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3x08 The Boost Job

Announcer (on TV): …and if you’re just joining us, we’re following New Hampshire police as in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. According to reports, the driver is a schoolteacher from Massachusetts, not exactly your typical hijacker though we have no confirmation on... Uh, wait a minute. Something's happening.


Police: Driver, pull over! Pull over now! Hands up. Step away from the truck.

(police vehicles surround truck and officers pile out, pointing guns at Paul, who steps out of the truck)

Paul: You're making a mistake.

Police: Sir, step away from the vehicle!

Paul: You're making a mistake!

Police: Step away from the vehicle!

Paul: It's a mis-a misunderstanding, okay?

Police: Face down on the ground!

Paul: I didn't steal the truck! (gets on his knees) It's a misunderstanding, okay?

Police: All the way down! All the way!

Paul (on his stomach): This is my truck, okay? I didn't steal it. I paid for it, all right? Okay.

(police handcuff him and load him into a police car)

Paul: Hold on. Okay. Can we just talk for a second? I didn't steal the truck!

[McRory’s Bar]

Paul: I mean, if it wasn't my truck, why was I making all those car payments?

Nate: Let me ask you something - why'd you run?

Paul: I know. I shouldn't have. But I panicked. But I didn't do anything wrong.

Nate: You, uh, you bought it used?

Paul: Yeah, from Penzer's a few months ago for my landscaping business. You can't really get by on just a teacher's pay these days, not with a family.

Nate: Mm. And how did you find out it was stolen?

Paul: I went to a job in Nashua and the "check engine" light came on, so I took it to a mechanic, and he tells me that the truck's onboard computer spit out a fishy vehicle identification number.

Nate: So the VIN number was reported as stolen.

Paul: I figured it was a mix-up and took off. Next thing I know, I'm the poster boy for

"America's Most Wanted." I appreciate you bailing me out, Mr. Ford. But what do I do now? I mean, the cops seized the truck. The bank says I still have to make good on the loan. The school suspended me because of the pending criminal charges. I keep thinking, "How did this all happen?"

[Briefing Room]

Nate: It's called car cloning. Thieves steal a vehicle then go to another state, where they find a car of the same make and model and use its VIN number. Then, using those numbers, they register the stolen vehicle in the first state.

Hardison: And since each state runs its own VIN database, the hot car comes up clean.

Nate: Now, Paul Mantlo - he had the bad luck of wandering from Massachusetts into new Hampshire, where the VIN was copied.

Sophie: And of buying a stolen car.

Eliot: Where'd he get the car?

Hardison: Duke Penzer... he's a former race car driver. He parlayed some minor success on the lower circuits to start his own used-car dealership out in Payden, Massachusetts.

Penzer (on screen): Hi, folks. I'm Duke Penzer. In my racing days, old Veronica here never let me down. You come on down to the finish line at Penzer automotive, and we'll make sure we don't let you down.

Hardison: He still runs laps on the weekends. He tries to keep up his image. I checked out some of his prices, and they're sick. I mean, 20%, 25% below blue book.

Eliot: Yeah, well, it's easy to offer great deals when your inventory's stolen.

Sophie: How's he getting the cars? He's not nicking them himself.

Hardison: That's a good question. I haven't found out where...

Parker: Well, he's the distributor. The suppliers are probably a car-theft ring. That way, cops trace a hot car to him, he can say he got it from someone who's long gone. Besides, the scam falls between state jurisdictions, so... I was a car thief. That's how I know.

Nate: All right. So, Penzer is a big fish in a small pond. We need to muddy up the waters. Hardison, you get us a base?

Hardison: Yeah. Art's Auto Sales. It's a little mom-and-pop shop down the road from Penzer's. It's run by Art and Joy Bauer. They've been in the community for decades, but Penzer's running them out of business. They're on the verge of bankruptcy.

Nate: It gets awfully wet this time of year in Payden, doesn't it?

Sophie: And chilly.

Nate: Yeah, don't you think the Bauers need a little sun and fun?

Sophie: Little R&R? Mm. Mm.

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Sophie: Which is why, on behalf of the American auto dealers association, we'd like to honor you, the Bauers, with this lifetime achievement award. As part of this prize, you'll receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Tahiti!

[Briefing Room]

Hardison: Say Hawaii. The Tahitian reservation systems are for crap.

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Sophie: I mean Hawaii! For two whole weeks...

Hardison: 10 days.

Sophie: 10 days.

Art: Do you know what's going on?

Joy: No. But since we've already laid off the staff, at this point, shutting down for a couple of weeks will actually save us money.

Art: I'll pack my Speedo.

[Briefing Room]

Hardison: All right, we're in. Now what?

Nate: Now? Start your engines.

Hardison: Vroom-vroom.

[Race Track]

Announcer (on PA): ladies and gentlemen, Payden, Massachusetts' very own Duke Penzer now coming into pit row.

(Penzer pulls up to end of track)

Todd: One minute, 10.36.

Penzer: Not too bad considering I got loose in turn three. Still a track record.

Todd: Not exactly.

Penzer: What are you talking about? That was half a second faster than my last run.

Todd: Both times were just beaten.

Penzer: Somebody beat my record? Who?

(Nate drives by in a Challenger)

Nate: Whoo! Yee!

Penzer: What was his time?

Todd: He beat your record by... 15 seconds.

Penzer: What? That's impossible!


Hardison: It is? Oops. (hits keys on laptop)

[Race Track]

(numbers change on the hand held the man is holding)

Todd: Uh, I... oh, I meant 1.5 seconds. Uh, sorry. I must've read that wrong.

Penzer: You think?

(Nate pulls up and parks)

Nate: Ah, that was hotter than Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! (gets out of car) Whoo! Hey, there, junior. Ahh! What's with the jammies?

Penzer: What do you got in that thing, a supercharger?

Nate: Oh, hell, I don't know. My guys just picked this up somewhere. I just figured I'd kick the tires. What's that... a matchbox car?

(Sophie walks up and leans against Penzer’s car)

Nate (to Sophie): What do you think, darlin'?

Sophie: I think I want to go now.

Nate: Go? W-we just got here. (walking toward Penzer’s car) I'm asking you if you think I should buy these wheels.

Penzer: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Veronica's not for sale.

Nate: "Veronica"? So Betty was the fast one. Who knew?

Penzer: Look, mister, uh...

Nate: Lucas. A.J. Lucas.

Penzer: Well, I don't know who you think you are...

Nate: Well, I'll tell you what - I think I'm the guy that just broke your track record, if I'm not mistaken.

Penzer: One good time trial don't make you a racer.

Nate: Let's do it, kid. Let's... let's mix it up. Let's go... you d me, right now. But I'll tell you what. We're gonna do it old school, all right? I win, I get your car. You win, you get my car. Plus, um... (looks at Sophie) other considerations. I doubt you could handle either.

Penzer: Green flag, 15. (pushes past Nate) Excuse me. Todd!

Todd: Yes, Mr. Penzer?

(Penzer and Todd walk away)

Nate: Run along, Todd.


Parker: All right, I changed the compression on the pistons and opened up the valves. Should get about another 75 H.P.

Nate: I think the left bank is running a little lean.

Eliot: I tweaked that. Head looks good on the flux. You'll get a better burn on your fuel.

Nate: How's, uh, the rest of your research coming?

Parker: Good. I found out a bunch of the local thieves work for a guy named Lefty.

Nate: You know how to find him?

Parker: I got some ideas.

Nate: Okay, well, when we're done here, that'll be your priority - infiltrate their gang. Hardison?

Hardison: All right. Now, look, man, I just installed this. You punch it to release an oxidized chemical into the engine. It's my own little mix. It's kind of like nitrous but three times the kick.

Eliot: Yeah. It's gonna turn your manifold into pudding, so don't use it too soon. Hey, man, I'm serious. Don't mess my car up.

Nate: You know, we still got to find a way to slow down Penzer.

Hardison: I got you covered... E.M.P. Cannon. It emits a focused electromagnetic pulse that'll knock out all the electronics in his car for 30 minutes. Eliot?

(Eliot takes out a remote control and begins running a small car through the area. Hardison points the gun at it and the car stops)

Hardison: This chick is toast. Now, I installed one next to your rear exhaust. It's the only place I could put it where it wouldn't affect your car as well.

Nate: All right, you show me how to trigger it.

Hardison: You don't. I do. I'll hit him from right here. All I need you to do is get in front of Penzer, line up so I can get a clear shot. He'll just think he stalled. 30 minutes, his car is good as new.

Nate: All right. Let's do it.

Hardison: All right.

(they walk away, Nate getting in the car and the others getting ready to push it)

Hardison: You didn't get that, man? "This chick is toast"? It's... it's "Ghostbusters."

Eliot: Man, I don't listen to you.

Hardison: Come on, man. "Don't... don't cross the streams"? It's classic.

Eliot: Push the car, man.

Hardison: That all you got?!

[Race Track]

(Penzer and Nate line up at the starting line, and take off when they get the flag. They keep neck and neck for several moments)

Nate: That all you got?

(Penzer downshifts and darts ahead of Nate, staying ahead of them through the turns)


Hardison: Nate, you got to get in front of him, man.

Nate: I know that, Hardison! I'm trying!

[Race Track]

(Nate continues to try to get ahead. Eventually he uses the boost Hardison installed and gets ahead of Penzer)


(Hardison triggers the E.M.P)

[Race Track]

(Penzer’s car looses power and falls back)

Penzer: What... what's going on here? Come on!

(Nate continues on to win the race. He waits at the finish line as Penzer’s car is pushed up.)

Nate: Hey, I'll send my guys to pick up the car. Rookie mistake. (pulls away) All right. The mark is primed. Hardison, Parker, go find this lefty. Everyone else, let's go steal us some cars.

[Penzer’s Auto]

(Penzer enters to find all of his salesmen watching a game on TV)

Penzer: Where the hell is everybody? It's Saturday. This place ought to be hopping.

Salesman: They're all at Art's.

Penzer: Art's?

Todd: Yeah, they've got new management.

Penzer (to salesman): Comfy? (grabs the remote and turns off the TV)

Salesman: But it’s the playoffs!

Penzer: Yeah, and it is about to be the layoffs.

Todd: Here. I checked them out on the way in. (lays an ad on the table)

Penzer: He's raffling off my car?

Todd: Yeah. But on the bright side, at least Mr. Carey's still here.

Penzer: Great. We got Carey doing his weekly looky-loo. We need paying customers.

Todd: Yes.

Penzer: Todd?

Todd: Yes, sir?

Penzer: Is this... (pulls a ticket from his pocket A raffle ticket?

Todd: Yeah, it is. It's mine.

Penzer: Unbelievable! (walks away. To other salesmen) Get off of Facebook!

[Art’s Auto Sales]

(Many customers are on the lot looking at cars when Penzer and Todd walk in)

Penzer: Look at this. There's no way he's making money.

Todd: Well, prices are only part of it. He's got a new salesperson who's unstoppable.

Penzer: Who?

(Todd points across the room at Sophie)

Penzer: Wait. I know her. Yeah. She was at the track.

Nate (opens door and peeks out): All right, Sophie. You're up.

Todd: Look. She's going after Mr. Carey now.

Sophie: Hi, there.

Todd: That ought to cool her off.

Mr. Carey: Before you say anything, I don't need any help. I'm just looking.

Sophie: Of course. I'm not gonna bother you. I just... I just have one little question, huh? Atkins or South Beach?

Mr. Carey: What?

Sophie: What diet are you on? 'Cause I can see your, uh, your belt is cinched too tight and your shirt is a size too big. You've lost what, five, six pounds recently?

Mr. Carey: Seven, actually.

Sophie: Ah! Seven! Wow! Congratulations. That is quite an achievement.

Mr. Carey: Thank you.

Sophie: That requires so much discipline, you know? (leaning back on car) Ooh. Denying yourself all that sweet food, all those tasty treats... (caressing the car)

[Sales Office]

(Nate and Eliot watch Sophie on a monitor)

Nate: Now, you see her touch the car when she says "sweet" and "tasty"? She's making him link those values to the car.

Eliot: Neurolinguistic programming.

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Sophie: Mnh-mnh. No. I couldn't do it. I couldn’t deny myself such pleasure. You know, for me, life is about seizing opportunities, you know? Live life to the fullest. Drink too much wine. Skinny-dip in the ocean. Make love in a hammock. Do you know why... just as an example - why driving this car is like making love to a beautiful woman?

Mr. Carey: Because I've never done either before in my life?

Sophie: What? A cute guy like you? Well, now is your chance. Just... just take a look. Who knows where it might lead?

[Sales Office]

Nate: I tell you, if Sophie did this full time, the auto industry's troubles would disappear.

[Art’s Auto Sales]

(Sophie puts a contract on the top of the car and hands Mr. Carey a pen)

Penzer: Is he signing a contract?

Todd: I think he is. I think he's crying.

Nate (entering room): Hey! There... there's the stall-out king himself. How you doing?

Penzer: Whatever. I came back here to buy Veronica.

Nate: Oh. I’m sorry, I’m not gonna get rid of my trophy.

Penzer: I'll give you $150,000 for her.

Nate: Please. How about $300,000?

Penzer: $300,000?! That's ridiculous! Be reasonable.

Eliot (on phone): Bueno. Claro que si. Uno momento, por favor. (walks between Penzer and Todd) Pardon.

Eliot: What is it, Skeeter?

Eliot: Mr. Lucas, I think you should take this call. It's our... foreign friends.

Nate: All right.

Eliot: Uno momento. (hands Nate the phone)

Nate: Come here, come here, come here. (into phone)Si?

(Sophie approaches)

Sophie: AJ, I need you to sign this paperwork.

Nate: Not now, hon. I'm busy.

Sophie: No, no, no. The customer's ready to write the check.

Nate: Now, d-d-did I hire you to look pretty or ask stupid questions? (slaps Sophie’s ass) Come on, now. Move on. (into phone) Si. Si.

(Sophie walks away looking angry)

Penzer: He stole my baby. I think I know how to steal his.

(Penzer and Todd walk out. Nate hangs up his phone and turns to look at Sophie, who rejoins him)

Sophie: Could've done without the ass slap.

Nate: Yeah, just trying to sell the bit. Sorry. Hardison, Parker, ball's in your court.

[Lefty’s Shop]

Hardison: So, you stole this car?

Parker: Yep.

Hardison: Exactly how is this gonna get us Lefty's attention?

Parker: Well, car thieves are territorial, all right? You bring a car like this to a local chop shop, every boost in town knows there's a new player. Also... this is Lefty's car.

(they get out and approach a man standing over a car)

Hardison: Yo, my man.

(the man ignores them)

Parker: Hey!

(man straightens, pulling off headphones)

Parker: Heard you're the man to see about chopping a car.

Man: Maybe. (looks at car) You jacked this car? This car?

Parker: Yeah. How much?

Man: Give me a minute.

(man walks away, and Parker laughs)

Parker: Hello, Lefty. Okay. Shouldn't be long now.

Hardison (lays tools out on the car): So... Car thief... how'd that happen?

Parker: Started when I was about 12. Met this kid Kelly in the foster system, he was about four or five years older. Taught me how to make a slim Jim, how to use a jiggler key, you know.

Hardison: What happened to Kelly?

Parker: We boosted a bait car. He saw the cops coming and ran. I never saw it coming.

Hardison: He left you behind?

Parker: Never looked back. Spent six months in juvie and never saw Kelly again. All right. Here we go.

(Lefty and man walk out of building)

Hardison: So, how is this going down?

Parker: Okay, they're gonna want us off their turf. We're gonna have to convince them they need us. It's not gonna be easy, and they might shoot you a little.

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Penzer: You are spectacular.

Sophie: I beg your pardon.

Penzer: As a salesman. 20 years in this business, I've never seen a better closer, Miss...

Sophie: Bacich. Katie Bacich. Thank you, Mr. Penzer.

Penzer: Please, call me Duke. Yeah. Spectacular. Why don't you let me buy you a drink? I know the best spot in town.

Sophie: Mr. Penzer...

Penzer: Duke.

Sophie: Duke, do me a favor, huh? Don't sell a salesman. I know when I'm being set up for a pitch.

Penzer: Maybe so. But don't you want to know what I'm selling?

[Lefty’s Shop]

(Lefty walks toward them, several other guys following)

Lefty: You picked the wrong car to boost.

Parker: No, we didn't...Lefty.

Lefty: Who are you?

Parker: I'm Danielle. This is Major.

Hardison: 'Sup?

Parker: We want to join your crew.

Lefty: We're full up.

Parker (steps closer): You need us.

Hardison: We stole your car, didn't we?

Lefty: That? Anybody can steal that. But nobody's dumb enough to do it.

Parker: Oh. Well, can anyone steal a car that uses a laser-cut rolling-code transponder key?

Lefty: Impossible. Those systems are unboostable.

Parker: We can do it - in under two minutes.

Lefty: All right. Show me you can steal an unstealable car. Two minutes, or else.

[Parking Lot]

(Parker picks a lock to a parking lot)

Lefty: Two minutes. Don't break the window or crack the steering column.

(Parker opens the gate and walks in, Hardison following. They approach a late model car while Lefty and his men stay outside the fence)

Hardison: All right. Do your thing.

Parker: Oh, I have no idea how to break into this car.

Hardison: W-what?

Parker: It's new tech. Screwdriver and a coat hanger ain't gonna cut it. I mean, once we get in, I could probably start it, but we got to get in.

Hardison: And what, we get - h-how are we gonna get in, Parker?

(Parker looks at himi)

Hardison: Mnh-mnh. No. Mnh-mnh. Me? Mnh-mnh, no.

Parker: You can hack anything with a battery, right? You now have one minute and 30 seconds. Look, you can do this.

Hardison: Okay. What's the hardware behind this door?

Parker: The latch mechanism is connected to an actuator. Send an electrical signal to the actuator, door unlocks.

Hardison: So the chip controls the electrical signal.

Parker: Yeah. That's what you need the remote code for.

Hardison: Okay. I can send an RF signal, but you said rolling code, so that means billions of combinations. (looks at men by fence)

Parker: Hardison, just ignore the distractions. Work the problem. It's the first rule of the boost.

Hardison: All right, look, I can't crack the code, but I may be able to confuse the receiver. (pushes things on his phone) I got it! (trunk opens)

Parker: Hardison...

Hardison: I-I got it. (unlocks doors) I got it. All right. 15 seconds.

(they get into the car as Lefty and his men enter the parking lot)

Parker: Okay, transponder-equipped cars have backdoor startup sequences - an override.

Hardison: So it's like a cheat code for a video game, so it should work.

Parker: Assuming they haven't changed the sequence since I last did this. I forgot how much fun this is.

(Parker hits several of the controls in sequence and the car starts)

Parker: I forgot how much fun this is!

Lefty (through window): Not bad. All right. Bring this to my shop, and we'll talk. Shorty! Keep an eye on them.

(teen girl walks forward and gets into the back seat)

[Penzer Auto]

Sophie: So this is the best spot in town, huh?

Penzer: Absolutely. This is the winner's circle. (hands her a drink and sits next to her) Which is why I want you to come to work for me.

Sophie: I've already got a job.

Penzer: I'll double your salary.

Sophie: Oh, that's very generous, but I'm not looking...

Penzer: You know you're a tool to him. Me? I'm looking to build something. And for that, I need a partner.

Sophie: Oh.

Penzer: Once he's gone, I'll let you run that shop. But you got to do something for me. Tell me about his setup. How can he offer those deals?

[Briefing Room]

Nate: Okay, now, don't get too specific. Let him fill in the blanks.

[Penzer Auto]

Sophie: He works with... Alternative suppliers.

Penzer: What do you mean? Fleet sales?

Sophie: No. Suppliers with... minimal costs.

Penzer: He's selling hot cars.

[Briefing Room]

Nate: All right. Good. He's figured out the first part of the equation. All right, Eliot, give him the rest.

Eliot: Yeah, making the call now.

[Parking Lot]

Eliot (into phone): Hello, officer? Yes, ma'am. I'd like to report some unsavory characters wandering around downtown. Yeah, I... they - they had tattoos, and I think they were wearing gang colors, and, uh... and I'm pretty sure they were speaking Spanish. Yeah, I-I saw them walking around down by Penzer's Auto. Yes, ma'am. O-okay.

(Eliot hangs up the phone and picks up a baseball bat. He exits the truck and enters the lot, swinging the bat)

[Lefty’s Place]

(Parker drives the stolen car through a garage door)

Parker: All right. There's probably gonna be one, maybe two guys in here cutting up their latest catch.

(they get out of the car and look around at the size of the operation)

Hardison: We're gonna need a bigger boat.

[Briefing Room]

Nate: Parker, Hardison, what's going on?

[Lefty’s Place]

Hardison: Trying to find out. Stand by.

(Josie aka Shorty walks around the car with a scanner)

Josie: Got to scan for alarm tracking systems. Don't want cops zeroing in on a radio signal we miss. (finishes scan) It's clean. (hands scanner to Lefty)

Lefty: Follow me.

[Penzer’s Auto]

Penzer: You see, selling cars doesn't have to be some grubby little...

(alarms go off on the lot. Penzer gets up and looks out the window)

Penzer: oh, son of a... What the...

(they walk outside to find many windshields smashed)

Sophie: Well, this is terrible. Let me get my phone. I'll call the police.

Penzer: No! Don't call the police. I don't need a bunch of deputy dawgs snooping around here.

Sophie: What?! You're working the same scam as A.J. You're just like him.

Penzer: No. I am nothing like him!

(Penzer walks inside and pulls out his phone)

Penzer: Hey, it's Duke. Get me Lefty.

[Lefty’s Place]

Man: Lefty! Phone!

(Lefty walks away and Josie continues the tour)

Josie: Over here is your traditional chop shop. We can strip a car and get its parts to anywhere in the country in 24 hours. They do VIN cloning over here. Clean a hot car and get it a full set of papers in an hour.

Parker: What's that over there?

Josie: You know how everyone keeps their registration and insurance in the glove box? Well, we take those and use them for identity theft. (to Parker) Girls don't boost cars. At least that's what these guys keep telling me. But you-you kicked ass. (to Hardison) That thing you did with your phone? Can you teach me that?

Hardison: Yeah. Y-yeah. Uh, let's just go by the computers...

Josie: Okay.

(Hardison and Josie walk away)

Parker: Nate, did you get all that?

[Briefing Room]

Nate: Yes, I did.

[Lefty’s Place]

Parker: It's a mall of crime.

[Briefing Room]

Nate: Yes, I know. But the plan does not change.

[Lefty’s Place]

Parker: Look, why don't we just call the cops, huh? We've got more than enough to bust these guys.

[Briefing Room]

Nate: No, no. These guys are too careful. They'd scatter before the cops got there. Besides, closing down the shop won't nail Penzer. No, we stick to our plan. No, we catch them red-handed planning something big.

[Penzer’s Auto]

Nate: Sophie, did Penzer put 2 and 2 together yet?

Sophie: Doing the math now.

Penzer: No, no. Shut up! Shut up! I just want to know who did this.

[Lefty’s Place]

Lefty: We picked up a call on the police scanner earlier, some gangbangers causing trouble near you.

[Penzer’s Auto]

Penzer: Gangbangers?

Speaking Spanish.


Eliot: Mr. Lucas, I think you should take this call.

Nate: Uno momento. Come here, come here, come here.

[Penzer Auto Sales]

Penzer: It's Lucas. He's working with the Latins.

Lefty: Running the boost?

[Lefty’s Place]

Lefty: The only crew who can move that kind of volume are the Salvadorans, but they're Florida.

[Penzer’s Auto]

Penzer: Well, they're branching out, you idiot.

[Lefty’s Place]

Lefty: You mean the Salvadorans are here?

[Penzer’s Auto]

Penzer: Yes. Yes, they're here. They're probably clearing a path for Lucas and keeping an eye on him.

[Lefty’s Place]

Lefty: He's crazy. Salvadorans are brutal.

[Penzer’s Auto]

Penzer: Yeah. Yeah, they are. So, if Lucas were to, say... I don't know... lose one of their shipments…

[Lefty’s Place]

Penzer: …they probably wouldn't be too happy about that, would they?

Lefty: Gotcha.

[Penzer’s Auto]

Penzer (hangs up): Your boss did this.

Sophie: Huh? No. No, no, no, no, no. A.J. is a jerk, but he wouldn't... no.

Penzer: And the question is, do you want to work for somebody who does this... or do you want to work for someone whose bringing modern business principles to the game?

Sophie: What are you talking about?

Penzer: Diversified products, marketing metrics, online opportunities, that is what I'm bringing to the table. I'm not talking about stickup men and strung-out joyriders. I'm taking this business to the next level.

Sophie: I want to see your operation.

Penzer: All right. First thing tomorrow. And all you got to do is tell me when Lucas' next shipment comes in.

Sophie: Tomorrow morning at the docks, nine cars, top end and very hot.

Penzer: Now... let's go finish that drink.

[Lefty’s Place]

(Parker is showing Josie how to break into a car)

Man: Exactly how is that gonna help you order pizzas better?

Parker: Hey, slide. Don't stab. Feel it catch on the lock rod. Forget them. Just tune out the distractions. Work the problem.

(puts her hands over Josie’s ears, and she gets the door open)

Parker: This model has a weakness. Here. Short out the posts on the solenoid.

(Josie uses a screwdriver to start the car)

Josie: Wow, thanks.

Parker: Ignore those idiots, okay? They've been sucking exhaust fumes for too long.

Josie: They're not so bad. They just don't want me screwing up on a real boost.

Parker: Uh-huh.

Josie: Yeah, I don't know where I'd go if they didn't let me hang out with them.

Parker: Hey, uh...

Josie: Josie. Josie Marvin.

Parker: Here. (hands her tools) These might help.

Lefty: Listen up! We've got a top order tomorrow morning down at the docks, nine cars. So I'm gonna need all hands on deck. Even you, Shorty.

(Josie walks away, excited)

Hardison: Nate, the hook is set.

[Briefing Room]

Nate: All right. Go and get me some bait.

[Country Club]

(Parker breaks into a car and Hardison drives off in it. One by one, Parker and Hardison work their way through the parking lot taking cars and driving them to a car carrier parked outside. Eliot climbs into the cab and drives away)

[Lefty’s Place]

(Josie is working on a car when Parker appears)

Parker: Listen to me. Don't go on the boost tomorrow. Call in sick, sleep in late, just don't show up.

Josie: Are you a cop?

Parker: No. But trust me, you don't want to be there. They're all going down. And stay away from the shop, too.

Josie: Look, I don't understand –

Parker: Listen to me! These guys don't care about you. They're not your family. (walks away)

[Lefty’s Place]

Penzer (to Josie): All right, tell me exactly what she said.

Josie: That this boost tell me was trouble, and to stay clear of here.

Penzer (to Lefty): And then those two just showed up out of nowhere?

Lefty: Yeah. But they know how to boost.

Penzer: This can't be a coincidence. It's Lucas. He's setting me up.

Lefty: You want us to call it off?

Penzer: No. No, no, no, no. We can turn this around. Go down to the docks early, surprise them. Pack up the shop, 'cause they're expecting to trap us here.

Lefty: Where should we take the cars, then?

Penzer: Bring 'em to my lot.

Lefty: And the new guys?

Penzer: Kill them. Dump them down by the docks.

Josie: Wait. What? Y-you don't need to do that. Just... kick them out.

Penzer: "Just kick them out"? This isn't a tree house, sweetheart.

Josie: No, but y-you don't...

Penzer: Shut up! Do me a favor, grow a pair. This is business. (walks away)

[Briefing Room]

Nate: All right, Lefty should be hitting the shipment in about an hour.

Parker: Hour and a half. He called to push back our time.

Nate: Hmm. All right. Well, that'll give Eliot more time to offload the cars. It'll also give you more time to bring Penzer down to Lefty's.

Sophie: And once he's there, we call the cops.

And we catch Penzer, Lefty, and the crew with the stolen cars, all in the same place.

Nate: By which point, we'll have already done the blow-off. Let's go.

(everyone heads out)


(Eliot pulls the truck inside. Lefty and his men approach the truck with weapons pointed at him)

Lefty: Get out of the truck.

(Eliot gets out cautiously)

Lefty: Back away from the cars. Don't want to damage the merchandise.

(Eliot closes the door, brushes his hair back and moves to one side)

Lefty: Toss us the keys.

(Eliot scoffs and puts his hand in his pocket as he looks at the men)

Eliot: You want 'em?

(Eliot tosses the keys in the air, the men watch them fly. Eliot hits two of the men and climbs through the car carrier as the others fire at him)

Lefty: Get him!

(Eliot runs toward the exit as Lefty’s men scramble to get around the carrier)

Lefty: He went that way! Go! Come on! Hustle!

(Eliot runs out of the warehouse and the men see him go)

Lefty: Get him!

(Eliot hides out of sight as the men walk toward him, firing. After a moment he dashes away, ducking bullets.

Lefty: Come on! Go!

(Eliot runs out in front of a car and it hits him, sending him flying into the water. Lefty and his men approach the edge of the dock and look down)

Man: Where is he?

Lefty: He's gone.

(Lefty’s men are looking at the cars as he walks back into the warehouse, talking on the phone. One of his men is using a scanner on the cars to check for alarm signals)

Lefty: Yeah, we got the cars.

[Penzer’s Auto]

Penzer: Good, good. They clean?


Lefty: Checking them now. Once they're done, I'll bring them to the lot. Guys will stay to handle the other loose ends.

[Penzer’s Auto]

Penzer: Great. Uh, I got something here I'm gonna need you to handle.

(Sophie sits across from his desk, playing with a model car)

Penzer: Thank you. (hangs up)

Sophie: So I'm anxious to see this operation of yours.

Penzer: Oh, of course.


(Hardison and Parker pull up to the warehouse and park. They get out and approach the building)

Hardison: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Where is everybody?

Parker: Cars aren't even here.

Hardison: Eliot? Where are you?

Parker: Something's not right.

(inside the warehouse, Lefty’s men walk forward, holding guns)

Parker: Go!

(they begin running)

Hardison: Nate, we're blown!

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Nate: What?


(gunfire rings out as Parker and Hardison try to keep under cover)

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Nate: All right, Parker, Hardison, hold tight. Eliot?

(only static answers him)

[Penzer’s Auto]

Nate: All right, Sophie, you got to get out of there.

Sophie: Um, excuse me. I just... I just have to use the ladies' room.

(she stands, but Penzer pulls a gun and points it at her)

Penzer: Sit...Down.

(she sits down slowly, staring at the gun)

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Nate: Sophie, I'm on my way.


Nate: Parker, Hardison, I need your help.

Hardison: You need some help, they’s shootin’, damn it!

(They peek out, then dash away)

[Art’s Auto Sales]

(phone rings, Penzer answers)

Penzer: Yeah. Well, handle it. Now? All right. I'll be right there. (hangs up) You... stay put. (walks out of room)


(Parker and Hardison are now hiding behind a car, glass raining down on them as the bad guys continue shooting)

Man: You got nowhere to hide. Time's up.

(Men walk around the car holding guns on them as they stand up slowly)

[Penzer’s Auto]

(Sophie walks toward the door but it opens as she approaches and Nate walks in)

Sophie: Nate!

(Penzer follows Nate in)

Penzer: "Nate," is it? Let's go.

(they all walk further into the room)

Penzer: I don't know who you people are, and I don't care. I've spent my whole life beating pissants like you. Sit down!

(they all sit)

Penzer: Now, we're all just gonna sit here and wait for my associate, 'cause he's - he's much better at the... Mechanical stuff.

Sophie: Great rescue.


(Parker and Eliot move toward the edge of the water, the men holding them at gunpoint. Hardison smirks)

Man: What's so funny?

(Parker laughs too. The man turns around only to find Eliot waiting. Eliot hits him and he goes down. Eliot takes out most of the bad guys with a little help from Hardison and Parker)

Parker: Nate and Sophie.

Eliot: There's got to be another car around here somewhere.

(Josie pulls up and gets out of the car)

Josie: Get in!

Hardison: Shotgun.

(they run to the car)

Parker: Get in the back!

(Parker gets in the driver’s seat, Eliot and Josie in back)

Hardison: Nate, we're on our way. Be there in 10.

(car speeds awa)

[Penzer’s Auto]

(Penzer is pacing when Lefty walks in)

Lefty: Cars are here. Shop's closed up. Kip and the boys are mopping up down at the dock.

Penzer: Great. Take these two with you, quietly.

(Lefty pulls gun and trains it on Nate)

Penzer: Don't want to attract a lot of attention with all the hot cars on the lot.

Lefty: Don't worry. We scanned them. No signals coming out of them. Let's go! Get up!

Penzer: Shall we?

(they get up and head out of the room)

[Interior Car]

Parker: You know, I was trying to help you. You weren't supposed to tell them.

Josie: I didn't know that, and I didn't think they'd try to kill you.

Hardison: Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. You told her?

Eliot: I should've known. You're a menace, Parker.

Parker: What?! She deserved a chance!

Hardison: Ooh, Nate's gonna kill you.

Eliot: I'm gonna kill you.

Parker: Oh, stop whining!

Eliot: I got hit by a car!

Parker: "I got hit by a car." Get over it!

Eliot: I'm gonna kill her, man. I'm gonna kill her.

Hardison: Hey, hey, hey! Nobody's gonna kill anybody. Seriously, though, Nate's gonna kill you.

Josie: Wait, wait, wait. Who are you people?

Parker: We're the good guys!

[Penzer’s Auto]

(group walks out of the salesroom. The car hauler is parked outside. Nate glancing at his watch)

Nate (to Sophie): Stall.

Sophie: What?

Nate: Stall!

Sophie (knees him in the crotch): You are such an idiot! I can't believe I ever listened to you! We're in this again!

Nate: It wasn't me! What are you yapping about?!

Sophie: Hey! Hey! Nobody asked you!

[Interior Car]

Eliot: Damn it! Parker, where'd you learn to drive?!

Parker: Before I stole cars, I was a getaway driver.

Hardison: Before? You started stealing cars when you were 12.


(Parker is driving a car recklessly, her passenger looking frantic, followed by police)

Police: Pull to the side of the road! Pull over!

Parker: Get out of the way, you old bat!

[Interior Car]

Parker: Get out of the way, you old bat!

[Penzer’s Auto]

Sophie: This is what I get for trusting a drunk... a drunk!

Nate: No, not again! Nobody asked you...

Penzer: Hey!

Sophie: I'm the one that ends up paying for it every time!

Penzer: Hey! Shut up!

(car alarms begin going off on all the cars on the hauler)

Penzer: What the hell? Lefty. Take them inside. Put them in the office. Keep them quiet. I'll take care of this.

(Lefty wrangles Nate and Sophie inside while Penzer pulls sets of keys from his pocket and begins turning off the car alarms. Police cars pull up, sirens blazing)

Penzer: Oh, damn it!

(cars stop, many police officers get out)

Penzer: Officers! Just a little, small snafu. It's all under control now.

Police: Those vehicles belong to you?

Penzer: Yes, they do. Just came in this morning. Perhaps I could interest you in a deal. Got a beautiful little subcom-

Police: These are yours?

Penzer: Yeah. Is there a problem?

Police: Yes, there is. According to the massive number of alarm tracking system signals we're receiving, (looks at display) all these cars are stolen.

Penzer: What?


Lefty: Don't worry. We scanned them. No signals coming out of them.

(Eliot standing next to the car hauler holding the E.M.P. gun. All the car alarms are going off)

Eliot: So I just aim this thing at them and zap them?

Hardison: Yeah, man. They'll be good as dead for half an hour.

(Eliot aims gun at each car and one by one they fall silent)

[Penzer Auto Sales]

Penzer: No, no, no. There's got to be a huge mistake. I just took delivery of that shipment this morning. You know what? The guy you want is right inside. Come on.

(Penzer leads them inside, but all they find is Lefty lying unconscious on the desk)


(Parker pulls car up to the back of the dealership and Eliot gets out, running for the door)

Eliot (over his shoulder): Slide over! (he goes inside) What's up, man?

(there is the sound of a fist hitting, then Sophie, Nate and Eliot exit and get into the car)

[Penzer’s Auto]

(police grab Penzer and pull him toward the door)

Police: Check all the cars in this lot.

Penzer: No. No! (struggles)

Police: Who knows what else is going on here? Come on.

Penzer: No-o-o!

Police: Please be calm.

Penzer: No!

Police: It'll be a lot easier for both of us. (pulls him out the door) Come on.

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Josie: I don't get it. I've never seen cops respond so fast to an alarm tracking signal. How'd you know they'd get here so quickly?

Parker: Let's just say the owners of those vehicles were highly motivated.


(Parker and Hardison stealing police officer’s cars from the golf course)

[Art’s Auto Sales]

Hardison: Hey, man, how come you didn't come us when those wannabe thugs attacked?

Eliot: 'Cause your little zapper thing fried my earbud.

Hardison: Told you to take it out before you used it.

Eliot (angrily): Well, I was also underwater.

Hardison: Oh. You know, I should work on that.

Eliot: Yeah.

Nate: Eliot, here. Make sure you bring this back with us. (hands him a life sized cutout of Nate)

Eliot: I don’t want this thing. (tosses it aside)

Sophie: So the Bauers are gonna have a little bump in business when they get back, huh?

Nate: You know, I could've done without the knee.

Sophie: Just selling the bit.

(both turn to look at Josie talking to Parker)

Sophie: Nate.

Nate: She almost got us killed.

Sophie: Look, she thought she was doing the right thing, which means she actually thought about what the right thing might be, w-which is huge for Parker.

Nate: Parker.

Sophie: Just go easy on her, will you?

(Parker walks over hesitantly)

Nate: I need you to help me with something.

[McRory’s Pub]

Nate: So, with Penzer's arrest, all the charges against you have been dropped. And here. (hands him keys) Penzer's racecar - worth about $150,000, maybe more to a collector.

Paul: Oh, I-I can't repay this.

Nate: No, no, no. There's no need for that. But, uh, you know, that could go toward maybe jump-starting your landscaping business, and... You might want to consider maybe hiring some new help.

(Parker brings Josie over)

Parker: She's a quick study and she's eager to work.

Paul: Paul.

Josie: Josie.

Paul: Thanks again. (to Josie) All right. So, have you ever done any landscaping?

(everyone walks toward the door)

Josie: Not really, but like she said, I'm a fast learner, so...

Paul: We'll see ya.

Nate: Okay.

Paul: Thanks.

(Paul and Josie leave, Nate locks the door and pulls the shade)

Nate: Well, you know, she's not a bad kid.

Parker: No, she isn't.

Nate: She's just got to be around the right people.

Parker: Yeah. Don't we all?

Hardison: So, hey, you saw me take down that guy, right?

Parker: What, the little guy? Yeah.

Hardison: He wasn't little. He's pretty - pretty... he had big shoulders.

Sophie: I believe you.

Parker: He was tiny.

Nate: Hey, I want to say thank you. T-thank you, by the way.

Eliot: Why?

Nate: For the car.

Eliot: Oh, man, any time you want to borrow it, it's yours, man. It's fa-a-a-a-st.

Nate: No, no, no. No, any time you want to borrow it.

Eliot: No, no, it's my car.

Nate: No, Hardison changed the pink slip over.

Eliot: I don't care if Hardison changed anything on the car.

Nate: No, it's my car now.

Eliot: It's not your car, Nate.

Nate: No, it's my car.

The End

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