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3x10 The Underground Job

[Exterior Mine]

(one shift is leaving the mine while another enters)

Woman on PA: A-shift exiting mine, B-shift descending in five minutes.

Troy: Hey, nice work today, guys. Appreciate it.

Man: Thanks. You too.

Troy: Nice work. Appreciate it. Good job. See you tomorrow. Hey.

Nick: Hey, how you doing? How'd it go there today?

Troy: Well, good. Except I found 3/10% of methane in the number four heading. So we went ahead and held the curtain a little closer to the face.

Nick: I'll take another reading when I get down there. Hey. You coming to Cory's birthday party this weekend?

Troy: Of course. What is he, like 13?

Nick: 14. Can't believe it.

Troy: Well, we're getting old.

Nick: Yeah.

Troy: Hey, you want Lisa to make her potato salad?

Nick: Only reason you were invited, boy.

Blackwell (pulling up in car): I'm not paying you boys to lollygag!

Nick: Talk to you later.

Troy: All right. See you later.

(Troy walks away from the mine as Blackwell and Clark get out of the truck. A rumbling sound is heard, shaking the ground. Car alarms go off. A ball of fire comes out of the mine)

Troy: Oh, my god! No! No! Somebody call for help!

Blackwell (to Clark): Call my lawyer.

[McRory’s Pub]

(two years later)

Nate: Go on, Mr. Rollins.

Troy: I, well, I lost 12 brothers that day.

Nate: What caused the explosion?

Troy: It was a-a buildup of methane gas. See, the mine had substandard ventilation. I mean, we all knew about it, but there ain't nothing we could do.

Nate: So I guess getting another line of work wouldn't be an option, huh?

Eliot: Mines are the only way to make a decent living around there.

Troy: I mean, I-I'm not looking for your charity, Mr. Ford. We like the work. We'd just like to be able to do it safely is all.

Nate: I understand. So the C.E.O. Of the mine, this Dan Blackwell, uh, he received government money after the explosion.

Eliot: Figures. You kill a dozen of your own men, and Uncle Sam writes you a check.

Troy: Yeah, that money was supposed to go to mine-safety improvements. I don't know where that money went, but I can tell you it didn't make it into the mine. That place is just as bad now as it was two years ago. Maybe worse.

Nate: All right. Well, we're gonna find that money, and we're gonna put it back where it belongs.

Troy: Thank you. Thank you.

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: Well, it turns out Blackwell did use the money for safety measures, or one big safety measure. (pulls up information on monitors) She's named Debra Pierce.

Sophie: West Virginia Attorney General.

Parker: Her hair's so poofy.

Hardison: Um, thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision removing limits on corporate campaign contributions, Blackwell was able to sink all of his safety money into Pierce's political action committee.

Eliot: So instead of making the mines safer, He just hired himself an Attorney General.

Hardison: Yeah. Well, he's getting his money's worth. Since the explosion two years ago, Blackwell has received nearly 400 citations for unsafe working conditions.

Sophie: Well, even he can't just make 400 citations disappear. Can he?

Hardison: Nah. But he can bury 'em.

Nate: What he does is he appeals them, and Pierce makes sure that those appeals go on forever. So while the citations are under appeal, he doesn't have to pay a cent.

Eliot: We can't go after Blackwell with an A.G. In his back pocket.

Nate: No, but we can take down both of them. What we do is we get Blackwell to give us the money from the PAC, and then once that money is transferred, we flag both of them for misuse of campaign funds.

Sophie: The Skagway shuffle.

Nate: Yeah. That's what I was thinking.

Hardison: See, now y'all are just making stuff up.

Sophie: It's like the fiddle game.

Nate: Yeah, only underground.

Parker: Is Eliot gonna be the fiddle again?

Sophie and Nate: No.

Parker: Can I be the fiddle?

Sophie and Nate: No.

Sophie: The mine is the fiddle. We convince him that he's got something valuable in his mine, then we sell him a process to mine it, and then we take all his money.

Parker: Right. Good. So, how are we gonna do that?

Nate: We're gonna sell the guy his own mine.

[Interior Mine]

Eliot: All right. There he is.

Troy: This here is section "B."

Eliot: Section "B." all right. Basically, I just need you to point me out a direction Where I can be out of the way.

Troy: Well, that's no problem. That'd be section "C."

Eliot: Section "C."

Troy: Hey, Cory! Come here!

(a young man puts down his lunch box and comes toward them)

Troy: He's a good kid. He'll show you around. Listen. Be careful back there. That section's been abandoned for years, and them old wooden mine supports is unstable.

Cory: Yeah, boss.

Troy: This here is Eric. I need you to show him to section "C" so he can do some dust readings.

(Troy hands Cory several instruments)

Cory: This way.

[Mine Office]

(Sophie and Hardison enter)

Sophie: Morning.

Blackwell: Can I help you?

Sophie: I'm Cara Hetzel. This is Jesse Oaks. We're here from the mine safety coalition to do a spot inspection.

Blackwell: Fine. Let me get my mine supervisor, show you around. Clark!

(Clark comes out of a side office)

Blackwell: Can you, uh, be so kind as to show the inspectors around? Uh, be careful what kind of rocks you turn over down there. Mining can be a dangerous business.

Sophie: It sure can.

(Sophie and Hardison follow Clark out of the office. A moment later, Nate walks in)

Blackwell: Who are you?

Nate: Uh, hey, uh, Mr. Blackwell. Bob Gibson. I'm here to make you an offer you can't refuse.

Blackwell: Really?

Nate: I want to buy your mine.

Blackwell: Excuse me?

Nate: Oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were hard of hearing. I heard that can happen to miners. (louder) I want to buy your mine.

Blackwell: Mine's not for sale.

Nate: I was afraid you'd say that. So, all right, I'm gonna write down a little number here, and we'll stop playing these games.

Blackwell: The mine is not for sale. Or are you hard of hearing?

Nate: You don't have to be rude. I just want to give you an opportunity to make a lot of money. Now, look, I know you country folk, you like the simple life. But the simple life looks a lot better on the back of a 100-foot yacht, say.

Blackwell: I appreciate your generosity, Mr. Gilman.

Nate: Gibson. Bob Gibson.

Blackwell: Gibson. Yeah. Well, I'm doing fine on my own.

Nate: Okay. If you say so. Listen, if you change your mind, (tosses card on desk) give me a call. (walks out)

[Exterior Mine]

Nate: Okay, Parker. Are you in place?

[State Capitol]

Parker: Uh, almost. You sure someone else can't do this?

Nate: Uh, well, we need all hands on deck on this one.

[Exterior Mine]

Nate: Just do what Sophie told you.


(Sophie and Parker are looking at information about Pierce on the monitors)

Sophie: A great grift is like a romance. You have to find out what they want and just give it to them. You have to woo them.

Parker: I don't woo.

Sophie: Tell me how you break into a bank.

Parker: Clock the cameras, count the guards, find the silent alarms, look for a weak spot to enter, pick the vault's combination, and steal the money.

Sophie: Just analyze Pierce the same way you would a security system. Here. (hands her a notebook) Take notes. There's your mark. Find her weak spots. With politicians, it's usually a need for adoration. The same way that you wear black to mask yourself from security cameras, flattery can mask your intentions. Find the right combination, and you can unlock the mark's trust. And then you can steal her...

Parker: ...Soul.

Sophie: I was gonna say "confidence." You can do this, Parker. Just trust your instincts.

[Exterior Mine]

Nate: Parker, go!

[State Capitol]

Parker: Okay. (enters office)

Pierce (looking in mirror): Under my continued direction, the people of West Virginia will be known as the people who love freedom, who love justice, and who fight for what they love! And... And who fight for what they love. Will you let me continue to fight for you?

Parker: Yes, yes, and yes! (clapping) Beautiful speech, Ms. Pierce.

Pierce: Who are you?

Parker: And hopefully, your new campaign consultant. I've been following your career since your first term in the state senate. And this is your chamber where you dispense justice and fight for freedom!

Pierce: Still didn't catch your name, sweetie.

Parker: Oh, Kelly Beth? Kelly Beth Laughlin? But you can call me Kelly Beth. Can I call you "boss"?

Pierce: Oh, darlin', as much as I'd love your energy in the homestretch of this campaign, I don't have much of a budget for a campaign consultant.

Parker: I'm Kelly Beth Laughlin, (places bug under edge of desk) of the Maysville Laughlins. See, I don't need a salary, okay? In fact, I would pay for the experience of working for you.

Pierce: Well, damn, I'm happy to work with anybody willing to pay for it. Welcome aboard Team Pierce.

Parker: I'm in.

[Interior Mine]

Eliot: Section "C."

Cory: Mm-hmm. So, what did you do to get stuck with busy work?

Eliot: Me? I'm the new guy. What's your story?

Cory: I'm the young guy.

Eliot: Yeah? How old are you?

Cory: 18.

Eliot: 18, huh? Why aren't you in school?

Cory: School doesn't pay the mortgage.

Eliot: You're a little young to have a wife and kid, aren't you?

Cory: It's my mom and my sister. My dad was in the explosion two years ago.

Eliot: I'm sorry.

(Cory moves away, they both go to work. Eliot takes a device from his pocket and turns it on)


Hardison: Now, there's no cell reception underground. Okay, the miners, they use a leaky feeder signal to communicate in the mine. But that's not compatible with our comms.

(Eliot sighs)

Hardison: I know. Quite the problem. You're wondering if I have an answer? I do. Bam! (holds up device) I created these uhf wireless nodes to couple with the leaky feeder, boost the signal, And then we –

(Eliot grabs the device from Hardison and shoves it in a case)

Hardison: Hey! Hey, man, hey!

Eliot (shoving case in backpack): Look, man, I know! I put them in the mine!

Hardison: Yeah, but they're very–

Eliot: What? I got it! (hits the backpack) They're fragile! (walks away)

Hardison: I thought we was making progress.

[Interior Mine]

(Eliot installs the device into an intercom box. Elsewhere in the mine, Clark is showing Sophie and Hardison around)

Eliot: Section C's prepped.

Hardison: And now to section "C"?

Clark: Right this way.

(Sophie and Hardison use a device to check the dust)

Clark: Hey, what is that?

Hardison: Dust reading.

Clark: That doesn't look like no dust-reading kit.

Hardison: Well, you don't look like no certified M.S.C. Safety inspector.

(Hardison looks at the reading on his device and shows it to Sophie)

Hardison: Look.

Sophie: You're sure?

Hardison: Yeah.

[State Capitol]

Pierce (on phone): Yes, I understand the D.A. would like this taken care of, but you remind him that my time is valuable and he hasn't bought any of it recently. Thank you. (hangs up) Getting comfy?

Parker: Yes, ma'am. I've set up re-election facebook and twitter accounts and opened a political action committee called Tomorrow's Women to consolidate the online donations.

Pierce: I like it.

Parker: Oh, and, uh, so far, we've raised $436. (hands her a folder)

Pierce: Well, color me pink and put me in a pigpen. You're a fast worker.


(Parker goes through the paperwork on the desk, searches the room, plants information in the files, bugs the office and the phone and inserts a flash drive in the computer to create a connection for Hardison)

[State Capitol]

Parker: Well, you know what they say about idle hands.

[Mine Office]

(Clark enters the office)

Blackwell: So, how many fines am I not paying today?

Clark: None. They took some weird tests, said they were dust readings.

Blackwell: What do you think they were?

Clark: No idea. But they looked pretty pleased with whatever they found.

Blackwell: What are the odds of the shady inspectors and the man trying to buy my mine showing up here on the same day, you think?

Clark: I'd say not good.

Blackwell: They mention where they might be going?

Clark: No. They did ask for a commendation on a place to eat. I sent 'em on down to Carver's.

[Carver Café]

(Nate is sitting at the counter when Sophie walks in and joins him)

Nate: Hey, did they buy the, uh, safety-inspection bit?

Sophie: Absolutely.

(Blackwell is sitting in the corner drinking coffee and watching them)

Nate (to Sophie): Okay. Right on schedule. You're up. (louder as he gets up) Great work today! You're a peach! (leaves)

Sophie: I'll talk to you later, Mr. Gibson.

(Blackwell walks over and sits down next to Sophie)

Sophie: Oh. Hello, there, again, Mr. Blackwell.

Blackwell: Just cut the act. Now, who are you and what are you doing with Mr. Gibson? You know, uh, impersonating a federal safety inspector is a felony in West Virginia.

Sophie: My name is Eloise Tinson. (hands him a card) I'm a mineral extraction expert. I'm in town to make Mr. Gibson a very wealthy man, take home a little something for myself.

Blackwell: Well, your expertise is wasted on Mr. Gibson. He doesn't own the mine.

Sophie: On the contrary, Mr. Blackwell, he owns the 400 acres to the north and east of yours and I hear he made a little offer on yours today.

Blackwell: Ah. Well, mine's not on the market. And, uh, his land is, uh, mined out years ago.

Sophie: Yes. For coal. We're looking for something a little more... lucrative.

Blackwell: Hmm.

(Sophie holds up a report and drops it on the counter in front of Blackwell)

Blackwell: Coltan?

Sophie: Columbite-tantalite. It's a mineral found in cell phones, DVD players, computers. It's found in abundance in central Africa. And frankly, everything's a bloody mess over there. American companies are desperate to get their hands on a domestic source.

Blackwell: What is your role in all this?

Sophie: My company developed a process for locating and mining Coltan. Mr. Gibson is buying that process.

Blackwell: Well, if there's, uh, Coltan in my mine, Mr. Gibson isn't gonna get his hands on it.

Sophie: Well, according to the readings that my partner and I took today, yes, there is Coltan in your mine. And using our process, Mr. Gibson is gonna be able to mine it right out from under you.

Blackwell: The hell he will. You're not the only one with a partner. (exits)

[State Capitol]

(Parker is following Pierce around)

Hardison: Parker. Blackwell just left Sophie.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Did you plant the form?

Parker: Yeah.

[State Capitol]

Parker: It's on her desk with the other forms you gave me.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Good. Make sure she finds it.

[State Capitol]

(Parker walks over to the desk and adjusts some of the piles of folders)

Parker: How do you do it? How do you handle all this?

Pierce: Well, the thing about justice is, it's messy. Mm-hmm. It's kind of like a sewer, and I'm the one who controls the pipe. Mm. When things are running smoothly, no one pays any attention. But you know what happens when you lose control.

Parker: It stinks!

Pierce: Exactly. And I'm the one who ends up with you-know-what on her face.

Parker: Ugh.

Pierce: So I make it my first priority to make sure all the dung's running in the right direction. (phone rings, she answers) Hello.

[Mine Office]

Blackwell: Hi. It's Dan. Do you have, uh, a-a mineral rights application—

[State Capitol]

Blackwell: --for the land next to mine?

(Pierce looks through some of the files on her desk and sees the paperwork Parker planted)

Pierce: Uh, yeah. (hands Parker her coffee cup) Cream...

Parker: Six sugars.

Pierce: Six sugars. Right. (to Blackwell) Well, Bob Gibson, tract 516, applying for all mineral rights both known and unknown.

[Mine Office]

Pierce: What could be unknown?

Blackwell: Coltan. Listen, do you think you could, uh, lose that application?

[State Capitol]

Pierce: I could put it on the bottom of the pile, but I'm sure he filed a copy with the development department.

[Mine Office]

Pierce: It's gonna turn up eventually.

Blackwell: Well, that's good enough. I just need you to stall him.

[State Capitol]

Pierce: You gonna tell me what Coltan is?

[Mine Office]

Blackwell: Mnh. (hangs up his phone and tosses it on the desk)

[State Capitol]

(Pierce puts down her phone and places the application at the bottom of the stack)

[Mine Office]

(Blackwell pulls out Sophie’s card and makes a call)

Blackwell: Hello? Ms. Tinson? Listen, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.

[Carver Café]

Blackwell: Uh, Mr. Gibson is not gonna be buying your process.

Sophie: Oh? And why is that?

[Mine Office]

Blackwell: Because I'm gonna buy it first. But I'm gonna need a demonstration, if you could, uh, stop by the mine first thing tomorrow?

[Carver Café]

Sophie: Until then.

[Mine Office]

Blackwell: Till then. (hangs up)

[Carver Café]

Sophie: He's hooked.

[Interior Mine]

Hardison: Our sonar-detection technology tells us exactly where the Coltan is located. (uses device on wall, it beeps loudly)

Sophie: Oh. Look at that. There's a very strong presence of Coltan in here.

Blackwell: Really? Well, this is quite a fancy machine. I-I hope, uh, you don't mind if I double-check the old-fashioned way? (holds up a vial)

Sophie: Uh, Coltan's generally found in isolated pockets, so those, uh, surface tests, they can be very inconclusive.

Blackwell: I'm sure. (sweeps dust into the vial) Well, we'll see here. (shakes vial) Oh. Look at that.

Sophie: Well, that looks conclusive to me.


(Cory and Eliot are throwing dust on the walls of the mine)

Cory: Rock-dusting duty. It seems like Troy's doing everything he can to keep us from real work.

Eliot: Hey, this is real work. Somebody's got to keep the coal out of our lungs.

Cory: This looks different than usual.

Eliot: It does, huh?

Hardison: Look here, bro. Limestone dust laced with Coltan is gonna look different than plain old limestone dust. I appreciate your faith in me, but I do not have the power to change the chemical composition of minerals.

Eliot: Lab geeks must have come up with something new. A formula or...

[Interior Mine]

(Hardison is using his scanning device on the mine wall)

Hardison: Oh, oh. Well, this, this area right here is lighting up like a Christmas tree. You'll be able to get a good six months out of that vein. (moves to another area) And this area, not so much. But this right down here (moves scanner) now, this, you'll be able to put that new addition on your house and get that fishing boat you've been wanting.

Sophie: That's the beauty of the process. No more digging blind.

Blackwell: Oh. Well, it sounds good to me. You know, maybe I'll be able to lay off some of these hillbillies I pay to dig in the dirt all day long here. Mining used to be worthwhile, you know. But, uh, now with the unions and the workers whining all the time about not getting paid enough and they're never safe enough and all, I mean, it's hard to--to keep a business and make a buck.

Hardison: Mm-hmm.

Sophie: I'm pretty confident, using this process, you'll be able to make quite a few bucks.

Blackwell: Well, I'm convinced.

Sophie: Excellent. Let's talk numbers.

[Carver Café]

Nate (looking at laptop): All right. Well, he's got $125,000 liquid and $500,000 in the PAC.

[Interior Mine]

Sophie: $600,000. We're gonna need it in one payment. We've found that installments can get a little bit messy.

Blackwell: Of course.

Hardison: By tomorrow. Mr. Gibson was gonna write us a check in the morning. Now, if that's gonna be a problem for you--

Blackwell: No. That's no problem. I'm having a fundraiser for the Attorney Generalat the Morgan Club tomorrow. You stop by there, I'll cut you a check.

Sophie: Perfect.

[Carver Café]

Okay, Eliot. Sophie's done with Blackwell. He's hooked.

[Interior Mine]

Nate: You can surface.

Eliot: Ahh. I don't want to leave these guys one man down.

Nate: Okay. Fine. You can finish the day. But tomorrow, we're gone.

Eliot (to Cory): Paul Revere make that lunchbox?

Cory: Nope. This was made in 1958. Paul Revere died in the early 1800s.

(Eliot gives him a look)

Cory: What? You don't think I know who Paul Revere is?

Eliot: All right, smartass.

Cory: This was my dad's. Grandpa's before that.

Man: Hey. Scoop seems to be running a little slow this morning.

Man 2: Transmission's slipping again.

Man: All right. Well, I'll look into it.

Eliot: You know, you want to be the man of the house, that's the way right there. Future's in the machines. It's faster, it's safer. You want to provide for your family, learn how to use the scoop. I'm just saying. You got a good head for it, Paul Revere.

[State Capitol]

Parker: Ooh, your latest numbers are up.

Pierce: Ooh. Significantly up. I don't think I ever seen it jump this high.

Parker: Really?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Hey. Nate said to make them higher. How am I supposed to know what's "significantly higher" and what's "insignificantly higher"?

[Carver Café]

Nate: No, that's fine. W-we just need her to feel she has a comfortable lead so she'll be fine with Blackwell using the PAC funds.

[State Capitol]

Pierce: Well, we must be doing something right.

Parker: Yeah, must be your latest commercial. Or your hair, people love your hair.

Pierce: Really?

Parker: Yeah.

(Parker and Pierce walk into Pierce’s office to find Blackwell waiting)

Pierce: Hello, Dan.

(Pierce hands Parker her cup)

Parker: Refill? Okay.

Blackwell (points to a poster): I like this one.

Parker (walks out of office): Blackwell's here. It's happening.

Pierce: No! No way! I have an election coming up. The Coltan mine's not gonna do you any good without me in office keeping it from getting shut down!

Blackwell: If I don't have that money by tomorrow, they're gonna sell this process to Gibson.

Pierce: So? Use the mine's money.

[Carver Café]

Blackwell: The mine doesn't have that sort of liquidity.

Pierce: You're paying your workers with something, aren't you?

[State Capitol]

Blackwell: Yeah. I-I suppose I could take the money out the payroll. But that would bankrupt the mine.

Pierce: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Blackwell: All right. Here we go. (makes a call) Clark? Tell the men not to come to work tomorrow. All of 'em. And make sure there's nobody in that mine. And then call me back. I got a job of work for you to do.

[Carver Café]

Sophie: Well, that's a great day's work. Ugh. Blackwell's shutting down the mine and using the payroll money to pay us.


Parker: So we've just bankrupted an entire town.

[Carver Café]

Nate: Worse. He's not just shutting down the mine. He's blowing it up.


Parker: Ugh. That does sound worse.

[Carver Café]

Nate: You know, working in insurance, I've seen this play a thousand times. And now that we've convinced him he has Coltan, his mine is worth more dead than alive.


Parker: Yeah, but he's not gonna have time to get a bomb and plant it in the mine by tomorrow.

[Carver Café]

Nate: Well, his mine is practically a bomb already. I mean, you could throw a lit cigarette there, and that thing would blow. Won't take much.

Sophie: What are we gonna do, Nate?

Nate: We're gonna convince him that you're a lying, greedy bitch.

[Exterior Mine]

(Nate, Eliot and Hardison stand near a van. Eliot closes a case and hands it to Hardison)

Nate: Okay, I'm gonna call Blackwell and draw him here. I mean, he's not gonna blow up the mine while he's in it, is he?

Eliot: That will give us enough time to find the bomb.

Hardison: Oh, yeah. Plenty of time. Meanwhile, I'll be here, in the van, as far away from the mine as possible. My dude. (holds out hand to Eliot) Go with god.

Eliot: What are you doing, man?

Hardison: For morale, man!

(Eliot walks toward the mine)

Nate: All right, all right. Let's get this show on the road. (into phone) Mr. Blackwell. Uh, yeah, it's, uh, Bob Gibson here.

[State Capitol]

Blackwell: Mr. Gibson. You calling to concede?

Nate: No, I'm calling to tell you that we've both been had.

[Exterior Mine]

Nate: Yeah, there's no Coltan in your mine or anywhere near it.

[State Capitol]

Blackwell: Ah, I should have pegged you for a sore loser.

Nate: Well, listen, I can prove it to you.

[Exterior Mine]

Nate: Just meet me at the mine in 15 minutes.

[State Capitol]

Blackwell: N--the mine's not a good idea. Now, maybe we can meet somewhere el--

[Exterior Mine]

(Nate hangs up the phone)

[State Capitol]

(Blackwell dials a number)

Clark (on voicemail): This is Clark. Leave a message.

Blackwell: Clark, l-listen. Where the hell are you? Now, don't plant the device. I'm on my way to the mine now. Do not plant the device. (leaves the capitol)

Sophie (to Nate): He's on his way to you now. (to Parker) All right. While they deal with Blackwell, we've got to spook Pierce.

Parker: On it. So we need ghosts.

Sophie: No. We need secrets. We've got to get her to move the money out of the PAC. (takes a glass of champagne) Thank you. Right. Tell me everything you know about her.

Parker (pulls out notebook): Okay. I've got some really good stuff in here. Okay, she likes sugar in her coffee, lots of sugar. And she hides tasty treats on her desk. She's got a sweet tooth, maybe we could use that.

Sophie: Probably not. What else?

Parker: Um, she never takes calls from her mother. No? Ooh! Ooh! I got it. She- she mixes her blue pens With her black pens, in the same cup. Like, mixes them together.

Sophie: Yeah. Parker, I'm looking for something that someone might find weird. Someone normal. Um, yeah. Someone normal might find weird.

Parker: Mm. Uh… (looks through files) well, Thursday afternoon, she had a closed-door meeting with Blackwell, but it sounded like they were working out.

Sophie: "Working out"?

Parker: Mm-hmm.

Sophie: Hardison, do you still have the audio file saved?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Yeah. But there's like 100 hours of it. I-I haven't listened to it all yet.

[State Capitol]

Sophie: No. Just pull up the files from Thursday afternoon.

Parker: Between 3:26 and 4:15.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Okay. One second.

(Hardison pulls up the time Parker gave him and the sound of two people having sex fills the van)

Hardison: No! No! Ew! Old people! Ew!

[State Capitol]

Pierce (on recording): Yes! Yes! Yes!

Sophie: Parker, they're not working out. They're, you know.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Sex, Parker! They're knocking boots.

[State Capitol]

Parker: Oh. Yeah. Can you use that?

Sophie: With that, I can make her do anything I want.

Hardison: Hey, look, y'all, this has been real cool—

[Interior Van]

Hardison: --but I have to get back to, you know, helping Eliot find the bomb.

[Interior Mine]

(Eliot removes a piece of equipment from the wall and replaces it with another)

Eliot: I'm switching out oxygen meter.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: All right, man. Look, I've hacked into their monitoring system to detect peaks in any heat or methane levels to show us where Clark planted the bomb.

[Interior Mine]

Eliot: Where's it at?

Hardison: No idea.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: This thing runs like an Atari. It's great if you want to play "Frogger," but to find a bomb?

Eliot: While you're playing video games—

[Interior Mine]

Eliot: --I'm gonna still be looking for the bomb. If you decide to be helpful, let me know.

(Eliot uses chalk to mark an X on a support beam)

[State Capitol]

Pierce: And thank you so much for your contribution. Nice to meet you. Yeah.

Sophie: Oh, Ms. Pierce, I was hoping to steal a minute of your time. I've heard so much about you.

Pierce: Of course, Ms...

Sophie: Oh, Tinson. Eloise Tinson.

Pierce: Oh, right. The Coltan woman. Huh?

Sophie: In the flesh. I have to say, it's been such a delight working with Danny.

Pierce: "Danny"? You mean Mr. Blackwell.

Sophie: Of course. You know, the addition of this Coltan mine is gonna do wonders for the state, and I wanted to thank you personally for your contribution.

Pierce: I'm sorry? My contribution?

Sophie: Well, there's no need to be modest. It's your money. Or is it the PAC money? I never quite got that straight.

Pierce: Well, that's odd, because yesterday he told me he was using the mine funds for the purchase.

Sophie: Oh, no. That's not what he said last night. Or was it this morning? (laughs) Time got a bit blurred. Regardless, I'm pretty confident he said he was using the PAC money and that he was gonna make the transfer today. So, thank you. Thank you so much. (walks away)

Parker: Great turnout.

Pierce: Mm-hmm.

Parker: Can I get you anything?

(Pierce pulls up her bank account on her phone, which shows a transfer pending)

Parker: What's wrong, Ms. Pierce?

Pierce: That thieving, cheating bastard!

[Interior Mine]

Blackwell: You know, being down here isn't such a good idea.

Nate: Well, I had the Coltan reports looked at off-site, and I got to tell you, the results were confusing.

Blackwell: Well, uh, maybe we could talk about this aboveground.

Eliot (elsewhere in mine): Section "C" is clear.

Nate (scraping wall of mine): Now, if you take a little bit off the surface here, right? It indicates the presence of Coltan. Right?

Blackwell: Yeah.

Nate: All right. Now I'm just gonna go a little deeper here. (scraping more) Nothing.

Blackwell: Those bastards salted my mine.

Nate: Yeah, they almost took your money, too.

[Interior Van]

Hardison (looking at monitors): Wait, wait, wait, wait. I-I think I got something, man.

[Interior Mine]

Hardison: There are anomalies in the levels in the northeast quadrant.

Eliot: Speak English!

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Turn right. Find bomb.

[Interior Mine]

(Eliot sees Cory’s lunch box and water jug propped on the wall of the mine)

Eliot: He's here.

Hardison: Who?

Eliot: Cory.

Hardison: Cor-- look, man.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Unless that's a cute little name you got for the bomb, I'm compelled to remind you of your mission. Find the bomb. Dismantle. Save lives.

[Interior Mine]

Eliot: Yeah. I'm on it. All right? Just stop talking!

Hardison: Eliot?


Blackwell: I don't believe they tried to pull one over on me.

Nate: Actually, I do believe they did pull one over on you. That was me who figured out what it was they were up to.

Blackwell: I don't have time to discuss this. We got to get the hell out of here.

(the mine shakes, dust falling. One wall caves in, timbers falling. Both Nate and Blackwell fall to the floor, unconscious. They wake gradually)

Nate: Whoa. (whispers) Eliot. Hardison. You there? Hello?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Nate. Nate, are you there? (checks monitor for signal) Eliot?

[Interior Mine]

Eliot: I'm here.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: I-I've lost Nate.

[State Capitol]

Sophie: What do you mean, you've lost Nate?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: I don't know. His comm is down. You need to get down here.

[State Capitol]

Sophie: Parker, meet me at the car now.

Parker (into comm): One second.

Pierce: That takes care of that. I need you to get new keys made for my office and call security.

Parker: Mm-hmm.

Pierce: I don't want Dan Blackwell stepping foot in that building.

Parker: Yes, ma'am.

[Interior Mine]

(Eliot and Cory meet in one of the mine shafts)

Cory: What the hell was that? Sounded like something collapsed.

Eliot: What are you doing down here?

Cory: Doing what you told me to do. Figured now was a good time to work on the machinery, since no one's here.

Eliot: That's using your head. Sorta. You shouldn't be down here doing this alone. Come on. We got to go. (pushes Cory ahead of him down the shaft) Go!


(Nate coughs and looks at a wall of collapsed stone blocking their exit)

Nate: What the hell happened?

Blackwell: I don't know. Explosion of some kind.

Nate: Well, you got yourself a nice little deathtrap here, don't you?

Blackwell: Well, we wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't insisted on dragging us down here for some science experiment.

Nate: You want to point fingers, or do you want to, you want to get us out of here, huh?

Blackwell: There's no way out! Somebody's gonna have to find us!

[State Capitol]

Pierce: I don't like anybody leaving my parties in such a hurry.

Sophie: There's been an accident at the mine. Dan's trapped. We have to get over there.

Pierce: So let the cheating bastard suffocate. I'm not letting either of you steal my money. (cancels money transfer on her phone)

Sophie: Nobody's trying to steal your money.

Pierce: I know when I'm being played. I'm just gonna put this money Where no one can get to it. (makes a money transfer on her phone)

Sophie: Fine. It's just money. We need to get over there.

Pierce: If I were you, I'd worry about yourself. Someone as pretty as you is not gonna do well in one of our prisons. Our women, they don't take kindly to outsiders.

Sophie: Yeah? What do you mean by that?

Pierce: Oh, I called the cops. They should be here any minute to arrest you on fraud, racketeering, and impersonating a federal officer.

Sophie: You can't get me arrested.

Pierce: Sure, I can. It's one of the perks of being Attorney General. I own the law.

Sophie: Debra, we're on the same side here. Dan deceived us both.

Pierce: No. You both deceived me. Now, I am done being lied to.

Parker (walking up): Ms. Pierce! Ms. Pierce. (turns Pierce around) Oh. I have a phone call for you.

Pierce: Not now. Not now!

Parker: Oh.

(Pierce turns around, but Sophie is gone)

Pierce: Damn it. Now look what you did! (makes call)

Astin: Sergeant Astin.

Pierce: Sergeant.

Astin: Yes, ma'am.

Pierce: All right. Meet me at the mine. Right away.

Astin: I'm on my way.

(Pierce hangs up and walks away)

[Interior Mine]

(Eliot and Cory run through the shafts. Cory grabs his lunchbox and water jug. Eliot sees Clark)

Clark: Hey! What are you doing in here? (picks up a pick axe)

Eliot: We, uh, I believe left a couple of things and…

Clark: Yeah? Well, the mine's closed.

Eliot: Right. (takes off his helmet and tool belt, picks up a pick axe, then pushes Cory toward the exit) Go.

Cory: But--

Eliot: Go!

(Eliot and Clark begin circling each other)

(elsewhere, Blackwell is checking the oxygen sensor)

Nate: How much oxygen we got?

Blackwell: 19%.

Nate: 19? Well, it drops below 15, we're goners! Both of us in the room, we only got about two hours.

Blackwell: You're right. We only have two hours.

(elsewhere, Clark swings at Eliot, who blocks with his axe. Clark swings again and Eliot jumps back. Clark swings again and Eliot catches the axe with his own, swinging it around and then elbowing Clark in the face. Clark falls to the ground and Eliot swings his axe. Clark gets up and comes at Eliot, who swings but his axe goes into the mine wall and sticks there. Clark gets up but Eliot kicks him back. Eliot continues to struggle to remove the axe from the wall as Clark gets up and comes at him again. Eliot breaks off the handle of the axe with his arm, leaving the head of the axe in the wall)

(elsewhere, Nate hits a switch on the intercom)

Nate: Say, uh, what about, uh, this intercom? I mean, can't we, uh, you know, call for help or something? (keeps hitting buttons on intercom)

Blackwell: No, you can't radio out. It don't work.

Nate: What do you mean? You got all that money. I, uh, I mean, you got new intercoms. You got new, uh, ceiling supports. You got new retrofit ventilation. I mean, I saw the paperwork.

Blackwell: It's all fake.

Nate: Oh, h-hold on there. What do you mean, it's all fake?

Blackwell: Well, the ceiling support and the ventilation and the intercom, that's all fake. The only safety measures that that money bought went to the Attorney General. All the government money went to her.

Nate: Is that right? Great investment.

Blackwell: Yeah.

Nate: Well, there's got to be a way out of here, right?

Blackwell: Yeah, well... (picks up a board and stands up) there might be, if we look down there!

(Blackwell hits Nate on the back, knocking him out. He falls to the ground)

(elsewhere, Clark comes at Eliot, who blocks the blow and drives the handle into Clark’s stomach. Clark falls to his knees and Eliot puts the handle on the back of Clark’s neck, then knees him in the face, breaking the handle. Clark falls to the ground and Eliot moves away)

(elsewhere, Blackwell looks down at Nate)

Blackwell: Clark!

Eliot: Mr. Blackwell! It's Eric! Eric Randall! (pulls rocks away) I'm almost through! Can you squeeze?

Blackwell: Yeah. Yeah, I can get through. (crawls out of the crack in the wall)

Eliot: Are you okay, sir?

Blackwell: Yeah, I'm fine. Just get me the hell out of here.

[Exterior Mine]

(Blackwell stumbles out of the mine, coughing)

Astin: Mr. Blackwell! Stop right there.

Blackwell: What? What the hell are you talking about?

(two officers grab Blackwell’s hands and pull them behind his back, putting handcuffs on him)

Blackwell: Wait!

Astin: You're under arrest!

Blackwell: Wait! No, wait a minute, now. I'm the victim here, now! Now, Mr. Gibson was responsible for that explosion. He-he was trying to take my mine. He planted that bomb.

Astin: What do we have here? (pulls a bomb from Blackwell’s pocket) This bomb?


Hardison: All right, Eliot. I think I got a lock on the bomb.

Eliot (pulls bomb from a support beam): I got it.

Hardison: What's it look like, man? Red wires, blue wires? What?

Eliot (turns off switch): Boom!

Hardison: You're not funny.

Eliot (helping Blackwell): Are you okay, sir?

Blackwell: Yeah, I'm fine. Just get me the hell out of here.

(Eliot slips the bomb into Blackwell’s pocket)

[Exterior Mine]

(officers drag Blackwell toward a police car)

Blackwell: Look. What caused that explosion? I was trapped in there.


Hardison (looking at items in a case): Micro detonator, surround sound, dust spray, modified oxygen meter, and... What? What? Yes, I do spend my weekends making these things. (Eliot takes the case) Man, w-we're coming to a mine. It's not rocket science.

Nate: I like it. It gives him a whole village people, uh, construction-dude thing.

(Eliot takes items from case and puts them in his pocket, glaring at Hardison)

Hardison: Thank you.

Nate: Okay. I'm gonna call Blackwell and draw him here.

Hardison: Okay. Look, man. It's a controlled blast. So as long as you stay to the right of the "x," you should be fine. I'll be controlling the oxygen meters.

(Nate looks up to see the chalk X Eliot had drawn on a support beam)

Blackwell: I don't believe they tried to pull one over on me.

Nate (looking at oxygen meter): Well, actually, I believe they did, in fact, uh, pull one over on you.

[Exterior Mine]

(officers put Blackwell into the back of the police car, where Pierce is already cuffed and waiting)

Blackwell: Deb, what the hell is going on?

Pierce: They heard everything, you moron!


Blackwell: You're right. We only have two hours.

(Nate adjusts the wiring inside the intercom box)

Hardison: Okay, Nate, whatever you did, you just got your comm back up, so listen. I've wired your comm. transmission to the P.A. System. All you have to do is get that confession, and Eliot will come get you.

Nate: Say, uh, what about, uh, this intercom? I mean, can't we, uh, you know, call for help or something?

(Blackwell and Nate’s conversation is playing on the PA system outside of the mine)

Blackwell: Yeah. Well, it's all fake.

Nate: What do you mean, it's all fake?

Blackwell: Ceiling supports and the ventilators and the intercoms -- it's all fake. The only safety measures that money bought was the Attorney General. All the government money went to her.

Astin: Ma'am?

Pierce: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. This is a mistake. There's nothing wrong here.

[Exterior Mine]

Blackwell: You think you can get us out of this?

Pierce: I'm not getting you out of anything, you cheating bastard!

Blackwell: Just -- just settle down.

Pierce: You settle down. You settle down!

Blackwell: You just can make a phone call. They give you one--

Pierce: No, I can't make a phone call!

Blackwell: They give you one.

Pierce: I can't make a phone call!

(Pierce looks out the window of the police car to see Parker standing with the rest of the team)

Parker: Nailed it.


Parker: A few of the guests want to make a corporate donation. Should I direct them to your political action committee account or the one I set up?

Pierce: The one you set up?

Parker: "Tomorrow's Women." Told you about it the other day. Anyway, well, you're authorized on that account, so you can take money out any time.

Pierce: Can I transfer money in?

Parker: Sure.

Pierce (pulls out her phone): Yeah.

Parker: Here's the account number. (hands her a piece of paper)

Pierce (enters information on her phone): That takes care of that.

[Exterior Mine]

Sophie: Pierce transferred all the PAC funds into Parker's account.

Hardison: Nicely done.

Parker: Well, I had a little help from Sophie. But, yeah, I nailed it. I'm a grifter. I grift.

Nate: Yeah. You do know you don't get to keep the money, right?

Parker (looks at balance on her phone): Don't ruin it.

[Interior Van]

(Parker pulls out a blanket and a pillow and lays down)

Hardison: Uh, what are you doing?

Parker: Stealing souls is exhausting.

Hardison (grabs Parker’s notebook): Uh, let's see. Let's see. Let's see. "...Right hand... Answers phone, left. blinks 15 times... Smells like bubbles." Hey, Parker, you're not gonna start keeping notepads like this about us, are you? (touches chin)

Parker: Did you know you touch your chin every 2.5 minutes?

(Hardison tosses the notebook away)

[Exterior Mine]

(Cory walks down a drive to Eliot)

Cory: Who are you? Really.

Eliot: We're friends of Troy. We came here to make the mine safe.

Cory: So you're leaving?

Eliot: Yeah, I'm leaving. But you got a bunch of good ol' boys here to watch your back for you. You remember what I told you. (hits Cory’s helmet) Use that head. Keep you safe.

Cory: I will.

Eliot: Good. That way, I don't have to come back here and whip your ass.

(they shake hands and man hug)

Eliot: All right.

[Mine Office]

(Troy walks in)

Nate: Hey, there. Welcome to your new office.

Troy: Excuse me?

Nate: After Blackwell was arrested, the board removed him as C.E.O. and made you mine supervisor.

Eliot: Now everybody's safety is in your hands.

Troy: Well, I-I'll do my best.

Nate: Well, here. Uh, this here should help. (hands him check)

Troy: Well, where did this come from?

Nate: Well, that is the federal safety money. See, what happens was, Blackwell gave it to Pierce, and Pierce gave it to us, and, well, more or less.

Eliot: Now you can buy safety equipment that actually works.

Troy: Hey. Thank you so much.

Nate: All right. Well, we'll let you get to it.

Troy: Thank you.

Eliot: Listen, do me a favor. Watch out for Cory for me.

Troy: Will do.

Eliot: All right. You should put him on the scoop. He's got a knack for it.

(Nate and Eliot walk outside where the mine is once again in business)

Woman on PA: B-shift descending in five minutes.

The End

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