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2x03 the Order 23 Job


Judge: Mr. Maranjian, please stand.

(Eddie stands)

Judge: Do you have anything to say before the court renders its sentence? Perhaps an apology to your victims here in court.

Eddie: I don't want to take up any more of the court's time.

Judge: Very well. Mr. Maranjian, you were a hedge-fund manager who supported a lavish lifestyle by robbing your clients blind, in some cases, wiping out their entire life savings. The money was never recovered, and you've shown no remorse for your actions. However, the government has indicated that you have provided substantial assistance in the prosecution of other cases.

(Eddie pulls out a bottle of antibacterial and uses it on his hands)

Judge: With that in mind and with credit for time served, the court hereby sentences you to 18 months in prison.

Ronald: No!

(spectators in the courtroom protest)

Judge: Order! Order! Mr. Maranjian is hereby remanded into the custody of the U.S. Marshal Service to begin his incarceration at Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We're adjourned.

Man: I can't believe it.

(Ronald pulls a gun from his pocket and raises it to shoot Eddie. Nate grabs the gun and takes it from him)

Nate: Easy. Come with me.

(Ronald stands up, walks over to Eddie, and punches him in the face)


Nate: You're lucky they just gave you a warning, Ronald.

Ronald: How do you know my name?

Nate: Oh, that. Yes, well, (takes wallet from his pocket and hands it to Ronald) I think this belongs to you.

Ronald: You guys cops?

Nate: Uh, no. No. We are in the restitution business. We're trying to help Eddie's clients.

Ronald: A little late for that now.

Hardison: No, no, no, no. The judge says the money Eddie Maranjian stole is gone. We don't believe that. Eddie liquidated $400,000 right before his trial. And it looks to us like it's still in this town. And we came here to find it for you and the other victims.

Nate: Nobody wants to see this guy just get a slap on the wrist, Ronald, I mean, but killing him? He's a thief, not a murder.

Ronald: My sister Natalie, she wasn't a big shot, you know? She was a widow. Her husband worked his whole life, left her enough to live on. Then she met Eddie. He was smart, responsible, and Armenian, like us.

Nate: Yeah, well, they call these affinity crimes, people who prey on fellow members of ethnic groups.

Ronald: Eddie took my sister's money. Then she got sick. Only she didn't see a doctor or tell anybody because she didn't want to be a burden. My sister died in a hospital bed, and it didn't have to happen. But Eddie, oh, he's just a thief, right?


Hardison: Eddie's new address in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, is the original "Club Fed".

Eliot: He's got his own nine-hole golf course. Vegan menu.

Hardison: This dude can play Frisbee with the guys from Enron in the quadrangle.

Eliot: I hate those guys. 18 months in a country club, this guy.

Parker: Yeah, and then when he gets done, he gets to come home and collect his hidden cash.

Sophie: All right, so if this guy is not afraid of prison, then what incentive does he have to tell us where the cash is?

Nate: I'm thinking.

Parker: Nate, I hate to rush you, but Eddie goes to the prison in an hour, so...

Nate: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (sees antibacterial bottle on the table) What are you more afraid of than-- than prison?

Sophie: Death?

Nate: And what are you more afraid of than death? (tosses the bottle to Eliot)


Charlie: Nice suit, Eddie. Maybe when you get down there, you can trade it for a pack of smokes.

Eddie: You think people handed me their life savings because of a, because of a suit?

Charlie: Are you gonna tell me it's 'cause you're a financial genius?

Eddie: I like you, Charlie. You don't seem like a typical fed. I'm gonna give you a little lesson in hedge funds. I don't put on a suit and say, "Give me your money." I do the opposite. I disappear. I become a rumor—


(Parker is crawling along the ductwork to a vent over Eddie’s head)

Eddie: --an exclusive club open only to select people. People like your buddy Bob here.


Eddie (walks over to stand in front of Bob): One day, you realize he's been in the club for a while, making big returns. Bob, someone you know, respect, that's the key. Because now I've shifted your fear. You're not scared of losing money anymore. You're scared of losing out on making money.


(Parker takes a string from her pocket)

Eddie: It's not about the suit, Charlie.


Eddie: It's about shifting fear.

(Eddie takes the lid from his water bottle and adds some flavoring. Parker begins to feed her string down from the vent)

Eddie: Not much chitchat between you two. You lovebirds have a little tiff?

Charlie: We just started working together.

Bob: Don't talk to him.

Eddie: Lighten up, Bob. (shaking his water bottle) I'm just making conversation. You know, we've all got our jobs to do.

(Parker continues to feed the string down to the open mouth of the water bottle)

Eddie: Your job is to babysit scumbags. And I, I have to work on my slice. (mimes playing golf)


(Parker makes scrabbling sounds in the ductwork)


(Eddie looks up, concerned)

Bob: What's the matter, Eddie, don't like rats?


(Parker opens a vial)

Bob: Oh, but you haven't seen a rat till you've been in a Florida prison.


Bob: Just making conversation.

(Parker uses a dropper to run a liquid down the string and into the water bottle)

Eddie: Yeah, you want to converse with me, all right?

Bob: These guys, man. I told you, you got to stop talking to these guys.

Charlie: I know.

Bob: I took one of these guys just like him down to Tallahassee once.

Charlie: Yeah.

(Eddie picks up his water bottle and drinks)

Bob: I'm telling you, those rats are as big as the baby gators down there. Wait till he gets a good look at them. Yeah. You been down there yet?

(Eddie’s vision blurs and he collapses on the floor. Charlie comes over to check on him)


(Parker cheers silently and moves away)


(Eddie wakes to someone shining a light in his eyes)

Bob: Thanks for taking a look at him, doctor.

Nate: You got me out of jury duty. I should be thanking you. Pupils are dilated. Mr. Maranjian. Mr. Maranjian, what state are we in?

Eddie: Massachusetts.

Nate: What's your birthday?

Eddie: June... June 8th. (tries to rise)

Nate: No, no, no. Take it easy. Take it easy. That's it. Did he suffer any head trauma?

Charlie: Yeah, he got punched out in court earlier.

Nate: Oh, well, I'd say he has a concussion. Of course, I'll have to do an MRI to be sure.

Bob: Yeah, well, he can get one at the prison infirmary. Our flight leaves in about an hour.

Nate: I-I don't think you understand. No, no. He's not going anywhere. This is very serious. This man could have a subdural hemorrhage. He is not cleared to fly until I fully check him out. I'm gonna make arrangements for a transfer.

[Exterior Courthouse]

Parker: Okay. So, what do we do now?

Nate: Well, I just sent Eddie to the hospital, so, let's go steal us a hospital.

(the team follows Nate down the courthouse steps)

[Hospital Hallway]]

Parker: So, let me get this straight. You're a doctor.

Nate: Yeah.

Parker: What if someone asks you to deliver a baby?

Nate: I'd say I'm not an obstetrician.

Parker: What? A what?

Nate: A baby doctor.

Parker: Oh, well, what if there's a train accident and there's stretchers everywhere and someone points to you and says, "Hey, you, help me with this sucking chest wound."

Nate: I would stick my hand in the chest and hope for the best.

Parker: Oh, you are so not operating on me.

Nate: Okay, do you have-- Do you have the list?

Parker: Yeah

Nate: Yeah? All right, go shopping.

(Parker moves off)

[Hospital Room]

(Parker, in a nurse’s uniform, makes a hospital bed)

[Hospital Office]

(Hardison unpacks computer monitors and sets up a workstation while a video feed of Parker making the bed plays on a laptop. Hardison plays audio sounds on the laptop)

Nate: Hey.

Hardison: Hey. I put speakers in Eddie's room and every 3 feet down the hallway. So if you want to hear footsteps coming toward you, you slide the cursor this way. (demonstrates) And walking away, this way. I made you a master audio file with all the stuff we recorded, plus the sound effects. You mix them any way you want. You're the deejay.

Nate: Looks good.

Parker: Hey.

Nate: Hey.

Parker: Are you sure there's no patients on this floor?

Hardison: No. They use this place for storage. We own it.

Parker: All right, well, here's the stuff from the van plus almost everything from the list. (opens a bag) And by the way, nurses haven't worn skirts with white stockings since the '70s. Sorry.

Nate: Guys, listen up. Eddie is here for an MRI. That gives us two hours. I don't need to tell you that's not a lot of time. Now, you might be playing multiple parts in this one. Parker and I are the medical team. Sophie, you're next door as the patient.

Hardison: What are--what are you doing?

Nate: Eliot and Hardison--

Eliot: This is my shirt.

Hardison: No, give me the shirt.

Eliot: I have a 17 neck.

Hardison: Don’t make me—give me the shirt

Nate: Guys, guys.

Hardison: No, wait. I-I can't wear a size-16 neck. Okay, I got to breathe.

Eliot: I got to wear my scrubs underneath the uniform. I need a bigger neck.

Nate: Just keep your eye on the marshals, all right? We got two hours starting now. Go.

Hardison: If you don't give me that shirt--

Eliot: Listen to me, son, you need those fingers to type on your little keyboard, don't you?

Hardison: So you know, a bully is just a cowboy with low self-esteem.

Eliot: What was that, now?

Hardison: I said what?

Eliot: My insecure ass is gonna be wearing this shirt.


(Parker sprays something on the arms of a wheelchair and pushes it into a waiting room)

Parker: Mr. Maranjian? Time for your MRI. (to Bob) Could you remove his restraints, please?

Bob: What?

Parker: There's no metal allowed in the MRI chamber.

Bob: I'll cut him loose when we get to the door.

Eddie (sits in wheelchair): Relax Bob. You're only taking off my chains so they can stuff me in a tin can.

Parker: You're not claustrophobic, are you, Mr. Maranjian? (pushes him down the hall) Because you've got nothing to be afraid of.

(Hardison and Eliot enter the hall)

Hardison: Let’s go over the code.

Eliot: What code? We're a couple of cops.

Hardison: Unarmed cops who may need to communicate in code. So look, I'll casually mention "Star Trek".

Eliot: Great. 'cause that comes up a lot.

Hardison: It does. Look, i-if I mention "Star Trek" one, three, or five, then everything's okay because the odd ones suck.

(Eliot sees a young boy clutching his arm and crying as his father talks to a nurse)

Hardison: But if I mention two, four, or six, then we're in trouble.

(Eliot stops to look at the boy, who looks up at him with tears in his eyes)

Hardison: So, say I mention "The Search for Spock", what do you do?

Eliot: I don't have a TV.

Hardison: Everybody has TVs. Dead people have TVs. Damn it.

(Hardison walks away, but Eliot remains, looking at the boy and his father)

Nurse: You're back again, Mr. Trent.

Trent (looks around at Eliot): You know these kids with their skateboards.

Nurse: It seems like he's getting hurt a lot lately.

[MRI Room]

Nate: Mr. Maranjian, let’s see if we can't get you out of here in a jiff.

Eddie: Take your time. I'm in no hurry.

Nate: Pull up your sleeve, please. Let me see your wrist. Thank you.

(Eddie pulls up his sleeve to reveal a rash)

Nate: Ooh. Oh, that must be very itchy. When did you get that rash?

Eddie: I never noticed that before.

Nate: Oh. Really? Huh. Nurse, we're gonna have to do some tests before the MRI. If you could bring Mr. Maranjian to the eighth floor, please.

Parker: Eight? Are you sure?

Nate: Did I not make myself clear?

Eddie: Uh, is something wrong?

Nate: No, no, no. Not at all. It's just, it's routine. We'll have you back down here in a jiff. Nurse, if you could take him out the side door, that would be great.

(Parker pushes Eddie out of the room)

[Waiting Room]

Hardison: All what we got to do is keep these marshals out of the MRI room.

Eliot: I don't know why you had to bring stupid-ass doughnuts, man. You're not even ready.

Hardison: I am ready. I am 97.10% ready.

Eliot (to marshals): Hey, there. Ted Crichton.

Bob: Bob Corville.

Eliot: Nice to meet you.

Bob: And, uh, Charlie Merrill.

Eliot: Charlie!

Hardison: Well, I- I'm Greg Michaels. It's just a little welcome from the Belbridge P.D.

Bob: Hey, appreciate it. Hopefully, we'll be out of your hair pretty soon here.

(Hardison hands the marshals coffee)

Eliot: Oh, don't worry about it, man. They get better medical than we do, huh? Whatever happened to just bustin’ rocks, huh?

[Hospital Room]

(Parker handcuffs Eddie to the bed)

Eddie: Oh. Buy me dinner first.

Parker: Marshals' orders.

(Parker pulls back the curtain as she heads for the door. After Parker exits the room, Sophie pulls back her own curtain)

Sophie: Hi. (itches her leg) I'm Bridget.

Eddie: Eddie. I'd shake your hand but...

Sophie: Wow! You a hard case or something?

Eddie: I am going to prison.

Sophie: Really? Ooh. Can you pass along a little message to my ex? Actually, it's some photos of me.

Eddie: Ah, this day just keeps getting better.


Parker: How is this supposed to work? I barely dosed him with rohypnol. It must have worn off by now. Especially with the rash.

Nate: Yeah, look at him. He's, he's totally fine. (hands Parker a piece of paper) This thing, I need you to read on the—

Parker: P.A.?

Nate: P.A. thing, yeah.

Parker: You want me to make announcements?

Nate: Yeah, could you, uh...

Parker: You're really, uh, are selling the whole hospital experience.

Nate: Mm, no. But that's not what I'm selling.

[Hospital Room]

Sophie: I get up to use the jukebox and this little skank goes and parks herself on my bar stool. And I'm like, "No, no, no. I got dibs on that." And you know what she does? Nothin'. Like I'm not even there.

Parker on PA: Dr. Burns, please report to the cardiac ward. Dr. Burns to the cardiac ward. Infectious disease unit, please pick up line 23. Infectious disease, pick up 23.


Nate: See, y-you tell someone they have a bunch of symptoms and the information gets processed in the executive center of the brain, right? It's job is to question assumptions, start an argument. But if you suggest symptoms, you can bypass all that.

Parker: Like subliminal advertising?

Nate: It's actually neurolinguistic programming, you know, the gateway to the amygdala, which is the fear center of the brain. You asked what we're selling. That's-- that's what we're selling.

Parker: So we're selling...

Nate: Fear.

Parker: Oh. Fear.

Nate: Yeah.

Parker: Cool.

Nate: Yeah.

[Hospital Room]

Sophie: So, I eyeball the bartender, Casey, and I'm like, "Hey, back me up here." You know what he does? Looks away. Yeah. And we used to go out. You know, not out, out, but, like, you know, hook up. (itching her arms) So I figure, I got to take care of this myself.

(Eddie turns on the TV)

Reporter: We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this special report.

(the feed breaks up and turns to static)

Sophie: Eddie? Eddie, hey, I'm talking here.

Eddie: Did you--did you see that?

Sophie: What?

Eddie: It said "special report". It was there for a second, and then it was gone.

Sophie: Huh? "Special report", huh? Hey, maybe someone took a pop at the pope. It could happen.

(Sophie continues to itch at her arms. Eddie begins to itch as well)

Nate (in hallway): Are you with the center for disease control?

Hardison (in hallway): This is an escaped contagion.

Eliot (in hallway): This is a military jurisdiction order 23.

Nate (in hallway): All right, no one goes in or out.

(Eddie begins to itch in other places)


(Nate watches the video feed of the hospital room)


Hardison: So, I go to the bar, right? And this blonde who looks like my partner in a tube top has a handful of this brunette's hair, right? So, the brunette's screaming, "Give me back my weave!" W- what is the blonde supposed to do, sew it back in?

Bob: I can't believe what you guys have to do, man. You guys are nuts.

(a nurse pushes a hospital bed toward the MRI room door)

Bob: Whoa, whoa. Excuse me. Whoa, whoa, whoa. We've got an inmate in here.

Nurse: Three-car accident on the interstate. He's gonna have to wait.

Bob: Come on.

(all four men follow the hospital bed into the MRI room)

[MRI Room]

(Bob and Charlie look through the view screen at the MRI machine. The nurse walks over to the feet sticking out and removes the dummy inside)

Nurse: That's your inmate?

Bob: We've got a runaway.

Eliot: W-what...


Charlie: How the hell did this happen?

Bob: 14 years, I have never lost a prisoner. I'm not starting today. (pulls out his radio) Attention, all law-enforcement personnel.

Eliot: Hey, Bob. Bob, Bob, Bob. Is that the best way to play this? I mean... (looks around) Come with me. (leads Bob down the hallway) You were supposed to be watching that guy. I mean we were supposed to be watching this guy. This is a career-ender, for all of us.

Bob: What are you suggesting?

Eliot: All right, there's cameras all over this hospital. Okay, I say we check the footage. We go room by room until we find him.

Hardison: This never happened.

Trent: My wife just had a baby.

Hardison: His wife just had a baby.

Bob: Okay. But when I say we're done, I'm calling it in. You got that?

Eliot: Okay. Let's go.

Eliot: Okay.


Parker: So much for having two hours.

Nate: We're gonna stick with the original plan. We're just gonna move things up. Eliot, lose the uniform. Sophie, it's time.

[Hospital Room]

Sophie: I step away for, like, two minutes, and you know what she does?

Eddie: She takes your barstool. You told me already.

Sophie (breathing hard): Is it getting... hot in here?

Eddie: Shh!

Voices in Hallway: Anyone, nurse?! I think I'm bleeding!

Sophie (sits weakly on the bed): I can't... (looks at her hand) Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! (lays down) I don't feel good! Aah! I don't feel so good!

(Nate and Eliot burst into the room with another bed)

Sophie: What is it, doc?

(Parker pushes in an IV stand)

Nate: Pulse is tachycardic. I need two units of packed RBC and two of FFP I.V. Stat.

(Eliot pulls the curtain around Sophie’s bed)

Nate: Start a central line and get a 12 lead, please.

(Eddie peeks around his curtain, seeing shadows against Sophie’s curtain)

Sophie: What's happening, doc?

Nate: Now, you're gonna be fine but I just need you to relax.

(Sophie coughs)

Nate: Prepare to intubate.

Eliot (raises tubes to throw shadows on curtain): Ready to intubate.

Parker: Doctor, she's bradying down!

Nate: We're losing her.

Parker: Clear!

(Parker fakes using a defibrillator on Sophie, throwing shadows on the curtain)

Nate: Again!

Parker: Clear!

(Parker fakes using the defibrillator again)

Nate: We're losing her fast! Come on! Come on! I'm gonna try one more thing.

(Nate bends over Sophie as if to give CPR. Eddie sees this through a gap in the curtain)

Eliot: All right, that's it. That's it. I'm calling it. Time, 6:22 p.m.

(Eliot takes the extra hospital bed from the room. Parker pushes back the curtain and looks very shaken)

Eddie: Nurse, what's going on?

(Nate grabs Parker by the shoulders and ushers her from the room)

Eddie: Nurse! I'm--what is going on?! Nurse!

(Nate closes the door)

Eddie: Hey, nurse! Nurse!

[Random Office]

(the marshals are bent over a security monitor)

Bob: Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Hardison: Wait. There. Is-is that him right there? Right there with the, uh...

Charlie: No.

Hardison: Yes, him.

Charlie: No.

Hardison: You sure?

Charlie: Yeah.

Hardison: Really?

Charlie: What about here?

Bob: No.

Hardison: It looks like him. (uses a tool to pick the Bob’s pockets)

Charlie: Are you sure, man?

Bob: No! (sighs) This is the last of the footage. Looks like Eddie's still in the hospital.

(Hardison uses a tool to pick the Bob’s pockets)

Charlie: But why would he do that? That doesn't make any sense.

Hardison: Well, if we think he's gone then that moves the search outside. It spreads us thin. He just waits for the right moment and walks right out the front door.

You're right.

Charlie: Yeah.

Bob: Which means we'll have to account for everybody in the building.

Charlie: Sure.

Bob: Greg, right?

Hardison: Yes.

Bob: Where's your partner?

Hardison: Uh, he's answering a call from dispatch. He's trying to buy us some time.

Bob: Well, you tell Ted to get down here (to Charlie) because you and he are covering the north side. (to Hardison) You and I, we got the south wing. Let's go.

Hardison: Sure thing. Yippity-skip. Uh, me and Ted, we'll meet you downstairs.

Bob: All right. (leaves room)

Eliot: North wing with Charlie. I got it.

Hardison: Tell me why I just pulled two sets of car keys off these guys. Why would they be riding separately? I'll gonna go check it out.

(Eliot sees the little boy getting a cast on his arm, bruises on his face)

Hardison: Eliot. Eliot. Eliot.

Eliot: Yeah, well, we can't keep disappearing on these guys. Bob's barely hooked as it is.

Trent (on phone): Yeah, I'm at the hospital. The kid's a klutz.

[Hospital Room]

(noises of confusion in the hallway)

Eddie: Hello?! Is anyone there?! Nurse! Nurse! Hello?! Can anyone hear me?! Please!


Parker: What do we do now?

Nate: Now? Now we wait. This is the stall. It's no different than any other con.

Parker (looking at monitor): Wait, his nose. Is that...

Nate: real blood?

Eddie: I'm-- I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding!

Nate: Yes. Yes, it is.

Eddie: Hello?! Can anyone hear me?! Please!

Parker: Did you just give a guy a nosebleed with the power of your mind?

Nate: Amygdala mania. Hmm. Almond tonsils.

Parker: Is it just me, or has Nate gotten a little sadistic since he quit drinking?

Sophie: Is it just me, or does that make him even more attractive?

[Parking Lot]

(Hardison pushes the lock button on a key fob looking for the marshal’s cars. One beeps and he gets into the passenger side, checking for documents)

Hardison: Eliot, can you talk? What's Charlie doing?


Eliot: I haven't gotten there yet. (looks into room with Trent and his son)

Hardison: No wonder I couldn't hear you on my coms. Eliot, stop checking out the nurses and get your ass down to Charlie!

Eliot: I'm on my way, all right? Shut up.

(Eliot takes out his earbud and walks into the exam room to Trent)

Eliot: Excuse me, sir. Can I talk to you for a second, please?

Trent (to boy) Wait here.


Trent: What seems to be the problem?

Eliot: How did your son break his arm?

Trent: He fell off his skateboard.

Eliot: He fell off his skateboard.

(Eliot grabs Trent’s arm and bends him over the railing)

Eliot: That bruise on his cheek's a week old. The one on his neck is three days. He get that falling, too?

Trent: You don't believe me? Ask him.

Eliot: Why, huh? So I can hear how well his daddy taught him to lie?

Trent: If you're gonna arrest me, go ahead. I'll be out in five minutes.

Eliot: I ain't gonna arrest you.

(Eliot nearly throws Trent over the railing letting him dangle for a moment before throwing him back against the wall. He opens Trent’s wallet and looks at his license)

Eliot: Randall Trent, 73 Austin Street. (puts wallet in his pocket) I got my eye on you now.

Trent: How many guys don't even see their kids? I bet this place is full of deadbeat dads. But a man who provides for his family, who shows his son a firm hand, he's the bad guy? Go back to your speed traps.

(Trent leaves the stairwell. Eliot looks pissed)


Eddie: Hello?

Parker: Who the hell is that?

Nate: That is hospital security. We didn't have a chance to break down their schedule. Okay, looks like someone's crashing our party. Sophie, you're up.

Sophie: You know, I once had to play six parts in "Nicholas Nickleby" and Mrs. Squeers and Phib had a bloody song together.

[Hospital Room]

Guard: Is anybody up here?

Eddie (nose bleeding): I'm down here! Please!


Guard (running down hall) Hello? Hello?

(Sophie steps out dressed in a Hazmat suit. The guard stops and looks at her in surprise. Sophie points into one of the rooms, the guard enters. Wearing only his underwear, he stands under a shower washing himself frantically

Nate: You have been exposed to an antigen that is repelled by water. Do not move until you hear further instructions. Do you understand?

Guard: Yes.

(Sophie takes off the Hazmat suit and leaves it near the guard’s clothes)

[Parking Lot]

(Hardison uses the other key fob to find Charlie’s car. He gets in and begins searching, pulling rental paperwork from the glove box)

Hardison: Why is this a rental?


Charlie (on phone): Hi, I'm calling from the Patrolman's Benevolent Association. Yeah, I'm trying to get in touch with two of your officers, Greg Michaels and Ted Crichton. Yeah. You don't? Our files must be out of date. Thank you.

[Parking Lot]

Hardison (pops trunk): Eliot, you remember when Eddie got a slap on the wrist because the judge said he provided "substantial assistance" to the government? Yeah, well, it looks like Eddie ratted out the Armenian mob. And Marshal Charlie, he ain't a fed. He's a hit man sent to kill Eddie (looks at items in the trunk) unless duct tape and lye are standard issue for a Deputy U.S. Marshal. E- Eliot. You-- Eliot, are you there? Can you hear me?


(Charlie looks into drawers as Eliot enters the room)

Eliot: Charlie, hi. Any luck?

Charlie: No. He could be anywhere. Check the drawers.

(Eliot opens a drawer to see a body)

Eliot: This job never gets any easier, does it?

(Charlie screws a silencer onto the end of a gun)

Charlie: No, it does not.

(Eliot checks the body, then looks around the room with his back to Charlie)

Hardison on PA: Would Dr. Ralph O. Khan please report to surgery? Dr. Ralph O. Khan, report to surgery. Ralph O. Khan!

(Charlie raises the gun at Eliot, who turns around. Seeing the gun, Eliot dodges behind an open drawer door. Eliot picks up a cart and throws it at Charlie, who dodges. Charlie moves to shoot at Eliot again but Eliot grabs his arm and punches him several times in the face, then throws him against the wall. Eliot slams Charlie’s hand against the drawers then slams his wrist in one of the doors until he drops the gun. Eliot pushes Charlie back)

Eliot: You picked the wrong day to mess with me, Charlie.

(Charlie grabs Eliot and head butts him, then kicks him back into a gurney. Eliot grabs a large bowl and uses it to block Charlie’s punches, then slam him in the head. Charlie falls backward, then gets up and grabs a tray)

Eliot: Come on.

(Charlie swings with the tray but Eliot blocks with the bowl, knocking the tray out of Charlie’s hands. Eliot hits Charlie in the head with the bowl then throws it at him. Charlie gets to his feet and comes at Eliot again. Eliot knees him in the stomach and punches him several times in the head. When Charlie comes at Eliot again, Eliot picks him up and throws him down on a gurney. Eliot punches Charlie in the head until he stops trying to get up)

Eliot: Punk.

[Hospital Room]

Eddie: Please! I-- please, help me!

(more sounds in the hallway, sirens and people moving)

Eddie (sitting on floor next to bed): Please, somebody help me. Somebody, help me.

Nate: Mr. Maranjian, we need you to settle down.

Eddie: Settle down? What the hell is going on here? That woman next to me, she came in here. She was fine, and now she's dead!

Nate: She was not fine. (crouches near Eddie)

Eddie: What was wrong with her? What was wrong with her?!

Nate: We're trying to find out. You see, the soviets had a program. They were trying to weaponize the Marburg Virus. It's all very, very, very secret. And we're finding that the accelerated incubation period of the dozen cases that we've—

Eddie: Dozen cases?!

Nate: Yes, (pulls back sleeve to show rash) that we've studied are all it's, um—Well, we've... (collapses to the floor)

Eddie: Oh, God. Oh, God!

Parker (runs in): Dr. Foster!

Eddie: Oh, God!

Parker: Dr. Foster!

Eddie: Oh, Go-o-d!


(Eliot puts Charlie on top of one of the bodies in the drawers and closes him inside before putting his earbud back in)

Hardison: You think you can just ignore me, like I don't have any feelings, like I never sat there, never listened to you talk all night about tryin--

Eliot: Hardison, have you been talking the whole time?

Hardison: I wouldn't have had to if you didn't turn off your daggum com!

Eliot: I took care of the fake marshal. Where's the real one?


Hardison (looks at phone): Eliot, it, uh, looks like he's in the stairwell on his way to... Oh, no. That ain't good, man.

[Hospital Room]

(Nate is now lying in the second bed)

Nate: I'm fine. You know, the rash is localized.

Parker: I know.

Nate: I just need an anti-inflammatory, nurse. And give me—

(Parker attaches handcuffs to the bed and to Nate’s wrist)

Nate: What-what are you doing?

Parker: I'm sorry. Order 23.

Nate: Wait. Where are you going?! You can't just leave me here! Please, nurse, let me—

(Parker ties a mask over her face)

Nate: Let me talk to CDC in Atlanta.

Parker: I can't. They're coming.

Eddie: Who's coming?! Wait, what's order 23?! Is it to leave us here to die? Please, get me out of here. I am not sick!

Nate: Don't listen to him. Variant "U" cannot be released into the general population!

Eddie: Shut up!!

Parker: It's not my decision!

Eddie: Is it for $400,000? Is it your decision then? I have it. Near here, and I'll take you there. All you have to do is let me go, please.

(Parker looks at Nate)

Nate: No! No! No!

(Parker enters the room and dashes to Eddie’s bed, opening the handcuffs)

Nate: No! No! No! No! You're making a big mistake! Everyone's gonna die!

(Parker and Eddie leave the room. Nate releases his handcuffs and gets off the bed)


(Parker leads Eddie down the hallway. Eddie sees the guard taking a shower and looks down at his clothes and equipment, then bends down. Further down the hall, Bob enters the floor cautiously. He bursts into the hospital room to find it empty. He nearly leaves, but sees Eddie’s tie under the bed)

Bob: Oh, damn! (pulls out radio) Attention, all law-enforcement personnel. Code 10-98. I repeat, code 10-98. Escaped prisoner leaving county general possibly armed and dangerous.


Eliot: "Ralph O. Khan"?

Hardison: Man, you see what ideas you come up with when you got no blood flow to your brain.

(they turn to look at the boy, who is sitting on the end of a bed. Sirens draw their attention from the opposite direction as police cars pull up)

Hardison: Oh, man. Come on.

(Hardison heads off. Eliot looks from the boy to the police coming into the hospital before entering the boy’s room and pulling the curtain)

Eliot: Hey. How's the arm, my man?

Randy: It's okay.

Eliot: Yeah? My name's Eliot. What's your name?

(police officers continue to move through the hallways)

Randy: Randy.

Eliot: Randy. Oh, I like that name. (sits on bed) I got an uncle named Randy. There sure are a lot of cops around here, huh? You know, if you wanted, you could go up to one and tell them what happened to your arm. Hey, Randy. You don't have to be afraid anymore.

Randy: Dad knows these cops, you know? They come to my house. They'll drink beer. I mean… I can't.

(Hardison enters the room and grabs Eliot’s shoulder)

Hardison: Eliot. Come on, man. We got to go.

(Eliot hesitates, looking at Randy

Eliot: Nice meeting you, man.

(Eliot and Hardison leave the room. Randy watches them go)


(Parker leads Eddie through the basement, checking around every corner as Eddie follows, putting his clothes on)

Nate (on comm): Parker, we're blown. Cops are everywhere. They've got the hospital on lockdown.

(Parker moves down and looks around another corner at a camera)

Parker: We're gonna have to hug the wall and wait for the camera to pass, okay? The exit's right over there.

(Eddie uses the stunner to knock Parker out)

Eddie: Thanks. I see it.

[Exterior Street]

(Eddie runs down the empty road, moving aside to avoid a man pushing a shopping cart. Sirens ring out as Eddie tries to open car doors. He gets one open and finds the keys above the visor. He drives through the empty streets to the courthouse where he and breaks a window to get in)

[Courthouse Hallway]

(Eddie runs down the hall and turns on a light switch. He moves to a utility room door and opens it, climbing on something to reach a vent and pulling down a bag. He closes the door to the room and sees Parker standing there. She punches him in the face several times and he falls back against the wall, falling to the floor)


(Eddie uses the stunner to knock Parker out. As soon as he moves away, she gets up, lifting her shirt to show a vest)


Parker: A deal's a deal. (hands bag to Nate)

(Eliot and Hardison move forward, grabbing Eddie and pulling him to his feet)

Nate: So, what happened, Eddie, huh? You got a little bored during your trial, you started looking around, and you thought "What's the last place someone would look for stolen money in this town?"

(Eddie starts laughing)

Eliot: What's so funny, Eddie?

Eddie: I'm just thinking about all the crimes you committed today. (shrugs free) Burglary, assault, kidnapping. I'm going to prison for 18 months. But you, every one of you, is looking at 25 to life! I know your faces. I know all your faces. I am really good with faces. You're gonna pay for what you did to me. Right now! (runs away down the hall)

[Exterior Street]

(Eddie stands in the street and flags down a police car)

Eddie: Stop! Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Please! They're in there!

Officer: Get on the ground! Get on the ground!

Eddie: Whoa, whoa, whoa! They're in there. They told me I was gonna die. I was in the hospital. They locked me in a room. It's not what you think!

Officer: Get on the ground now!

Eddie: Okay. Okay, but listen. I didn't do anything wrong. I'm the victim here! They're in there!

Officer: Sir, you assaulted a security guard! You tasered a nurse! You escaped federal custody!

Eddie: No! No, I didn't! No!

Officer: Get on the ground right now! On the ground now!

Eddie: I'm not trying to escape! I'm running for my life! You're not listening! Please, listen. I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't—

(another officer grabs Eddie and throws him on the hood of a police car)

Eddie: You don't get it. You don't-- please, listen. Let me explain! Look—

Officer (looks at printout): Yeah, that's the guy.

Eddie: Can you listen-- Can you listen to me, please? They're in there. They're gonna get away.


(Officers hold up a printout of Eddie)

Guard: Yeah. Yeah, that's the guy. That's the guy that did this to me.

(Officers watch security footage of Eddie stunning Parker in the basement)

[Exterior Street]

Eddie: That's what they want you to think! That's what they want you to think! None of it's true! I'm telling the truth! I'm t-- wait.

(officers force Eddie into a police car as Nate and the team move to the doors of the courthouse to watch)

Eddie: Look, please, if you'd just listen. Listen! Please, listen! None of you are listening to me! No-none of it—(sees team in doorway)That's them! Do you see them?! That one was trying to be a doctor! And t- that one's a nurse! That one's a nurse!

(team walks out of the courthouse and heads down the stairs)

Nate: So, here's everything you need to know about criminal law. Every crime has two elements, Actus reus, the act itself, and mens rea, Literally "The Guilty Mind."

Hardison: Wait. Now you're a doctor and a lawyer?

Nate: Yes. Now, for escape, the prisoner has to both break out of custody and show the intent to escape.

Sophie: Wait, so if, let's say, a prisoner was taken hostage during a jailbreak then he wouldn't be guilty of escape.

Nate: That's a perfect example.

Hardison: Kiss ass.

Nate: Which brings us back to our friend Eddie and how the brain reacts to fear. In the heat of the moment Eddie didn't ask himself a simple question, who would doubt his guilty mind?


Eliot: I hate the morgue. These things all look the same to me, you know? We're looking for an A-17. Alpha-1-7.

Hardison (on phone): Oh. Yeah. (hangs up) Oh, sweet news, guys. A couple of units picked up our guy up downtown. He had a mental breakdown or something, complain about the plague or locusts or, like, hemorrhoids or...

(Eliot pats Bob on the shoulder)

Hardison: Well...

Eliot: There it is right there. A-17.

Hardison: Wow, that's great.

(Eliot opens the drawer)

Eliot: Oh!

Hardison: Oh.

Eliot: Look.

Hardison: Oh!

(Charlie wakes up, yelling. Eliot moves forward and elbows him in the head, knocking him out)

Hardison: Whoa! He lunged at me. You saw that, right? He lunged at me.

Eliot: Weird.

Hardison: I'm writing this in my report. He's supposed to be dead. What the hell? What the hell?

Eliot: That guy.

Bob: Oh, God.

Eliot: What's wrong, Bob?

Bob: It's been a hell of a day, Ted. I got duped by a fake marshal and let my first prisoner escape.

Eliot: That's not the way I see it.

Bob: What do you mean?

Eliot (pulls out paper from his jacket): "A courageous U.S. Marshal put himself in harm's way by allowing a contract killer to infiltrate his team in an effort to derail a plot to murder a cooperating federal witness." That's my report. This is your collar. (puts paper away)

Bob: That's good, but I can't let you do that.

Eliot: I'm the one that told you not to make the call. You said, "I'm gonna call it in." I said, "No, no, no, don't." So, it's only fair.

Bob: Damn right it is. You and your partner, you're all right. I don't know how to thank you, though.

(Eliot looks at Bob for a long moment, then pulls Trent’s license from his pocket and hands it to Bob)

Eliot: Do one thing for me.

Bob: You got it.

[Exterior Apartment]

(Bob knocks on the door and Randy opens it)

Bob: Randy? I'm Deputy United States Marshal Robert Corville. I'm from Boston. I think you and I need to talk.

Trent: Who are you talking to out there? (pulls door open wider and sees Bob)

Bob: Come on.

(Randy looks at Trent then follows Bob out of the apartment)

Bob: It's all right, son. Come on. You're gonna be okay, Randy.

(Bob gives Trent one last look before moving away. From down the street, Eliot watches as Bob and Randy get into a car and drive away)

The End

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