while another stewardess demonstrates)

Parker: Place the mask over your mouth and nose and breathe normally. In the event of a water landing, your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. But let's face it, if this thing goes down in the water, more than likely the impact will kill you.

(Eliot grabs the bridge of his nose while the other passengers get alarmed)

Parker: Please take a moment to locate the nearest emergency exits, because if this plane's on fire, you're gonna want to get out quick. Jet fuel burns at over 1,000 degrees. That's hot, folks.

Eliot: All right, Nate. We're here. Now what?

[First Class]

Nate: Yeah, well, first we have to figure out what we're looking for and who's got it. Then we have to steal it and get it off the plane without anyone noticing. And we have to do that before the plane lands in... 5 - 1/2 hours.

Sophie: So... business as usual, then.


Pilot (on P.A.): Good afternoon everyone, this is your captain speaking. The weather is on our side today which should make for a smooth ride, so just sit back and enjoy the flight

(plane takes off)

[First Class]

Stewardess: Would you like a drink, ma'am?

Sophie: Nothing for me, thanks.

Stewardess: Anything for you, sir?

Nate: Yes. Some orange juice. And a splash of vodka


(man sleeping on Eliot, he jerks him off. Parker walks down the aisle and begins taking drink orders)

Marissa: Excuse me

Parker: What?

Marissa: I was just hoping that I could get a ginger ale.

Parker: Yeah, I’ll get to you in a minute.

Marissa: It's just that I have a nervous stomach, so if you wouldn't mind...

Parker: There's a system.

Marissa: I'm not feeling very well

Parker (hands her a vomit bag): If you're gonna hurl, use this. Okay. (to another passenger) Hi, there. Sorry, some passengers can be so rude.

[First Class]

Sophie: Why can we still hear her, anyway? I thought these things would stop working once we were in the air.

Hardison: You're welcome. And if you're curious, I hacked it from the plane's Wi-Fi connection and piggybacked our signal onto it. The comms will work as long as you guys stay on this side of the atmosphere.

Nate: Hardison, where are you? (takes drink from stewardess)

Hardison: About to head in.

Nate: What's your plan? Do you need Parker to walk you --

Hardison: Don't worry about it. I got this.

[Genogrow Lobby]

(Hardison walks up to guard post in a workman’s uniform carrying a bucket and some hoses)

Hardison: Hola, senor. Tengo los koi? Los pescados que me diste – Donde los ponga?

Guard: What?

Hardison: Muy, muy expensive. Y-you know, fish -- Muerte, muerte, mi muerte. The fish, man – (sprinkles water from the bucket onto the desk) Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. And, you know, I go. I go. Gracias. Gracias.
(heads further into the building)

Guard: Hey, just make sure you check in with the receptionist!

(Hardison steps onto an elevator using a pole to block the door)

Steve: Hey, is there room in that elevator?

(Hardison gives him an unfriendly look. The elevator doors close and Steve walks away)

[Genogrow Hallway]

(Hardison gets off the elevator wearing a suit. Steve gets off the elevator next to it and looks at Hardison in surprise)

Hardison: What?

Steve: Nothing. It’s just... I could've sworn I saw a maintenance guy get in that elevator.

Hardison: A- A maintenance guy? Wow. Real nice. I bet you think we all look alike.

Steve: That's not what I meant.

Hardison: You know what -- If I have to go to one more of those damn sensitivity seminars, I know who I’m blaming.

Steve: No, no, no.

Hardison: I know who I’m blaming.

Steve: It's not what I meant.

Hardison: I blame you! You! (walks away)

[First Class Lounge]

Parker: This is impossible. It could be anyone.

Nate: Not anyone. We can rule out the elderly, anyone with kids,
everyone under 25.


Eliot: I count 14 possibles here in coach.

[First Class Lounge]

Sophie: Yeah, and six more in first class. If Haldeman's entrusting his assets to a courier, I'm guessing he's gonna pay for the extra leg room.

Nate: So we should focus on carry-On. No one checks bags full of cash.

Parker: Might not be cash.

Eliot: What's it gonna be, Parker? Gold bars?


Eliot: They don't exactly travel well.

[First Class Lounge]

Nate: No, Parker's right. We could be looking at traveler's checks or bearer bonds… anything that packs light.


Nate: anything that packs light.

Eliot: Got it.

[First Class Lounge]

(Nate, Sophie and Parker split up, headed in different directions)


(Eliot gets up and begins going through luggage in the overhead racks. One of the passengers watches him suspiciously)

Eliot (to passenger): Can I help you with something? Watch the movie.

(passenger looks down. Parker walks by, throwing snacks at people. She kneels to check carryon luggage beneath the seats)

Marissa: Excuse me. Could I have a ginger ale, please?

Parker: You've already had two.

Marissa: I know. It's just -- It's like a placebo effect. It's not really working, but it makes you feel better anyway.

Parker: Yeah? So, when's that supposed to kick in? (she moves forward) Look. Flying isn't really all that scary when you think about it. I mean, there are a lot more likely ways to die than on a plane. Car crash, house fire, electrocution, drowning, autoerotic asphyxiation. I mean, the fact is, death haunts us every day. No matter where we are.

(Parker smiles and moves away)

[First Class]

(Sophie stumbles into a passenger who is lifting down his carryon bag. It falls to the floor as he catches her)

Sophie: I'm sorry.

Man: Are you okay?

Sophie: A little bit of turbulence there.

Man: Yeah. A little bit.

(Nate picks the bag up from the floor)

Sophie: I know I got you -- Got you all rumpled.

Man: I'm fine. I'm really fine.

Sophie: I'm not so good on planes.

Man: Me neither.

(Nate goes through the bag quickly before placing it back on the floor)

Sophie (bends to pick up carryon): Here's your bag.

Man: Thank you so much.

(Sophie sits down in her seat)

Sophie: You know what that reminded me of?

Nate: Yes, Paris.

(Sophie gives him a look)

Nate: What?

Sophie: It wasn't Paris. It was Tuscany.

Nate: Are you sure? No, I could've sworn it was Paris.

Sophie: It was Tuscany.

(Sophie goes back to her magazine)

Nate: It's a thing now, isn't it?

Sophie: Oh, yeah.

[Genogrow Break Room]

Hardison: Yeah, they transferred me from the second floor:

Cheryl: Well, I don’t know what it was like in consumer integrations, but let me tell you I have been working my butt off on this account.

(Haldeman walks down the hallway on the phone)

Cheryl: But Steve, no, he's just sitting back, waiting for me to fail. So he can swoop in and save the day. I swear, it's like he's a rogue and I’m a mage and we're part of the same guild, but secretly, he's at work with the alliance to undermine us.

Hardison: For the horde.

Cheryl: For the horde. (fist bump) You play "World of Warcraft?"

Hardison: You kidding? Did you get the new expansion pack? Woman, I was up all night. Now, look, I mean “Burning Crusade" was great, but this new one is mind-blowing.

Nate: Hardison…

[First Class]

Nate: …you bailed on the job because you were up all night playing a game?

[Genogrow Break Room]

(Hardison turns aside and opens a cabinet door to hide his face)

Hardison: First off, "game" is hardly adequate, okay?

Nate: Have you even gotten into Haldeman’s office…

[First Class]

Nate: …or have you found a way to screw that up, too?

Hardison: I'll figure something out.

Nate: You can't skate by on talent and luck forever.

[Genogrow Break Room]

(Hardison looks over and sees reports in the waste basket)

Hardison: Hmm…

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison (opens door): The meeting's starting, sir. (closes door)

Haldeman: What meeting? (sighs and puts on his jacket)

[Meeting Room]

(computer screen shows graphics)

Hardison: See, the world is a 24/7/365 process-Centric marketplace. I'm talking e-Commerce, e- Vector, e-Management. But Genogrow? I mean, frankly, I'm a little concerned about our future. And I’m not the only one. Am I right, Frank?

(Hardison and Frank fist bump)

Hardison: Right on, brother. People, it is time for us to repurpose, rescale, reconceptualize. Okay, we will take this company and turn it into an assertively dominant catalyst for change. Let's make tactical supply chains sexy again, people. Who's with me?

(around the conference room, hands go up)

Hardison: My man. You're a believer. You are a believer, sir. I like – (grabs his stomach and coughs)

Cheryl: Y- You all right, Dave?

Hardison: Seafood burrito, it was a bad call. Steve, my man, you know what? Can you take over for me? I appreciate that. Thank you. Everybody, I’m gonna just handle that. I'm gonna be back after... Steve.

(Hardison leaves the room and Steve hesitates, confused)

Haldeman: Well, come on, Steve. I don't have all day.

Steve: Right. Umm….

[Haldeman’s Office]

(Hardison walks in and sits down at the computer, typing)

[First Class Lounge]

Parker: Hatbox full of Euros, pouch of uncut diamonds, and a stolen
Stradivarius. Now, I’ve never lifted one of those.

Nate: Parker...

Sophie: This is insane. Between the four of us, we've found millions of dollars of merchandise. None of it belongs to Genogrow.

Nate: Cayman islands -- thieves holiday. Go for the tan, stay for the tax shelter. Haldeman's not the only bad guy doing business there.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Guys, I got something. I've been cross-Checking the flight's passenger manifest with Genogrow's company roster. I got two hits. Dan Erlick, head of security, ex-Navy seal, been with the company the last six years. And Marissa Devins, an accountant, she's only been with the company about 10 months. Weird thing is, they're not seated together. I mean, Erlick is in first class, The accountant's in coach.

[First Class Lounge]

Sophie: Well, it could just be a coincidence they're on the same flight.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Then how come both seats were paid for by the same
corporate credit card at the exact same time?

[First Class Lounge]

Nate: Divide and conquer. Okay, Erlick's in first class. Sophie and I will take him. Seems likely he's our guy. Parker, stay with the accountant, just in case.

Sophie: Nate, can we at least take the diamonds?

Nate: Sophie...

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Sending their photos to your phones now.

[First Class Lounge]

Nate (pulls his phone from his pocket): Okay.

(Nate shows the pictures to Sophie and Parker. Parker takes Nate’s phone and looks at Marissa’s picture, seeming alarmed)

Nate: Is there a problem?

Parker: No. (leaves)


(Marissa is sipping ginger ale when Parker places a pillow on her lap)

Parker: Oh, hey.

Marissa: Wow, thank you.

Parker: So, how you feeling?

Marissa: A little bit better.

Parker: Good. So, uh, if you hate flying, why do it?

Marissa: Oh, this isn't by choice. This is a business trip.

Parker: To the Caymans? Wow. Who's picking up the tab?

Marissa: Genogrow industries.

Parker: Oh, yeah, I think I heard someone else on board saying they worked there. A Dan something.

Marissa: I don't know. They didn't tell me anyone else was going. But then again, nobody tells me anything.

(after an uncomfortable laugh, Parker walks away)

[First Class Lounge]

(Dan is sitting at the bar, Sophie and Nate arguing near the doorway)

Sophie: If I was important to you, you'd remember.

Nate: No! They're just stupid details! It doesn't mean you're not important!

Sophie: Don't yell at me. It just means…

Nate: I just don't think you... Ahhh… (walks away)

Sophie: Oh, yeah, go on. Yeah, walk away. Like you always do. (moves to bar)

Dan: You okay?

Sophie: Yeah. Sorry about that.

Dan: Let me buy you a drink.

Sophie: No, no, no. I shouldn't. (turns toward him) Well, maybe just a glass of what you're having.

Dan: Was that your husband? (pours her a drink)

Sophie: For now, anyway.

[First Class]

(Nate sits down in his seat)

[First Class Lounge]

Dan: Dan Erlick.

Sophie: Nice to meet you, Dan Erlick.

Dan: Nice to meet you.

[First Class]

Hardison: I hacked into Erlick’s phone records. And he did call Haldeman right before takeoff, so your theory fits.

Nate: But?

Hardison: But it's this accountant that's got me curious.

[Genogrow Hallway]

Hardison: I'm standing outside her office right now. I think this woman knows more than she's supposed to.

(men packing up office, going through paperwork)

[First Class]

Nate: You know, when we heard that Haldeman had assets on the plane, we assumed it was currency. But what if it wasn't? What if it was a person?

[Genogrow Hallway]

Hardison: Okay, but... then that means...

[First Class]

Nate: That Marissa Devins is the asset they're liquidating. (sighs)


Sophie: I think we should tell her.

Parker: No way. That woman's already paranoid-crazy. We tell her there's a bounty on her head, and she's gonna lose it.

Sophie: I think she has a right to know. Anyway, if Haldeman’s going to this much trouble, then she must have something, some information that could help us help our client. She's our smoking gun.

Nate: Okay. Tell her.

Parker: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Nate: No, not you, Eliot. He's got a badge, makes the story more credible.


Marissa (to another passenger): How much longer do you think it's gonna be? I mean, I know it's only been three hours, but maybe there's a strong tailwind. Feels like we're going awfully fast.

Eliot: Excuse me, ma'am. I'm a U.S. Air Marshal. Could you come with me, please?

Marissa: Okay.

Eliot (takes her hand): Thank you.

[First Class]

(Eliot leads Marissa into the First Class section of the plane)

Stewardess: Sir, this is first class. You're not --

(Eliot shows her his Air Marshall badge)

Eliot: Excuse me.

Marissa: Sorry.

[First Class Lounge]

Eliot: I need you to tell me about Genogrow. Your boss is a Mr. Allen Haldeman, right? And he sent you on this trip?

Marissa: Yeah, a-after I noticed some accounting irregularities in our Agricultural Chemistry Division.

Eliot: What kind of irregularities?

Marissa: Safety studies. One of the new fertilizers that the company launched last year. See, the checks were cut, but there was never any confirmation that the studies were actually completed. And some of the payments to the researchers were -- well, abnormally large.

Nate (at bar on comm.): And you brought this up with Haldeman?

Eliot: And you brought this up with Haldeman?

Marissa: He assured me it was a process error. That's why I’m here, to audit the offshore accounts and then correct it.

Eliot: Hush money.

Marissa: What?

Eliot: Ms. Devins, those payments were not made in error. They were bribes. He was trying to pay off the researchers so they would not testify.

Marissa: What are you talking about? What the hell is going on here?

(Parker sits down next to Marissa)

Parker: The guy in 1D wants to kill you. Ginger ale?

Eliot: Just – sh-she--

(scene cut to Sophie sitting with Marissa, calming her down. Nate and
Eliot are standing near the bar.)

Nate: So it's a hit. How does it lay out?

Eliot: If I was gonna do it, I'd have two guys on the ground at the gate, one guy on the plane to make sure she gets off.

Nate: Well, I think it's time you introduce yourself to Mr. Erlick.

(Eliot nods and walks toward back of plane)

[Genogrow Meeting Room]

(Hardison sitting between Cheryl and Steve with his head down)

Cheryl: It was just an opinion. You don't need to jump down my throat.

Steve: You can't knock down an idea without offering alternatives.

Hardison: I don't know, Steve. I got to go with Cheryl on this one. I mean, genetically engineered tomatoes that's one thing. But carrot on the cob?

Steve: Yeah.

Hardison: That's gonna scare some people, brother.

Cheryl: Thank you, Dave. It's nice to know at least someone around here respects me.

Steve: Is this about that conference in Omaha?

Nate: Hardison?

Steve: It was an accident, and I totally apologized.

(Hardison gets up and steps away from the table)

Hardison: Yeah, boss?

Nate: I want Haldeman’s hard drive.

[First Class Lounge]

Nate: Grab it and get out of there.

[Genogrow Meeting Room]

Hardison: I barely got him out of his office the first time. How am I supposed to--

Cheryl: Loser!

Steve: You seemed to like it at the time.

Nate: Just do it.

Cheryl: Do not fool yourself. I would never --

Hardison: G-Guys whoa, guys. Let's not fight. Especially not on my birthday.

Cheryl: Oh, my god! It's your birthday? (angry look at Steve) No one told us. Happy birthday, Dave.

Hardison: Thank you.

(Hardison and Cheryl give Steve a long look)

Steve: Happy birthday.

[First Class Lounge]

(Marissa is drinking wine nervously while Dan watches from his seat)

Sophie: Marissa, you're being very brave.

Marissa (shaking voice): You think so?

Sophie: Yes.

Marissa: Oh, good.

Sophie: There's no need to look so worried. We're gonna take good care of you.

Marissa: Thank you.

Sophie: Why don't we, um... why don't we stretch our legs, huh? Take a -- take a little walk.

Marissa: Okay.

Sophie: Relax.

Marissa: Okay, just…

Sophie: Nice, deep breaths.

(Sophie walks Marissa through the First Class cabin, Dan follows. As they pass a bathroom door, Sophie knocks on it. As Dan passes it, Eliot reaches out and grabs him, pulling him into the bathroom)

[Plane Bathroom]

(Eliot and Dan fight. Dan pulls a knife, but Eliot knocks it away from him. After a brief struggle, Eliot knocks Dan out. He looks in the mirror to see a cut above his eye before flushing the toilet and leaving the bathroom)


(Eliot walks out of the bathroom and Parker puts an “Out of Order” sign on the bathroom door)

Parker (to stewardess): You do not want to go in there.

Sophie: Yeah?

Marissa: Yeah.

Sophie: Feeling a bit better? And this is you?

Marissa: Yeah. (sits down)

Sophie: Good. Strap in.

Marissa: Okay. (puts on seat belt)

Sophie: Everything is gonna be just fine.

Hardison: Okay. Maybe not. I found Haldeman’s laptop.

[First Class Lounge]

(Parker and Eliot stand at bar while Nate paces)

Hardison: You know what? He has a hidden compartment right up under his desk. It's actually pretty cool. It's right up under--

Nate: Hardison!

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Okay, um, I accessed his e-Mails. A few hours ago, he made a stop payment on a fund transfer... to Dan Erlick.

[First Class Lounge]

(Eliot is holding a napkin to the bleeding cut on his head)

Parker: Erlick? The guy we just took out?

(Eliot looks at her)

Parker: The guy Eliot just took out?

Hardison: And that's not all.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison (wearing birthday hat): I ran some back trace on a few phone calls Haldeman made.

[First Class Lounge]

Hardison: Any guesses to who?

(Eliot wipes the blood from his brow)

Nate: How about someone in the Caymans?

Hardison: Bingo.

(Sophie joins them)

Eliot: Erlick's his head of security. No reason why Haldeman should be talking to these guys directly.

Nate: Yeah, unless... Marissa Devins is not the only one on that hit list. Haldeman is gonna take out both of them. Getting rid of the evidence and the guy in charge of covering it up.

Eliot: Erlick's a pro. He had a ceramic knife. If anything was going down, he'd sniff 'em out when he saw them coming.

Nate: How would they do it?

Eliot: Easiest way? Take 'em out in transit.

Sophie: You mean bring down the plane they're on?

(everyone looks at her pointedly)

Sophie: You mean bring down the plane we're on?

Nate: Yeah.

Eliot (to other passengers): I'm U.S. Air Marshal. I need you folks to return to your seat, please. Immediately thank you. (walks passengers out of the area)

Sophie: There's no way. There's no way Haldeman would go this far.

Nate: Billions of dollars, decades of jail time.

(Eliot rejoins them)

Sophie: Look, if you're right about this, we got to get this plane on the ground right now. We have to tell the Pilot.

Nate: No, no, no, no. N-Not now, no. We have to understand what we're dealing with here. How would you get a bomb on the plane?

Eliot: Cargo hold, post-screening in Erlick’s bag or the accountant's luggage.

(Parker walks away)

Nate: Okay, Parker, I -- Parker, I need you – (to Eliot) All right, we got to talk to Erlick now.

[Plane Bathroom]

(Dan is still unconscious on the toilet as Eliot and Nate come in)

Nate: Geez!

Eliot (patting Dan on the face): Hey!

(Dan does not stir, Eliot sighs)

Eliot: When I knock people out, they tend to stay knocked out.

Nate: Hey!

(Nate taps the guy on the face)

Nate: Luggage tags.

(they search Dan’s clothes and take his luggage tags. Eliot grabs the ceramic knife before they leave the bathroom)


(Parker is taking out screws on an access panel)

Stewardess: What are you doing?

Parker: Medical emergency. (hands Stewardess the panel) Passenger left their asthma inhaler in a checked bag. (climbs into the opening) Oh, and by the way, coach is out of peanuts.


Marissa: I don't understand. Why do you need to know what kind of bag I have?

(Sophie looks at her but doesn’t answer)

[Cargo Hold]

(Parker going through luggage)

Sophie: Are you sure? It's red with white flowers.

Parker: I'm looking right at it. There's nothing in it. Same as Erlick’s.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Hey, Parker. You got your phone on you?

[Cargo Hold]

Parker: Yeah. Why?

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Okay, now, is there anything that looks like a computer interface…

[Cargo Hold]

Hardison: …hooked up to the plane's electrical system?

(Parker gets up and looks around, going over to a panel on the wall and removing it)

Parker: Yeah, I think so.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Okay, good, good. Now I need you to find the USB port on the control panel and connect the phone to it using an A.V. Adapter.

[Cargo Hold]

Parker: Where am I supposed to find an adapter?

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Look around.

[Cargo Hold]

(Parker begins looking through bags and eventually finds some cords. She takes them back to the panel and connects her phone)

Parker: All right, and… I’m hooked in. What are you doing?

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Oh, I’m just remote-Accessing a plane's electrical system from 3,000 miles away. You know what -- if you were a geek, you would be really turned on right now. I'm just saying. Waith, huh?

[Cargo Hold]

Parker: "Huh" what?

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: O-Okay. I'm reading an electrical spike.

[Cargo Hold]

Hardison: Parker, do you see anything around That could be interfering with the signal?

(she shines her flashlight around and finds a small black box connected to some of the wires)

Parker: There's something. Looks like it's tapping into one of the conduits.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Where are you exactly?

[Cargo Hold]

(Camera pans from Parker’s face, out of the airplane, and into the Cockpit)


Pilot: Radio air-Traffic control. Let 'em know we're on schedule. Might get in early if this tailwind keeps up.

[Cargo Hold]

Hardison: Parker, the device you found -- is it anywhere near an orange box?

Parker: Yeah.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Oh, god. They tapped into the black box.

[Cargo Hold]

Parker: No, no, it's not black. It's orange.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Yeah, the black boxes, they're orange.

[Cargo Hold]

Hardison: Makes them easier to find in the debris.

Parker: Oh. Oh…

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: They've hacked into the flight's computer, which means they have access to the system, which means they can spoof the black-Box data all at the same time.

[Cargo Hold]

Parker: Crash the plane without anyone knowing it was sabotaged.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Exactly.

[Cargo Hold]

(Parker stands to look at display, which is beginning to flicker)

Parker: Uh, guys...


Eliot: Gentlemen --

Pilot: What are you doing?! This area's off-Limits!

Eliot: Listen to me! I'm a U.S. Air marshal, okay? This is Tom Baker. He's an engineer. He's a consultant for the TSA.

(plane lurches, alarms begin to go off)

Co-Pilot: AutoPilot's disengaged itself! We're losing altitude!


(passengers scream in panic as the face masks come down. Sophie is thrown against a wall and stumbles to a seat, strapping herself in)


Nate: Listen -- Someone has hacked into the navigation system. They're trying to bring the plane down. Hardison, we need you!

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: I don't-I-I don't know, Nate. I don't -- I mean…


Hardison: …I-I can override the software attack, but that means we would have to restart…

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: …the flight's electrical system, which I have no idea how to do, because my knowledge of aeronautical engineering…

[Cargo Hold]

(Parker is thrown against a stack of luggage)

Parker: Ow!

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: …is kind of limited to what I can pull off of Google in the next two minutes.


Hardison: And, brother, I don't -- I mean --

Nate: Listen to me!

[Haldeman’s Office]

Nate: You can do this! I trust you!

(Hardison looking very unsure of himself)


Nate: No matter how many times you goof off or screw up, you always come through in the clutch.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Nate: You're the only guy I can count on in a situation like this.

Hardison (cracks his neck): You know what? I-I-you... You're right.
You're right. I got this.


Nate: Yes! Yes! Yes, you can!

Hardison: You're right. You're -- I'm the man.

[Cargo Hold]

Hardison: I'm the man. I got this. I'm gonna do this.

Parker: Then do it already!

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Okay, um... Parker, Parker...

[Cargo Hold]

Hardison: Can you sever all the wires between the device and the black box?

Parker: I think so.

(she struggles to get across the hold to the control panel)


Pilot: Yoke's nonresponsive. It's like stirring cement. We need to reset now.

Hardison: Not yet!

Nate: No! Not yet! Not yet! On my mark.

Pilot: Okay.

[Haldeman’s Office]

(Hardison looking intently at computer screen)

Hardison: Okay, okay, I got a lock on the virus…


Hardison: I just need to get a head of it and divert its attack.

Pilot: 10,000 feet and dropping fast.


(plane continues to lurch and fall, passengers screaming)

[Cargo Hold]

Hardison: Parker, as soon as the code stops cycling, sever the last wire.


Co-Pilot (watching instruments): 9,000. 8,000.

[Cargo Hold]

Hardison: All right, my code is in the flight computer. Pull the clip!

Parker (pulls clip): Got it!

[Haldeman’s Office]

Hardison: Nate, reset... Now!


Nate: Okay, now!

Hardison: Flight computer's clean.

Pilot: I’m regaining control. It’s back!

Co-Pilot: 5,000 feet.


(passengers still screaming)


Co-Pilot: 4,000. 3,500!

Pilot: Dive's too steep. We're gonna have to set down. Find me a runway.

Nate (points out window): Right there!

(plane heads toward road while Nate and Eliot stumble out of the flight cabin)

[First Class]

(Nate and Eliot stumble into seats and belt up)

Nate: Sophie?


Sophie: Yes?

[First Class]

Nate: You okay?


Sophie: Yeah. You?

[First Class]

Nate: Ask me again in 10 minutes.


Sophie: You're gonna remember this one, aren't you?

[First Class]

Nate: Yeah.


(pilot and co-pilot frantically work the controls as they head for the causeway)

[Haldeman’s Office]

(Hardison watching controls on monitor)

Hardison: Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Come on.


(passengers screaming as the plane descends)


(plane touches down, bouncing a few times, but eventually coming to a stop. Pilot and co pilot look at each other while passengers cheer)

[Haldeman’s Office]

(Hardison watching footage on the Internet of the plane landing)

Announcer (on monitor): …emergency landing on the seven mile bridge…

Hardison: Whoa! (gets up and dances) Baby! Unh! Age of the geek! Smooth! Too smooth! Lord, I was so scared, I wanted to cry, call my mama. Y'all cool? Y’all cool?

Nate: Yes, cool.

Hardison: Family. All right.

[First Class]

(Eliot gets up and heads toward the back of the plane, pausing beside

Nate: Hey, I want Marissa off the plane now.

(Eliot nods and moves off)

Nate: Hardison, your guy's about to find out the smoking gun isn't dead. Get out of there. (walks toward back of plane)

[Genogrow Hallway]

(Hardison is carrying a box of personal items past the door where his birthday party is going on)

Hardison: I have the attitude problem? No, brother, no, you got the attitude problem, okay? I gave my heart and my soul to this damn company, and this is how you repay me? And on my birthday! (walks away)

Cheryl: He was always so thoughtful.

Steve: I never liked that guy.


(road is covered with people and cars)

Marissa: You guys almost died trying to help me. I wish I could help you, but all the evidence was in my office, and Haldeman took it all.

Nate: He didn't take it all.

[Haldeman’s Office]

Haldeman: You promised me this would be taken care of!

(beneath his desk, the computer is open and wires spill out, the hard drive obviously missing)

[Genogrow Lobby]

Hardison (kisses hard drive): Adios, my brothers. (walks out)


Marissa: I wish there was some way I could pay you back for everything you've done.

Nate: Well, there is something you could do. Testify.

(Marissa nods resolutely)

[Leverage Headquarters]

Announcer (on monitors): Genogrow C.E.O. Allen Haldeman was indicted on conspiracy and attempted-Murder charges today, after a grand jury heard testimony from an inside source.

Hardison: Man, I love it when a plan comes together.

(no one answers him or looks at him)

Hardison: What? I said I was sorry. Hey, look, it all worked out okay. (pours coffee) I mean, I was 3,000 miles away and still managed to save all y'all lives.

(Eliot scoffs and walks away. Parker sighs and walks in another direction)

Hardison: You're welcome! Ungrateful... (walks away)

Nate: Well, it took 10 years, but we got our first crash landing.

Sophie: 10 years. Thanks for getting it right this time.

Nate: You were right. 10 years ago, I saw you the first time. You were swiping a Degas from a collection in Prague. I saw you. You saw me.

Sophie: I ran. You chased.

Nate: Then, two years later, I caught up with you in Damascus. (gets up and walks around the table) Caught you, I should say. You turned around... introduced yourself. And that's when I met Sophie Devereaux. (pours her a cup of coffee) It'll be eight years next month. (sits next to her)

Sophie: Well played.

Nate: Thank you.

Sophie (gets up and leans close to him): I still don't understand how you can mix up Paris and Tuscany.

(Nate sighs as she walks away)

The End

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