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3x01 The Jailhouse Job

[Courthouse Hallway]

(Sophie walking down a hallway holding several files)

Sophie: 30 seconds. Call it.

[Exterior Courthouse]

(Eliot wearing construction gear standing outside the courthouse, FBI officers walking inside)

Eliot: 2 feds, but 5 cameras, overlapping 180s, response time 15 seconds. Hardison?

[Courthouse Hallway]

(Hardison using an electric floor cleaner, but checking things on his phone)

Hardison: Cameras are watching yesterday's footage. Locking down... which elevator?

[Elevator Shaft]

Parker: Huh? What? Oh, um, um, yes, I-I'm a go for elevator one.

[Courthouse Hallway]

Hardison: Were you asleep?

[Elevator Shaft]

Parker: It's very peaceful up here. Besides, I sleep better upside down.

(Parker is wearing her rigs, hanging upside down, elevator rises)

[Courthouse Hallway]

(Hardison is cleaning the floor as Sophie approaches. She deliberately slips on the wet floor and falls against one of the agents standing nearby)

Sophie: Oh!

Agent: Oh, you okay?

Sophie: Oh! Oh, my papers! (takes his gun)

Agent: Oh, it's all right. I got 'em. (bends to pick them up)

Sophie (to Hardison): Hey, you. You! You should have some signs up

Hardison: I'll go. I-I'll go. I'll go. (walks down the hall, unzipping his jump suit to reveal a business suit beneath it.

(The door to the court room opens and Nate, wearing orange, is lead out. He sees Sophie but doesn’t say anything to her)

Sophie: Incoming.


(Nate walks into the elevator with two men, one armed, the other the one whose gun Sophie stole. Parker jumps on the top of the elevator, opens it, and tasers both men before picking the lock on Nate’s cuffs)

Nate: You know, you could have just taken the keys off the guy's belt.

Parker: Eh, this is faster.

[Exterior Courthouse]

(Hardison is walking along the sidewalk checking his phone, setting off car alarms)

Guard: What the hell?

(the guards at the door go to check, and Eliot disarms them, knocking one into traffic. Sophie pulls up in a car and just as Nate and Parker exit the building)

Sophie: Get in!

Nate: No.

Sophie: No?!

Nate: Uh...No.

[Rockford Private Correctional Facility, Visiting Room]

(Nate and Sophie are talking on phones, staring at each other through the glass)

Sophie: What do you mean "No"?

Nate: It's a horrible plan. None of it times out, and there's no way you can get to the car that fast.

Sophie: Ah, but you have to admit, it'd be a lot more dramatically satisfying if I'm the one driving the getaway car.

Nate: You know they record these calls.

(Sophie holds up her cell phone)

Hardison: I created a carrier signal for our conversation—

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: --but I'm dumping another conversation onto the prison recording system.

Eliot: Spanish soap opera.

Hardison: Oh, yeah. Check it out, man. Look, it turns out Pepe's twin brother Peppi is actually Guadalupe's baby's daddy.

Eliot: Seriously?

[Security Command Post]

(guards are watching Sophie and Nate talking, but hearing a conversation in Spanish)

[Leverage HQ]

(Parker comes in with a bag over her shoulder)

Eliot: He doesn’t want to do it.

Parker: Oh, but I love jumping on elevators.

Hardison: I know.

Parker: This is my special elevator rig he got me for Christmas.

Eliot: All right, look, Nate, you took the fall for us, so...

Hardison: After you lied to us. He's a liar.

Eliot: You took the fall for us. You went to jail so we wouldn't have to. We get that, so we're square. But now you got to let us get you out of prison.

Parker: But if we're gonna do that...

Hardison: And not all of us are convinced that we should.

Parker: Then we have to hit you at your next hearing. That prison's escape-proof.

Nate: Guys, no.

[Rockford Private Correctional Facility, Visiting Room]

Nate: I committed a crime, I got caught, and now I am gonna serve my time.

Sophie: Nate, what kind of world would it be if everybody that committed a silly little crime went to prison, huh? Complete madness. Did you get the kielbasa?

Nate: Yeah. (holds up a package)

Sophie: There's an earbud inside it.

Nate: Now, listen to me, in no way, shape, or form are you gonna break me out of this prison. Understood?

Hardison: Okay, you know... You know what? Fine, Nate.

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: We're still out here. We're doing the job. We help people nobody else helps. That's important. You want to stay around and miss out just because you got to figure out your guilty conscience, that's your loss.

Nate: Yeah, Hardison, I wa...

(Hardison severs the connection)

[Rockford Private Correctional Facility, Visiting Room]

(Sophie gets to her feet)

Nate: Wait, Sophie. Sophie, ho... Just --

Sophie: Who? Me?

Nate: Yeah.

Sophie: No. I don't use the name "Sophie" anymore. I use my real name now.

Nate: Oh, your real... a-and what is that?

Sophie: You know that they record these calls, don't you?

(Sophie hangs up and exits)

[Rockford Private Correctional Facility, Conference Room]

(Bellows hands Worth a file)

Bellows: That's Nate Ford, Mr. Worth.

Worth: This the man you want?

(Worth tosses the fill down the table. A man picks it up and shows it to a woman behind him in the shadows)

Italian Man: Si. Yes, we'll need all his court and prison records, visitor logs, everything.

Worth: This is a privately run prison.

(the man turns and interprets what Worth is saying to the woman in the shadows)

Worth: Corporate facilities do not obey the same rules as public prisons.

(the Italian woman starts speaking, and the man interprets what she says for Worth)

Italian Man: My employer wishes you to understand, this is not a request. We will not be providing warrants, paperwork, or any other form. Warden, you will give us all your files on Nathan Ford, or you will find yourself and your company under state, federal, and international investigation.

Worth: I am not a warden. I am CEO of National Prison Properties. I built this company, five prisons, from the ground up.

(The Italian laughs and lights a lighter)

Italian: Impressive. (lights a cigarette) You know what they say... That Rome was not built in a single day. But it burned in one. (blows out the lighter)

[Prison Common Area]

(Billy pushes a cart of books through the room)

Billy (to Nate): Hey.

Nate: Hey.

Billy: Seamus Heaney. That Irish guy you asked for. (hands him a book)

Nate: Oh, excellent. Wow, thanks... Billy, right?

Billy: Uh, yeah.

Nate: Well, thank you. This could not have been easy to find.

Billy: Well, you seemed pretty down. And we got to stand up for each other, right?

Nate: Yeah. You're all right, Billy.

Billy: Yeah. Wish the judge thought so. (pushes cart away)

Nate: Yeah, I appreciate it.

(Nate watches as Billy leaves the room, followed by some tough looking inmates)

Nate: I think something's happening.

Bellows: Thanks for your input. You can move on now.

(Nate follows them out of the common area)

[Prison Hallway]

(a tough looking inmate is beating Billy, throwing him against the wall. The tough inmate pulls a knife as Nate comes into the hallway)

Billy: W-w-wait, wait. No, no, no, no. Stop, okay. You don't have to do this.

(Nate puts a pillow case over the tough inmate’s head and knocks him down)

Billy: Get the knife.

(Nate grabs the knife and grabs Billy)

Nate: Come on. Let's go. (pulls him through a doorway)

Another Inmate: Hey! Hey!

(Nate slides the door shut, locking it. They enter into the kitchen)

[Prison Kitchen]

Nate: Now what the hell was that about, Billy?

Billy: Remember that '88 gangbanger that got beat to death last month?

Nate: Yeah.

Billy: Yeah, well, his buddies think I did it.

Nate: Did you?

Billy: No No, I found the body, all right, but the guards say nobody else was near him, so now I'm wanted for it. Here.

Nate: (pushes Billy into the refrigerator) Yeah, well, that doesn't make sense. The warden should have put you in protective custody. (shuts the door)

Billy: Look, I don't even know why I'm in prison. You want to hear what I did?

Nate: Yeah.

Billy: I drove up to New Hampshire to see my girlfriend, all right? I had beer in the trunk. I-I crossed state lines. I,I didn't even know that was illegal.

Nate: Y-you expect me to believe that?

Billy: Look, I swear to God. I didn't even have a lawyer for the hearing. Look, they said it was just a fine. I plead guilty. Next thing I know, I'm in here for eight months! I-I'm a frickin' accountant, man, I.

Nate: I... all right, you're an accountant. (pulls the kielbasa from his sock)

Billy: Yeah. Uh, unh-unh. Oh, wait. What, uh... what is that for?

Nate: It's kielbasa. (opens package)

Billy: I-I know that, but what are you doing with it? Don't...

(Nate digs through the meat to find the earbud)

Billy: um, um... come on, man! That's... that's nasty. In your ear. That's great.

Nate: Hardison.

[Leverage HQ]

(Hardison is putting together some kind of model)

Hardison: Oh, no. Mnh-mnh. No, we extended our hand of forgiveness and you slapped it away. Now go away. I'm having some "Me" Time.

Nate: Please, please, I just want you to check the records of an inmate—

[Prison Kitchen]

Nate: --Billy Epping. Fast!

Billy: Look, man, who are you talking to?

[Leverage HQ]

(Hardison types on a laptop)

Hardison: Whoa. O-okay, uh, William Epping's conviction was for transporting liquor across state lines, but his sentence was way longer than anyone’s—

[Prison Kitchen]

Hardison: --received since, like, the pilgrims, man.

Billy: Talkin' to a frickin' sausage.

Hardison: That's weird.

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: Your warden was consulted on the sentencing. That's hinky.

[Prison Kitchen]

Billy: Wh... why are you...

Nate: Now, listen to me, we're gonna check this out, okay? Okay?

Billy: Okay, okay.

Nate: Which I'm gonna do.

Billy: All right.

Nate (puts hand on Billy’s shoulder): I'm sorry.

Billy: For what?

(Nate stabs Billy in the side)

Billy: Oh, sh...

(Billy falls to the floor, holding his side)

Nate: Oh. Uh, Hardison, why don't you gather the team and get me background checks on the... on the warden?

Billy: You stabbed me!

Nate: Oh, come on, just... just a little. It's... it's fine.

Hardison: Nate, did you find—

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: --us a client in prison?

Nate: Yes, we are going to help—

[Prison Kitchen]

Nate: --Billy Epping and maybe take down a warden at the same time.

Billy: Stop! Who... who... who the hell are you talking to?! I'm... I'm... I'm gonna pass out. I'm gonna pass out. Yeah. Just...Yeah.

[Rockford Private Correctional Facility, Worth’s Office]

Worth: How did I get started? Well, hedge funds, actually, and then a bit of international finance. But then 10 years ago, I hit on this, National Prison Properties. Get the government out of the justice business. Mister, uh...

Hardison: Barrington-Jones. Brilliant. Corporate-run prisons, five facilities, thousands of inmates, it's tremendous.

Worth: The US has the fastest growing prison population in the world. Well, it's like the real-estate boom.

(Hardison plugs a flash drive into Worth’s computer)

Worth: Except, of course, the problem with real estate... You eventually run out of land. You never run out of people to put in prison.

Hardison: Hmm. We haven't had much success with private prisons concept in England. Our investment firm has large real-estate holdings for construction of facilities.

Worth: You see, any yahoo can lay some concrete and throw up some razor wire. The profit comes in proper management.

(Hardison looks at his phone, which is accessing Worth’s computer)

Worth: For example, the big money for us is in prison labor.

Hardison: Sorry?

Worth: Goods and services made by prisoners in America. $2 billion a year. One out of every five office chairs and desks "Made in America", made by convicts. And those jobs are not going to the Chinese. Bottom's up.

[Prison Infirmary]

(two guards are standing outside the room Billy and Nate are in)

Billy: Man, is this really the best plan?

Nate: Listen, the infirmary's under lockdown. There's cameras on both sides of the door, extra guards because of the pharmaceuticals. It's the safest place in the prison, really.

(door to the Infirmary buzzes and Eliot walks in, holding a file)

Nate: Plus, I, uh, got you a little extra insurance coming right now.

Eliot (to guard): Abernathy, MD. Here's my C13-A state employment certification. There's my processing forms, the A76/4.

Bellows: You worked prison clinic before?

Eliot: Have I worked-- Sir, I'm--If you'll look on this, you can see my history right here. F-Framingham, Concord. Hell, my roommate at Tufts drives a Benz and fixes little girls' noses, rich ones, all right? I-I got shanked by my own scalpel last year in the neck.

Bellows: Okay, already. Welcome to Rockford.

Eliot: Thank you. (enters Billy’s room, taking off his jacket)

Bellows: The guard will stay. Yo, Ford...

Nate: Hmm?

Bellows: Clear out.

Nate: Yeah, um... In one minute.

Eliot: Hi, Billy, Dr. Abernathy. (shakes his hand) I'm gonna be taking a look at you. If you do exactly what I say, I'm gonna get you home... alive, okay?

Billy: Thanks.

(Eliot turns to put on a lab coat)

Guard: Okay. Ford, come on. Let's go.

Nate: Yeah, just, uh...

Eliot (quietly): I need to talk to you.

(Nate walks toward the door, but stops and grimaces in pain)

Nate: Aah! Oh, God.

Eliot: What did you do? (to guard) Did you do something?

Nate: No, I got... (gestures toward mouth)

Eliot: What happened? Your tooth? Your mouth?

Nate: No, it's like shooting pain through my...

Eliot: Let me see this real quick. (shines light in Nate’s mouth) Whoa, hold up. Yeah, that's infected.

Nate: It's just a shooting...

Eliot: You know, I can take you down to dental. (to guard) I can take care of this right now, and you give me one second. We'll be right back. (grabs Nate’s arm)

Guard: I have to go with you.

Eliot: You have to go with us? Well, come on. Make sure you get your earplugs, though, because I'm gonna be sawing through some bone, and the "Zzz" is really loud. And your, uh, and the burning flesh and stuff, so I'll try to have...

(the guard stops down the hall)

Eliot: We can just... well, you know what? It's fine. Just right in here, sir. And please have a seat.

(Nate sits in the chair and Eliot lays it back)

Eliot: It's just in case the guards come in. (buckles restraints on Nate’s wrists) Restraints. Here's an infirmary manual. (turns the light on Nate’s face and picks up a drill)

Nate: That's, uh, for the... for the guards, right?

Eliot: You know what I usually do, Nate, to people that run a con on their own team? Almost get people killed 'cause they're out of control?

Nate: Are we okay, Eliot?

(Eliot puts down the drill and plugs in a flash drive, typing on the keyboard. Images come up on the monitor)

Eliot: Adam Worth IV. Harvard business school. Old money political dynasty in this state. His daddy was a Governor, his uncle was an Attorney General, and his brother is the Congressman. Adam here even took a couple of early runs at Office, but couldn't get elected as a dogcatcher. That's why he got into business. Hardison's working him.

Nate: Okay, first, we have to figure out how to nail the warden on whatever scam he's running here. Second, we got to get Billy out of here in case things go bad.

Eliot: Told you, this place is escape-proof. (hits keys to change monitor) 21st-century prison, fewer guards, more tech, Infra-Red cameras, motion sensors, lockdown doors.

Nate: Okay. Does Parker have any ideas?

Eliot: She's working with... Sophie.

Nate: What was that?

Eliot: I... I didn't... I...

Nate: A little pause there.

Eliot: Sophie told us her real name. I'm not allowed to say it in front of you.

Nate: Seriously?

Eliot: Mm-hmm. Her and Parker, they're running the judge.


(a man enters the judge’s chambers and the judge walks out. Parker and Sophie come down the hall wearing judge’s robes and arguing)

Parker: I said at the time—

Sophie: How can you possible think that the Santa Clara case was...

(they both run into the judge)

Sophie: Ooh!

Parker: Excuse me.

Judge: Oh, it's all right.

Sophie: But it... it's absurd.

(the judge straightens and Parker hands him something from the floor)

Parker: Oh, this is yours.

(the women continue down the hall)

Sophie: I mean, no other case has come so close to almost destroying democracy as we know it.

(Sophie uses a pass to get into the judge’s chambers)

Parker: At the time.

Sophie: Honestly, I don't even know what they teach you in law school these days.

(they enter the judge’s chambers)

[Judge’s Office]

Sophie: Key card and checkbook.

Parker: Keys and appointment book. Ooh, and this? (holds up keys) Safe deposit box key.

Sophie: Ooh, I love a secret.

(Sophie sits down at desk while Parker gets started on the safe)

Sophie (on phone): Yes, yes, this is Mrs. Melvoy. I'm... I'm calling about my account. Ooh, yeah, account number... (checks checkbook) 0018345.

(Parker gets the safe open and begins to look through files)

Sophie: Yes, I got a call about my safe deposit box, that a payment is due)

Parker (to comm): Billy Epping, and more, a lot more. All sent to Rockford Correctional.

[Leverage HQ]

(Information is displaying on screen as Hardison covers it)

Hardison: Two years ago, Judge Melvoy got a safe deposit box right around the time he started sending people down for hard time. And I'm talking citizens, not, you know, people like us.

Parker: Well, Judge Melvoy's not the only one. Four judges opened safe deposit boxes at the same time.

Sophie: There... I mean, there are hundreds of cases here, and these are just the ones that we've found.

Hardison: Records I pulled off of Worth's computer show that each time an inmate checks in at Rockford—

[Prison Common Area]

Hardison: --their judge gets an e-mail. Now, it looks coded. I'm thinking Cayman Islands bank account.

Nate: Hardison, private prisons have a contract with the State just like any company that provides a service. Now, do they have to maintain a head count?

Hardison: Mm-hmm.

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: Yeah. See, Rockford can't drop below 70% occupancy. If they do, they lose their state funding. No state money, they close. And they came very close two years ago.

[Nate’s Cell]

Nate: Hmm. So, private prisons are like the hotel business. They live and die on occupancy, head count. Now, Worth wasn't gonna lose $100 million in profit just 'cause he didn't have enough hard-cases to fill the prison, so he puts a few judges on the arm to send him non-violent offenders, easy prisoners to supervise.

[Leverage HQ]

Parker: Yeah, but why these people?

Eliot: Because they're citizens. 'Cause they're honest, middle-class citizens. These are the people, they don't want to cause any trouble. They can't afford a lawyer, so if some judge sends them away, well, yes, sir. They were taught to trust the courts. They believe in the system.

Sophie: So, Nate, what you got?

[Nate’s Cell]

Nate: Well, Worth makes money sending innocent people to prison. I have just the thing.

[Exterior Street]

(Worth is crossing the street holding his dry cleaning as Sophie approaches him)

Sophie: Lovely suit.

Worth: Uh, thank you. Hand-made. Paris.

Sophie: Oh. Gonna have to change that, Mr. Worth. You'll only be wearing American from now on. Here's my card. (hands him card)

Worth: Well this doesn't happen every day.

Sophie: No, it does not. You'll remember this day. This is the day you became a United States Senator.

[Election HQ]

Worth: It's busy.

Sophie: Well, it is an election year, Mr. Worth. Which leads me to my little problem. (approaches a poster)

Worth: Ah. Senator Camp. He's a lock for re-election.

Sophie: He was. (leads Worth into an office) So, Mr. Worth, these (shows him photos) are from my sources at the Globe. They want to run the story this week.

[Leverage HQ]

(Parker wearing a robe standing in front of a green screen, trying to pose)

Sophie: You remember what I showed you. Just try some different-different shapes and-and-and that pout that we talked about. Ohh, no, not that one. (to Hardison) I didn't show her that.

Sophie: Kind of... just, you know, just relax. Try one up, one down. Maybe... So...

(Parker continues to pose)

Sophie: Ooh, yeah. Shoot that.

(Hardison snaps photos)

Sophie: Ooh, I like that. That's gonna work.

(Sophie uses the remote to place Parker into a photo of Worth)

Sophie: Okay. Yes.

Hardison: Looks good.

Sophie: I can work with that.

(Parker drops her clothes to the floor)

Hardison: Whoa. Oh! Whoa.

Sophie: Parker!

Hardison: Why am I looking away?

[Election HQ]

Sophie: Senator happy pants picked the worst possible time to get caught. The deadline for filing for the next election is Friday. This story leaks, he resigns, I've got less than 72 hours to find me a candidate.

Worth: I have considered running, but I-I don't have any campaign people.

Sophie: Huh. (pushes a button on a remote)

Announcer (on TV): Adam Worth, a self-made man, who's dedicated his life to keeping criminals away from our children. Tough on crime. Tough on spending. Tough for you.

Sophie: Sample polls have you 15 points ahead without even running a single ad. Women aged 18-49 just eat you up with a spoon. Want to see your campaign posters?

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: Worth's on the hook. Now, I give to give it to you, Nate, nobody can read a mark quite like you.

Nate: Oh, come on—

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: --he tried to run twice and failed. That had to have been eating away at him. Now, find me a way out of this place.

[Prison Infirmary]

Eliot: Billy showed me where he found the first dead gang member. Blind spot... no cameras.

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: Nice coincidence.

Eliot: Yeah, and Hardison checked the--

[Prison Infirmary]

Eliot: --incident reports. All of them happened in camera blind spots. Places convicts wouldn't know existed.

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: Guards.

Eliot: They killed him, accident…

[Prison Infirmary]

Eliot: …whatever, they let Billy here find him, wouldn't be the first time.

Nate: Can we use the blind spots?

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: I really want a back door out of this place.

Hardison: No, Nate.

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: I can't access those cameras from here. They're dumb. They run straight to the server.

Parker: Yeah, and they could have upgraded the motion sensors and infrareds since these plans. You're gonna have to map it out... Old-school.

[Prison Hallway]

(Nate pushes a laundry bin through the halls)

Nate: Lockdown bolt.

[Prison Infirmary]

(Eliot enters information into his phone)

Eliot: Lockdown bolt.

[Leverage HQ]

(Parker writes on a board while Hardison watches the monitors)

[Prison Kitchen]

(Nate carries a tray of goods through the room)

Nate: Motion sensor.

[Leverage HQ]

(Hardison watches the screen while Parker puts the information on the board)

[Prison Roof]

(Eliot steps out, looking toward where four guards are talking. He sees a camera on the corner of the building)

[Leverage HQ]

(camera shows up on the monitor. Parker marks it on the board)

[Prison Mechanical Room]

(Nate carries a box past several guards)

Nate: And heat sensor.

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: Nate, if you could see this, you would not be encouraged.

(Parker’s board is covered with stickers designating the different sensors and cameras)

[Prison Common Area]

(Nate is sitting in front of a chessboard filled with pieces and pencils)

Nate: Yeah, I see it. Yeah. I hope Sophie has more luck with the warden.

[Leverage HQ]

Parker: Who's Sophie?

Hardison: You remember, we're not supposed to use her real name with, uh...

Parker: Right, Nate hasn't earned it yet. Forgot. Sophie. Sophie. So-phie. So-o-o-phie. Sophie. S-s-s-sophie. Sophie.

[Election HQ]

Sophie: The average Senate Race in America costs $8 million. You can buy a senate seat cheaper than a house on Beacon Hill. The trick is to come out strong. If you have, say, a quarter million dollars of your own money in a campaign fund when you announce, I promise you will clear the field of all the other candidates.

Worth: I'm going to be a Senator.

Sophie: If you're serious. We already have a federally approved account set up. You just have to transfer your funds into it.

Worth: Let's do it.

Sophie: I knew you were the right choice.

Worth: And you'll be matching my funds. Miss Lucas, I need to know that we're partners in this. A quarter million from me, a quarter million from the party. You put in your money first, then I put mine in. I need to know that you’re serious.

Sophie: Of course. It'll be done this afternoon. Just wait till you see our money go into the account, and then transfer your funds in.

Worth: Very good.

(Worth exits, and a man in a suit enters, looking at Sophie strangely)

Sophie: Oh. Sorry. This is your office.

[Leverage HQ]

Eliot: All right, we cut that wire.

Hardison: No. No, look, once a lockdown is called, all these sensors go hot and those door bolts drop into place.

Parker: I got it! The furnace room. There's no sensors because it's too hot. They crawl straight down along the heating pipes until they reach the sewage system. Ha ha!

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: Now, Parker, it's a 150 degrees in there.

[Leverage HQ]

Parker: The average human can withstand that for 27 seconds.

(Hardison and Eliot look away)

Parker: What? Come on.

Sophie (entering): Worth is on the hook, but with $250,000 of ours as a buy-in.

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: Ouch. (looking at paper)

Sophie: Oh, did I say "Ours"?

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: I meant what's left of your life savings. Yeah, we took it out of your account. Any... any luck here?

All: No.

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: Yeah, yeah. Got it. "B" Corridor, through to the kitchen, into the freezer, into the freezer air exchange--

[Leverage HQ]

Nate: --into the machine tunnels, which will lead me to the roof

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: or the parking lot.

Hardison: You got to beat the lockdown door to the corridor.

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: There's a thousand pounds of pressure on that bolt.

Eliot: There's motion sensors in the kitchen.

Parker: And infrared in the machine corridor.

Sophie: All to get to the roof or the parking lot--

[Prison Common Area]

Sophie: --where you'll be trapped and probably brutally gunned down.

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: Got a way out of that?

[Prison Common Area]

Nate (looking at his board): I'm working on it.

[Exterior Prison]

Worth: My bank just called. The state party put $250,000 into my leadership fund. I just moved in my matching funds.

Bellows: Oh, congratulations, Senator.

Worth: That means I need the entire operation cleaned up. Squeaky clean. So, whatever your guards are doing for side income, it stops.

Bellows: There's gonna be a lot of grumbling.

Worth: Then fire them. What's the use of being non-union if I can't fire people? Are there any loose ends?

Bellows: The Epping kid. If the state decides to investigate that gang murder, put him in front of a Grand Jury, they're gonna like him. The cover story could come apart.

Worth: This is what happens when you don't take care of things yourself.

Bellows: My guys were just supposed to rough the gangbanger up. Things got out of hand.

Worth: So, make sure this time, personally. Tomorrow, turn off the cameras, go in the infirmary, and kill Epping. Case closed.

[Security Control Room]

(Bellows hands out knives to other guards)

Bellows: No guns. Make it look like a prison hit. (to another guard) Kill the cameras.

(the guard shuts down the cameras and the monitors go blank)

[Worth’s Office]

(Worth walks in and hangs up his dry cleaning)

Worth: Ah, Mr. Barrington-Jones… Welcome back.

Hardison: Thanks for seeing me again. I fly out tonight, but my shareholders have a few more questions.

(Worth’s phone rings, he walks over to answer)

Worth: Supervisor Worth.

[Interior Car]

Italian: Mr. Worth, thank you for your help.

[Worth’s Office]

(Worth looks at Hardison)

Italian: I was thinking you should take a close look at Nate Ford's visitor logs...

[Interior Car]

Italian: Especially the video.

[Worth’s Office]

Worth (hangs up phone): Would you excuse me for just a moment?

(Worth exits, and Hardison sits down at his computer)

Hardison: Nate, the cameras just went down.

[Prison Kitchen]

Nate: Okay, where?

Hardison: The whole system. They faked a reboot.

[Worth’s Office]

Hardison: It's down for five minutes.

[Prison Kitchen]

Nate: Eliot, get ready. They're coming for Billy.

(opens large steel containers, filling the room with steam)

[Security Control Room]

(video of Sophie’s visit with Nate is on the screen)

Worth: Push in closer.

Guard: Yes, sir.

(Worth leans closer, seeing that the movements of Sophie’s mouth do not match the audio. He leaves angrily)

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: Parker, please tell me you're at Hardison's new van.

[Exterior Prison]

Parker: Yeah, it's really nice.

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: Did you bring it?

[Exterior Prison]

Parker: Wait, are we doing that now?

[Prison Common Area]

Nate: Yeah, we're gonna breaking out right now.

[Exterior Prison]

Parker: Yes! (gets into van)

[Prison Common Area]

Nate (grabs newspaper): Sophie, I need you to help guide me through it.

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: Nate, when they call "Lockdown," every door in the prison seals tight.

[Prison Infirmary]

(Billy is getting dressed when the guards come into the infirmary. One of the guards is holding a knife)

Eliot: Hey. How you doing?

(Eliot attacks the guards, taking on all three of them at once. Eliot grabs a baton that one of them had dropped and blocks an attack, knocking a guard down)

Eliot: Look at me. Look at me.

(Eliot hits the guard on the side of the head as Nate walks into the infirmary)

Nate: A little sloppy.

Eliot: New glasses. (takes them off and looks at them)

Billy: Hey, I-I am an accountant, okay?

(Nate grabs Billy and drags him toward the door)

Nate: Come on, come on. Go, go, go, go!

(Bellows rouses and grabs his radio)

Bellows: Lockdown. Call lockdown!

[Security Control Room]

Guard: Copy that.

(alarms begin to blare)

[Prison Hallway]

(doors start to close in the halls)

Computer: Lockdown. Lockdown in 5…

(Nate and Billy burst from a doorway and rush down the hall)

Computer: 4… 3...

Billy: We're not gonna make it.

Computer: 2… 1.

(Billy reaches a door just as it closes. He looks back at Nate, who is walking toward him)

Computer: Lockdown.

Nate: Okay. (pushes door open and holds up a folded piece of paper) Newspaper folded eight times can support a ton of weight. Come on.

(they head down the hall)

[Leverage HQ]

(Sophie’s phone rings, she answers)

Sophie: First Boston Independent Bank. How can I help you?

[Prison Hallway]

Worth: This is Adam Worth. I want to close an account. Move money out of it right now.

Parker: Which account, sir?

Worth: $250,000, the Worth Campaign Fund.

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: I'm sorry, sir, for a transaction of that size--

[Prison Hallway]

Sophie: --you're gonna have to come to the bank in person.

(Worth hangs up and continues down the hall)

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: That was Worth. I stalled him, but he's on his way to the bank as we speak.

[Worth’s Office]

Worth: Oh, Mr. Barrington-Jones, I, uh... I have to go.

Hardison: What is that alarm?

Worth: A lockdown. Bellows, what's going on?

[Security Control Room]

(guards are handing out guns)

Guard: Here you go.

Bellows: Billy Epping is on the run. I think that Ford guy is in on it.

[Worth’s Office]

Worth (hangs up phone): Look, I don't have time for this. Call me tomorrow, and we'll reschedule, please.

Hardison: No, if... if we just... Don't forget your dry-cleaning.

(Worth grabs his dry cleaning and leaves)

[Prison Kitchen]

(Nate and Billy stand waiting as Nate checks his watch)

Nate: Okay. And 3, 2, 1.

(a small explosion goes off on the equipment, starting a fire)

Billy: Oh, oh!

Nate: Okay, go. Do what I told you.

Billy: All right, Good luck. (leaves)

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: Motion sensor. Nate.

Nate: Steam's filling up now.

[Prison Kitchen]

(Nate walks slowly toward exit)

Nate: Motion sensor beat.


(Nate enters and grabs a plastic bag, draping it around him)

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: Breathe.

[Prison Mechanical Room]

(Nate pushes out a grate and enters the room, the bag covered in ice]

Nate: And heat sensor cleared. Last stop.

(throws off bag and exits the room)

[Leverage HQ]

(Sophie pushes a button and Nate’s exit route maps out on screen)

[Security Control Room]

Guard: No reports from any of the patrols.

Bellows: Get me the cameras!

(guard pushes some buttons and the screens come up. No one is in the halls)

Bellows: Exterior. Show me the roof.

(monitor shows a helicopter coming up over the edge of the roof)

Guard: No way.

(most of the guards rush off)

[Exterior Prison]

(alarms continue to blare as Worth’s car pulls out of the gate)

[Prison Roof]

(guards rush on to roof only to find a small model helicopter hovering. It lands in front of them before coming after them. Parker is on the controls)

[Security Control Room]

Bellows (answering phone): I've got men in the ventilation system. I've got K9 teams working the exterior fence.


Bellows: What's happening at the bank?

Worth: I don't know. This smells like a setup.

Clerk: Sir, you got here just in time. Someone else attempted to close this account out earlier today.

Worth: But I still have it, right?

Clerk: Yes. And the rest? There's still another $250,000 in the account.

Worth: Yes, all of it. I'll take all of it.

[Security Control Room]

(monitor shows Hardison and Nate getting into the back of a van)

Bellows: There! It's Ford and Epping together! That vehicle still out there? Come on!

[Exterior Prison]

(guards run through the parking lot, readying their guns as they surround the van. Bellows gestures for one of the guards to open the doors)

Bellows: Epping.

(Hardison is kneeling inside. He turns, and Parker straightens behind him, disheveled )

Bellows: Oh, sorry, sir.

Hardison: I say.

Bellows: There was an escapee, and we're checking all the cars.

Hardison: My name is Lester. Lester Barrington-Jones. I've had a meeting with your warden. This is, um... uh, my secretary.

Parker: Fiona. Secretary.

Bellows: Sure. Okay, sir, look, I need you to clear out 'cause we're busy here.

Hardison: Of course. Of course.

Bellows: Okay. Hey, let's go! (guards leave)

Hardison: You, yeah. Ha. See, I like this. I like when we pretend to kiss.

Parker: "Pretend"?

Hardison: Hey.

[Prison Common Area]

Worth: An escape? I've got news crews. I have a Governor on my call sheet.

(Bonanno walks in, limping and using a cane)

Bonanno: Mr. Worth, Detective Captain Bonanno. Massachusetts State Police. I think we have a lead.

Worth: Oh, thank God. If we catch them before the weekend, maybe we get out of this in one piece.

Bonanno: We have security video of Nathan Ford abandoning his getaway vehicle.

(Bonanno takes a drive from one of his men and hands it to a guard, who plays it on the monitor. Nate climbs from the trunk of a parked car)

Worth: Wait. I know that parking lot. That's my bank!

Bonanno: Yeah. Actually, that's your car.


(Hardison and Nate run to the van and enter. Nate exits from the side door and climbs into Worth’s trunk, which Parker closes. Worth comes out of the building and gets into his car, still holding his dry cleaning)

[Prison Common Area]

Bonanno: Is there a good reason you drove away from your prison in the middle of an escape attempt?

Worth: Well, I-I-I was...

Bonanno: Uh, this is my favorite part.

(Nate gets out of the back of Worth’s car, wearing a suit)

Worth: He... He stole my dry-cleaning.

Bonanno: Yeah, and it fits him really nicely, which is odd, because I've met Nate Ford, and he's a good four inches taller than you. So, what, you just happened to have a custom-made suit in your back seat perfectly tailored for your accomplice?


Hardison: Don't forget your dry-cleaning.

(Worth grabs the clothes hanging by the door and leaves. Hardison pulls a second suit from behind the couch)

[Prison Common Area]

Worth: "Accomplice"? Now w-wait a minute. Epping is his accomplice. T-t-they escaped together.

Bonanno: Well, you got two problems with that. First, if you're referring to William Epping, he's still inside this prison.

(Bonanno gestures toward the balcony, where Billy waves)

Bonanno: And second, while Nate Ford was changing clothes in your back seat, you were inside the bank clearing out your account. Yeah, that's right, the one he put a quarter million dollars into for the bribe, remember?


Sophie: Oh, did I say "Ours"? I meant what's left of your life savings. Yeah, we took it out of your account.

Worth: Yes, all of it, I’ll take all of it.

[Prison Common Area]

Bonanno: Yeah, the only thing we found in your car was this list of state judges.

Worth: Well, that - that could be anything.

Bonanno: I don't know. Nathan Ford is a very bad man. I think we better get some warrants and talk to these judges. They, uh, they could be in trouble.

Officer: Give me your hands. Let's go.

(Officers place Worth in handcuffs)

Bonanno: Tell me, Mr. Worth, what kind of guy makes money letting guilty people out of prison, huh? Get him out of here.

Worth: Hey, hey!

(inmates begin to cheer. Bellows tries to walk away, but Bonanno stops him)

Bonanno: And where do you think you're going?

[Leverage HQ]

(the team is gathering things as Nate walks in)

Nate: What have you done to my apartment?

Hardison: I'm the landlord, and this place was vacant. We needed an office. Now, I got staggered flights on Air France. Nate, I put you on a train to New York, then you fly out on Air Uruguay.

Nate: Air Uruguay? What are you tal--

Hardison: Yeah, your passport has you as Juan Ford, coffee merchant. Now, look, we all rendez-vous in Paris and...

(Hardison opens the door and Sophie starts to exit, but stops short at the sight of a group of mens holding guns on them. Eliot starts forward, but Nate holds him back)

Italian: Buona sera, signore Ford.

(Nate turns to see the Italian walking down the spiral stairs)

[McRory’s Pub]

(Nate sets a shot glass on the bar and picks up a bottle of liquor)

Italian: I would prefer wine.

Nate: Good for you. (pours the liquor)

Italian: How did you know that--

Nate: Some third party was at play? (taps her glass with his) Come on, the entire plan depended on Worth finding out Sophie was bent. He was supposed to panic. I mean, we were about to tip him off, but--

Italian: I called him first.

Nate (drains his glass): Ahh. Look. Guy with my rep who stings corrupt millionaires winds up in a private prison run by a corrupt millionaire? I mean, how long did it take you to put that together, huh? I mean, this wasn't just a jailbreak, was it? It was an audition.

Italian: You are as good as they say. Possibly too good. I need you to take down... (puts file on bar) Damien Moreau.

(Nate looks at her in surprise)

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: Damien Moreau? Are you out of your mind? Nobody touches Moreau!

Hardison: Nate, Moreau finances the Sicilians, the Russian mafia, the Colombian cartels.

Eliot: Yeah, he moves money for the North Koreans, stolen artifacts for Iraq, nuclear materials for Iran.

Hardison: Moreau is The Big Bad. He is the central bank for international crime.

Parker: N-nate, these files are CIA, FBI, Mossad, Japanese Security.

Sophie: So... Who is this woman?

[McRory’s Pub]

Nate: You're not the police. (starts looking through the file)

Italian: I'm not the police. Moreau buys the police. He buys politicians. And no law enforcement or intelligence agency can touch him. You have six months to take down Damien Moreau.

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: She wants to hire us to go after Moreau? Absolutely not.

(everyone starts talking at once, protesting)

Nate: Guys, guys, guys! Just wait a second. This is not a job.

[McRory’s Pub]

Italian: If you bring me Damien Moreau, you can walk away and nobody will chase you.

(Nate drains his glass and walks around the bar)

Nate: And if I fail?

Italian: You can stay in my prison in Rome. Thick walls a thousand years old. And we still use chain for such a bad man.

Nate: What about my team?

Italian: They lead dangerous lives. Thieves die all the time.

Nate (steps close to her): Now that you should not have said.

Italian: I don't know. You seem highly motivated. (walks away)

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: She's blackmailing us?

Nate: She's... she's... she's sort of... Yeah. Yeah.

Parker: Sucks to be on the wrong side of that, finally.

Nate: Right now, they have the leverage, so what we have to do is we have to get it back.

Eliot: We can't go straight at a guy like Moreau. They'll vaporize us.

Nate: Right, so what we do is we do like we've always done in the past, is we do jobs that help people. Only this time, some of them are gonna lead us right to Moreau.

Hardison: Okay. I mean, I do have a pretty big client list waiting for us to check out.

(Nate looks around the table. Everyone seems to be on board)

Nate: Mm.

Hardison: Oh, we back in business.

(Eliot, Parker and Hardison walk off. Nate takes a big drink from his glass)

Sophie: So... How's that going for you?

Nate: This? Uh, thanks for asking. Yeah, it's, um, good. When I realize that I tried being a drunk honest man, a sober thief, so I'm gonna try being a drunk thief, you know? Try that for a little while. You're not going to try to save me, are you?

(Sophie walks to Nate’s end of the table, grabs his glass and takes a drink before handing it back to him)

Sophie: You're a thief now. You can save yourself. (walks away)

Nate: Whatever you say, Dominique. Hmm? Caroline. Miriam. Raquel. I’ll get it. (drains his glass) I’ll get it.

The End

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