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3x15 The Big Bang Job

[Interior Parking Garage]

(Nate pulls up in his convertible, looking around. Italian shows up behind him.)

Italian: I wasn't sure you'd come.

Nate: I thought I told you to back off. I remember being pretty clear about it.

Italian (in Italian): Life is change, Mr. Ford. For you that change is now. (in English) Damien Moreau is coming.

Nate: Coming? You mean here? Boston?

Italian: Not exactly. (throws files on car) Whatever plan you've made must begin now.

(As Nate looks at papers, Italian disappears.)

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab, Langley, VA]

Yasmin: He can't keep avoiding this, Not if he wants to stay on schedule. Listen to me, Marcy. It's 10 voice-mails I've left for general Atherton. He's avoiding me. Well, you can tell him that if he hasn't contacted me by tomorrow, we'll see what homeland security has to say. (Marcy disconnects) Marcy? You did not just hang up on me.

(Door is kicked open)

Yasmin: What the hell?

(People in black enter lab with flashlights, taking pictures, Yasmin hides but is captured from behind)

[Outside of D.O.D. lab, Yasmin held by 3 people in black]

Yasmin: That is D.O.D. Property. This is a federal crime. You guys are in deep --

(D.O.D. lab blows up)

Yasmin: Oh, my god. What's happening? Oh, my god, what's happening?

(Parker and Eliot take off their masks)

Eliot: We're saving your life.

(Hardison takes off his mask)

[McRoryís bar]

Nate (bringing food to Yasmin): Here we are.

Yasmin: Thank you. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for you saving me.

Nate: Okay, well, actually, we didn't. As of now, you are officially dead. And to keep you safe, we need to keep it that way.

Yasmin: Who would want to kill me? I'm -- I'm nobody.

Nate: Damien Moreau. Damien Moreau is, um -- he's an international financier. He runs money for drug dealers, smugglers. He's, um --

Sophie: He's a jack of all trades, most of them bloody.

Yasmin: What would he want with me?

Nate: Well, we have reason to believe that this has something to do with this guy, your boss at the department of defense.

Yasmin: Elias Atherton.

Sophie: What's he like?

Yasmin: Well, he was some kind of general. Then he retired and started working for a research arm of the D.O.D. He's kind of a jerk, and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is, but I can't believe he'd be involved in something like this.

Nate: Well, he's been in Moreau's pocket for years, and we have evidence of payments going back a decade.

Sophie: This project that you're working on with him -- what is it?

Yasmin: Well, that's why this is all so crazy. You're gonna laugh.

Nate: Bet we don't.

Yasmin: It's a battery.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

Bixby: But, general Atherton, what do you want us to do?

Atherton: Between the three of you, there are four PhDs and 60 published papers. You're geniuses. So what part of "unacceptable delays" are you finding hard to grasp?

Bixby: Well, it's just, um, Yasmin's dead, sir.

Atherton: I know that. Terrible accident. Tragic. But this is defense, son. We have a responsibility to the nation.

Bixby: Yeah, we thought, out of respect to her, that we might take a day --

Atherton: You don't have a day, Bixby. You don't have an hour. This project must be completed by the weekend.

Bixby: Yeah, well, without Yasminís component, I mean, heat containment alone --

Atherton: Let me be clear. If you three cannot finish this job by the deadline, you're sacked. (Athertonís phone rings, he looks down at display) And, gentlemen, I don't think you'll like the severance package. (answers phone) Yeah?

[Airport Hanger]

(Chapman gets out of car and looks around. Plane stairs go down, beautiful women step down, thugs everywhere)

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

Atherton: What were you thinking, killing the girl at this stage? Now we'll have to make up the work on her component.

[Airport Hanger]

Moreau (stepping off plane and walking toward car): She made herself a liability. There's only one way to deal with liabilities.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

Atherton: It was a mistake. We'll need more time to finish her battery.

[Airport Hanger]

Moreau: I have buyers waiting. I've come here in person to supervise the auction. Delay is not an option. Finish the Ramís Horn.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

Atherton: Don't threaten me, Moreau.

[Airport Hanger]

Moreau: Not a threat, just a reminder. Either you're an asset or a liability. I like you, Atherton. Be an asset.

[McRory's Bar]

Hardison (looking at battery schematics on ipad type thing): That's a lot of energy for a small battery.

Yasmin: Yeah.

Parker: Does it blow up?

Hardison: Not everything blows up, Parker.

Parker: Everything blows up, silly.

Yasmin: No, it's just a power source. I was working in a civilian laboratory when Atherton and the D.O.D. folded in my research grant with one of their projects. That's when I started asking questions.

Nate (coming in the door): Yasmin, your ride is just outside. (hands her an envelope) Okay, now, go and talk to this guy. (hands her a card)

Yasmin: Detective Captain Bonanno?

Nate: Yeah, talk to him and only him. He'll keep you safe, all right?

Yasmin: Thank you.

Nate: Well, thank us when it's over... (Yasmin walks away) If we're around.

Sophie (walks into the room): I called some friends in Europe. Damien Moreau is running an auction at the end of the week, $2 million buy-in, high rollers only something about a Ramís Horn?

(Sophie and Nate sit down at table with Hardison and Parker)

Nate: Yasmin's deadline was this week. That's not a coincidence.

Hardison: Time to notify the feds?

Nate: No, Athertonís too connected. No, we come at him straight-on, he's just gonna call in some favor from a senator, and he'll skate on this whole thing.

Eliot (entering room): If Moreau was bothered by the cops, he wouldn't be staying at a downtown hotel in D.C. (sitting at table)

Sophie: You're keep tabs on Moreau?

Eliot: I make it a priority to know where Moreau is at all times so we can avoid him. Atherton was a general in the black ops. Moreau -- well, he's Moreau. We need more time...

Nate: We've run out of time.

Eliot: To prep this.

Nate: No, we have to figure out exactly what this Ramís Horn is and where Moreau is gonna be holding the auction.

Hardison (to Eliot): Hey. You cool, man?

Eliot (obviously bothered): Nate, me and Hardison will hit Moreau. We'll get an invite to the auction.

Nate: Okay, you guys do that, and the rest of us, we'll find out what the hell this Ramís Horn thing is. And, Sophie, who exactly can get into a government facility on short notice?

Sophie: The president, the vice president, any of the joint chiefs, and anyone from congress.

Nate: All right, perfect. Nobody knows who their congressman is.

Hardison: It's a D.O.D. Lab, so the best I can do is visitor passes, maybe media relations, but nothing classified.

Nate: All right, well, that'll get us in, Atherton will do the rest. Let's go steal the department of defense.

Parker: Isn't that treason?

Nate: We'll give it back.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab, Stairway]

Atherton: Will it work?

Bixby: According to the model.

Atherton: I didn't ask you about the models. I asked you a yes-or-no question. Yes or no?!

Bixby: It'll work. Yes.

Nate: General Atherton. Thank goodness. Lionel Whitney, Legislative Liaison with the D.O.D. There's been an emergency.

Atherton: I don't believe we've met.

Nate: Oh, yes, we have. Geneva, yes, last year, the CERN conference. I was part of your team when you were bidding on the X-1 project.

Atherton: Of course. Of course. (Hands Bixby his clipboard) Uh, Bixby, come back later.

Nate: Okay, now, we need to get you out of here. (leading Atherton upstairs)

Atherton: What's wrong?

Nate: Well, it's not what. It's who.

Sophie: General Atherton!

Nate: Aah! Her.

[Downtown DC Hotel, Hallway]

(Hardison comes in pushing a food cart)

Eliot: Moreau's having a party downstairs. Only way in's the service elevator.

Hardison: Okay. So, here's the plan. We've just got to use this to get downstairs. And once we're there, I'm the middleman, you're my bodyguard. (pushes cart toward elevators)

Eliot (follows Hardison): I'm your bodyguard? Okay, that's your plan, hmm?

Guard: What's this?

Hardison: GarÁon. I'm the manager of the kitchen, and I would like to personally deliver Monsieur Moreau's cuisine.

Guard: Who the hell are you?

Eliot: Me? I'm Eliot Spencer.

Guard (voice shaking): Open the door. This way.

(Guard, Eliot and Hardison enter the elevator)

Hardison: Eliot... Why'd you tell them your real name? Why'd you tell them your real name?

(commercial break)

Hardison: Why did you tell them your real name, Eliot? Why did you tell them your real --?

Eliot: Look, just stick close to me, okay? This might get messy.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

(Atherton enters with Sophie, Nate and Parker)

Atherton: In here, congresswoman, is where my team does their high-energy research.

Sophie: Ooh, I'm gonna need more details than that, General, to see what you might be wasting the taxpayers' money on.

Atherton: I've served my country for 20 years, congresswoman. I don't need lectures.

Nate: Uh, General, if I could have a word over here, please. Thank you. (Nate takes Atherton aside, Parker lift's Atherton's wallet) Please, do not antagonize her.

Atherton: She's another anti-war local hack. I can handle her.

Nate: Uh, no, no, no. She's an angry ex-schoolteacher with subpoena power. She will make your life hell. Trust me. Happy face. Happy face. Let's go. (men turn to Sophie with smiles on their faces) Yes.

Atherton: Of course I can show you the work we're doing here, everything but the fifth floor. That requires indigo-level clearance -- top secret.

Sophie: It'll have to do. Oh, my assistant needs to make a few calls. Would you mind if she stays behind while I go on this "non-classified" tour?

Atherton: She's not cleared to be alone in here.

Nate: General, let's not inconvenience Representative Henkle here. (Sophie lifts Athertonís cell phone) How about I stay with the girl, and you can show the congresswoman around?

Atherton: Of course. Follow me.

Sophie: Thank you. Oh! Use my phone. (throws the phone to Nate) The numbers are on speed-dial.

[Downtown DC Hotel, Pool area]

(Eliot and Hardison walk in followed by guard. Beautiful women abound as do guards who pull their guns as Eliot and Hardison are led around the pool. The men seem to recognize him as a threat. Chapman gets to his feet to meet Eliot. Women run screaming as guns are trained on Eliot.)

Eliot: Chapman.

Chapman: Eliot.

Eliot: They gave you the job?

Chapman: There was an opening.

Moreau (entering from steam room): That's no way to treat an old friend.

(Hardison has look of surprise)

Eliot: Damien.

Moreau: Let's catch up.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

Nate: Atherton's security-clearance card. (scanning card on computer) Okay, what do you got?

Parker (pulling up information on the computer): Nothing called Ramís Horn, just a bunch of file numbers. This is way too much data to download. We're gonna have to narrow this down.

Nate: Okay, Athertonís phone. (Navigates through address book on phone) Bixby. Of course. Of course.

[Flashback to stairs]

Atherton: Uh, Bixby, come back later.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

Nate: Bixby. Good. (dials phone)

Bixby (on stairs): Sir?

Nate: uh, that congresswoman is snooping around Ramís Horn.

Bixby: How did she --

Nate: No idea. She's insisting on a full audit. Hey, what -- what are those file numbers on the latest research? See, I want to make sure she doesn't get anything she can use.

Bixby: Um, I'll text them to you now, sir.

Nate (showing Parker the text): Okay, right here. Okay.

[Downtown DC Hotel, Pool area]

Hardison (handcuffed to a chair): You call this a plan?

Eliot: I'm not handcuffed to anything.

Moreau (getting drink): You work alone.

Eliot: Things change.

Moreau (sitting down): Don't take it personally. Takes me a while to warm up to people. (Woman tries to give Eliot wine) He prefers beer.

Hardison: (woman walks away without offering any to Hardison) Okay.

Moreau: This one of your retrieval jobs, Eliot? Tell me, whose Snoopy lunchbox do I have?

Eliot: It's not a retrieval. I'm escorting the middleman. I'm contracted to make sure he gets in Ė and out Ė with the offer.

Hardison (clears throat): Pardon. Monsieur, my client has heard of what you're selling and would like to acquire the Ramís Horn.

Moreau: And your client is...

Hardison: I-if you indulge us with the details of the auction, we can make a bid, all will be revealed. I assure you we are working in good faith.

Moreau: I'm sure you are. I'm sure you are. But I don't know you. (looks at Eliot) I do know you. We could talk.

Eliot: I ain't much on talking, Moreau.

Moreau: Okay. Let's keep it short. (stands up and kickís Hardisonís chair, pushing him back into pool)

Hardison: Whoa!

Moreau: I'm sure you told your clients I don't do business with strangers.

Eliot: That's why I'm here -- to vouch for them.

Moreau: Oh, a little vague.

(Hardison struggling with handcuff)

Eliot: I never told anybody about you. I use the same confidentiality with all my clients. However, I can say they're overseas. You sell it to the international buyers, it leaves U.S. Soil immediately, no trace back to you.

Moreau: I already have international buyers, So, uh, it's not an issue. (takes slow drink) What else you got?

(Scene change, Hardison still struggling with the chair. Key drops into water, Hardison unlocks himself and climbs out of the pool, walking over to stand next to Eliot, wiping his face with wet handkerchief)

Hardison: And what message I should convey to my employer?

Moreau (laughs): I like this one. Ah. Glad we could strike a deal. Reminds me of Belgrade. (walks away)

Eliot: Come on. (leads the way toward door)

Hardison: I lowered the chair and sucked the air from the pneumatic. It gave me an extra 30 seconds. (door opens, women stream in) That better be why you didn't come and get me -- 'cause you knew I'd do that, right?

Eliot: Yeah, Hardison, 'cause I knew you were gonna suck air out of a chair. (leaving room)

Hardison (following Eliot): It better be why you didn't come and get me.

(Italian is the last of the women to reenter the pool area, drinking wine, looking at Moreau)

[Exterior Park, DC]

Parker (looking at ipad): It looks like a... (handing it to Sophie

Sophie: A fish? A complicated fish. We need to give Yasmin a ring.

Nate: No, I want to keep Yasmin clear. (Hardison and Eliot walk up, Hardison visibly upset) What?

Hardison (threateningly to Eliot): Tell them what you did, Eliot. Hmm? You risked my life Ė

Eliot: We're in. Moreau's gonna give me the details of the auction tomorrow.

Sophie: You? Why is he giving you the details?

Eliot (talking over Sophie): I said we're in! Just make the plan.

Hardison: Hey, Eliot worked with Moreau back in the day. A lot. Tell them. (sits down beside Parker)

Nate (stands up): We've been chasing Moreau for six months, and you didn't tell us.

Eliot: Because I was trying...

Nate (talking over Eliot): Because what?

Eliot (talking over Nate): ...To figure out a way around this, all right, maybe take my shot before --

Nate: 'cause you're protecting him? Is that what you're Ė

Eliot: I'm protecting you! All right, last time I checked, that's my job.

Nate: Look, we can handle Moreau.

Eliot: We're out of our league, Nate. Every one of Moreau's men has innocent blood on their hands, every one of Ďem. Every one of íem... are worse than me. You think you know what I've done? The worst thing I ever did in my entire life I did for Damien Moreau. And I -- I'll never be clean of that.

Parker: What did you do?

Eliot: Don't ask me that, Parker. (looks at her apologetically) Because if you ask me, I'm gonna tell you. So please don't ask me.

(Parker nods)

Sophie: Look, we all have a past. You don't have to tell us anything, Eliot. But we've learned the hard way we've got to be straight with each other.

(Hardison nods and takes ipad)

Nate (nods): So, ah, you said that Moreau is gonna give you details on the auction tomorrow. Why tomorrow?

Eliot: Because he wants me to do something for him first.

Nate: I'll bet he does. What?

Eliot (glance at Sophie): Kill Atherton.

Sophie: Kill Atherton? (scoffs) You can't. You're not that man anymore.

(Hardison reacts to something on ipad)

Nate: He might have to be... to get us in.

Hardison: So we can buy a bomb?

Nate: What?

Hardison: The Ramís Horn -- it's a bomb. A very big bomb.

Nate (takes ipad): It's a bomb?

Hardison: Yeah. Yasmin's battery goes right there.

Sophie: Battery? It's an electrical bomb?

Hardison: Mm-hmm. It's an E.M.P. Bomb -- electromagnetic pulse. I recognize it 'cause I built something just like it.

[Flashback to racetrack, Hardison showing Nate his EMP gun]

Hardison: E.M.P. Cannon. It emits a focused electromagnetic pulse That'll knock out all the electronics in his car For 30 minutes.

[Exterior Park, DC]

Hardison: My E.M.P. Gun -- it's like that, just jacked up by a factor of a million. It fries everything electronic within the blast radius, which, on this thing, is about the size of a city.

Parker: Doesn't sound so bad.

Hardison: Yeah, unless you're in a hospital or in a car on the freeway or in a plane falling out of the sky.

Parker: Oh. Yeah.

Nate: Okay, now, Atherton is gonna give this to Moreau, and Moreau is gonna auction it off to the highest bidder.

(group stops and circles)

Sophie: Terrorists, criminal gangs?

Hardison: So, what do we do? Call the feds, show them the plans that we stole from the department of defense, and tell them that some dude with protection from on high is maybe selling it this weekend?

Nate: No, no, no. What we do is we stick with the plan. We find out where Moreau's selling this and who the buyer is, and we get into that auction.

Eliot: Only way to get the details of the auction is if I kill Atherton.

Nate (turns to lead group away): Then that's what you're gonna do.

[Interior Car]

Eliot: D.C.'s got a lot of traffic cams. Tell me about the car.

Chapman: Stolen in Virginia. After this, we load it onto a freighter, and it gets dumped into the Atlantic. (gestures toward glove box) Gun's in there.

(Eliot opens box, takes out gun, looks at it)

Chapman: Shaved-off serial number. Gets dumped with the car. You know how Moreau does things.

Eliot: (unloads gun and puts it back in the glove box) Yeah, well, I don't really like guns, so Ė (shoves it back in the glove box)

Chapman: Moreau said --

Eliot (angry): What'd he say? Tell me what he said. Tell me one more time what he said. You might be used to him holding your hand but heís never had the problem with the way I work.

Chapman: I heard you'd gone soft.

(Atherton comes out of his house)

Chapman: We've been watching Atherton for weeks -- Out at 6:35 a.m. Sharp, takes the same route to work.

Girl (coming out of the house): Daddy!

Atherton: Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing? Oh!

Chapman: I wanted to extinguish the whole family, like we usually do. Moreau said we should wait.

Atherton: Do everything your mom says.

Girl: Okay.

Atherton: All right? Go on.

Girl: Love you, daddy.

(Chapman and Eliot exchange a meaningful look, Eliot gets out of the car. At traffic intersection, Chapman pulls up beside Atherton)

Chapman: Looks like you've got a flat back there.

Atherton: Oh, god. (puts car in park)

(Eliot rises up in the back window and twists Athertonís neck, leaving him lying in the seat as he gets out and gets into Chapmanís car)

Eliot: Go over 35 and I'll kill you.

[Medical Examinerís Office]

Clerk: We got an I.D.? (Nate tosses Clerk a wallet) Elias Atherton of Bethesda. I'll call it in.

(Nate takes gurney into the Medical Examinerís office, Hardison unzips the bag)

Nate: All right. Ah, you're doing good, General.

Atherton: I can't believe Moreau wanted to have me killed.

Nate: Well, you've been doing business with Moreau for years. You know what he is. There's a perfectly good version of this plan where we let you get killed.

Hardison: All right, it's your second chance. Don't waste it.

Nate (looking at replacement body): What were you thinking? I mean, this guy, he's too tall. We looked at the whole --

Hardison: What was I thinking? You asked for a white male John Doe. You got a white male John Doe. This ain't the Gap.

Nate: Yeah, but, I mean, we're in trouble if they move the zipper past here, because this guy, I mean, he was stabbed.

Hardison: You know what? My bad. Next time, I'm gonna spackle up the knife wounds...

Nate: Yeah.

Hardison: Maybe do his makeup, brush his teeth a little bit. Hello?

Nate: Okay.

Hardison (to Atherton): They threw me in a pool, man!

Nate: Go.


Clerk: Mrs. Atherton, is this your husband?

Sophie (looking at body, overreacting): Aah!

Clerk (handing Sophie a bag including Athertonís ID badge) Your husband's belongings.

(Sophie coming out of Medical Examinerís room)

Nate: Okay, okay, enough, enough. You got Atherton's I.D., right?

(Sophie takes off wig and nods)

Nate: Okay, get Hardison and Parker, use the I.D. to go steal the bomb, and bring it to the auction. We get Moreau in the same room with the bomb, they'll get him for treason.

Sophie: Instead of, say, us going down for treason, huh?

[Downtown DC Hotel Pool Area]

Chapman: General's dead. Just got confirmation from the M.E.'s office.

Moreau (calling Eliot): Spencer, my friend, you haven't lost your touch. Tell your friends they have a seat at the auction. The buy-in is $2 million. I'll text you the address. Be there in one hour.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

Hardison: I'm in.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab, Parking Lot]

Sophie (in parking lot looking at phone): Walk to the end of the corridor. Make a left. That'll take you to a bank of elevators. Take the elevator to the fifth floor.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

(Hardison uses Athertonís badge to get into the elevator with Bixby)

Guard (approaching desk): My wife works dispatch at D.C. Police. She called and said general Atherton was murdered this morning.

Guard 2: That can't be right. (pulls up info on screen) I have his I.D. on the building grid.

Guard: You got what? Trigger a red alert. (comes around desk and looks at monitors) We have a breach, corridor 12. Let's go. (2 guards get up and rush off)

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

(Hardison gets off the elevator)

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab, Parking Lot]

Sophie: End of that corridor, make another left.

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

(Guards running)

Guard 3: Hold up. (looking at screen, then up at man walking, all run at him) Hold it! (tackle man)

Bixby: Ugh! What the hell is going on here?

Guard 3: What are you doing with General Athertonís security pass?

Bixby: I have no idea.

[Flashback to elevator]

(Hardison on elevator with Bixby, who exits. Parker enters frame and hands ID to Hardison)

[D.O.D. Off-Campus Research Lab]

Guard 4: Dr. Bixby, where is your I.D.?

Guard 3: It's on the fifth floor, sir. (checking screen)

Guard 4: Come on.

(Hardison uses Bixbyís badge to enter room)

Parker (out of breath): Hey. (leads way into room) Okay, file kta3506. (looking around room) Here.

(both look down at bare wire in empty space)

Hardison: The bomb's gone. (alarm goes off) Nate. Nate, something's wrong. The bomb is not here.

[Interior Warehouse]

Nate (walking in with Eliot following): Copy that.

Eliot: Chapman said Moreau was gonna load the car on a ship and dump it out at sea. He's got an international buyer.

Nate: The docks. Guys, watch for a secured vehicle heading toward the waterfront.

Eliot: Why would you hold an auction in a warehouse?

Nate: Well, you wouldn't.

(Nate sees Italian tied to chair, runs toward her. Noise of doors shutting alerts men to trouble)

[Interior car]

Hardison: Nate. Nate, I got a lead on the Ramís Horn. Yasmin's battery had a messy E.M. Signal that I can track.

Parker: Who taught you how to drive?

Sophie: Taxi driver in Istanbul.

Parker: I like it.

[Interior Warehouse]

(Nate unties Italian while Eliot keeps watch)

Nate: (in Italian) Wake up, wake up. (in English) Hey.

Italian (waking up): You again.

Nate: Hey, what happened?

Italian: I was undercover, watching Moreau, and he had men even in my organization. They sold me out.

Nate: So now we have to rescue you.

Italian: That's why I made you hate me.

Nate: Oh, to make me work on my own, huh?

Italian: It means my plan worked.

Nate: Smart ass.

Eliot: Nate, we got to go.

(Nate helps Italian to her feet and they walk further into the warehouse)

[Interior Car]

Hardison: No. The bomb is supposed to be right here. This doesn't make any sense.

(Train horn blows, train begins to cross road)

Sophie: This is gonna be a little tricky.

Hardison: We got to get on that freight car.

Parker: I have an idea.

Sophie: Am I gonna hate it?

Parker: No, but he is.

[Interior Warehouse]

(Italianís phone rings)

Eliot (takes phone): I got it. (connects call) Moreau.

Moreau: For what it's worth, she didn't talk. So I sent some friends to continue the conversation.

Eliot: Well, then, I'll see you soon.

Moreau: By the way, ah, the white hat really doesn't suit you, but I love the hair.

(Eliot hangs up, hands Nate the phone)

Nate: Eliot, are we in trouble?

Eliot (nods gravely): Oh, yeah.

[Bridge over Train Tracks]

(Parker and Hardison stand on bridge looking down at tracks. Parker smiles.)

[Interior Warehouse]

(Eliot leads other through warehouse, is attacked by a henchman and easily takes him down. Looks around corner and sees many men with guns, ready.)

[Bridge over Train Tracks]

(Train whistle blows, Parker and Hardison watch as it crosses under the bridge. They climb onto the bridge railing)

[Interior Warehouse]

(Eliot rejoins Nate and Italian)

Nate: So, we just have to get to that door.

Eliot: That's a kill box. There's too much space between here and there.

(Nate looks around for another way. Italian looks down at gun)

Eliot (to Italian): Are you sure you can actually take down Moreau?

Italian (nods): Absolutely.

(Eliot looks down at gun, Nate follows his gaze. Eliot looks at Nate and bends to pick up the gun, tucking it in his pants and taking off his jacket)

Nate: Eliot, listen.

Eliot (pulling gun from pants): Get her out of here.

(Eliot steps out and begins shooting. Nate takes the Italian and gets her across the room. Goons shoot at Eliot and he returns fire. Before hiding behind a box which the goons shoot up as Nate and the Italian get away)

[Roof of Train]

(Parker and Hardison jump from the bridge onto the roof of the train. The get up and run along the roof until they reach the car holding the bomb.)

[Interior of Warehouse]

(Eliot checks the weapon and comes out shooting. Goons shoot back. Eliot kills one man which falls behind cover Eliot dives behind)

[Interior of Train Car]

(Parker and Hardison look into the car holding the bomb. They jump in and tackle the guards, Parker using a taser on one of them)

Hardison: Yeah! (shaking his hand) Ow!

Parker (holding up taser): That's why I use this.

(They approach bomb)

Hardison (examining bomb): Okay, this thing's bolted to the ground for transportation.

Parker: Yeah, so much for stealing it.

Hardison: Parker, that access panel, can you get that open?

Parker: You got an idea?

Hardison: Yeah.

Parker: Am I gonna hate it?

Hardison: No, but I am.

[Interior of Warehouse]

(gunfire continues. Eliot grabs gun from man he killed. He waits for a break in shooting before firing again. He kills a man trying to come up behind him without even looking before making a dash across the warehouse floor, dodging bullets, and dives for another area of cover, shooting with both guns as he falls. He fires around his cover, hitting a water tank, until his gun is empty)

[Interior of Train Car]

Parker: What are you doing?

Hardison (clipping wires in control panel): Yasmin's battery is one of a kind. Now, if I do this right, I overload the batteries, they'll explode, and then this thing is worthless.

Parker: And if you do it wrong?

Hardison: Uh, the bomb triggers a giant E.M.P. Pulse, Washington, D.C., is fried, and thousands will die, and we go down as the biggest terrorists in American history, but we'll be dead, too, so it's not really be our problem.

Parker: Well, there's that.

Hardison: There is that.

[Interior of Warehouse]

(gunfire continues, Eliot grabs a gun from another fallen goon and checks the ammo in it, grabbing spare clip from goonís belt. During a pause in gunfire, Eliot walks out holding guns in both hands, looking at his remaining enemies. He hits the guns against his thighs, setting the clips home, then cocks the guns with each other. Goons prepare themselves to fire. Eliot takes a deep breath and starts running and firing, falling to his knees in the water and sliding as he continues to shoot, bullets wizzing around him. He turns in his slide and manages to shoot every single one of the enemy before hitting a barrel which exploads.)

[Interior of Train Car]

Hardison: Now I just need an electric charge to overload the batteries. Your taser. (Parker hands him the taser, he uses it to the taser to overload the batteries) Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

(Outside the train, Sophie is driving alongside when the train car explodes behind her. Parker and Hardison are holding onto the rail at the back of the train.)

[Interior warehouse]

(Eliot gets to his feet among the flames and dead bodies)

Chapman (behind him, cocking gun): You said you didn't like guns.

Eliot (turns around slowly) I don't. (raises gun and kills Chapman) Never said I couldn't use them. (unloads both guns and tosses them to the floor)

[Exterior train]

(train stops as Sophie pulls up)

Sophie: Come on, then.

Parker: You know what I'm in the mood for?

Hardison: What?

Parker (stops halfway down steps and looks at Hardison): Pretzels.

Hardison (watches her go before following): Hey.

(They get into Sophieís car and they drive away)

[Airplane Hanger]

(Moreau looks at his watch impatiently)

[Interior Car]

(sirens wailing)

Hardison (looking at ipad): Nate, there's only one flight leaving that airfield today. The flight plan is filed to San Lorenzo, main hangar.

Sophie: We're gonna have to meet you later. We're a little busy here.

Hardison: You are enjoying this.

[Airport Hanger]

(Moreau pacing nervously, finally turns to walk to plane.

Nate: Moreau.

Moreau (turns to see Nate and Italian) : Look at that. You saved the girl. Who are you?

Nate: You don't know?

Moreau: Not yet. Not that it matters.

Nate: We found your bomb.

Moreau: I have no idea what you're talking about. I never had any bomb in my possession.

Nate: Well, yes, um, did you take payment yet? Because right now it lies scattered in burning pieces across a quarter-mile of railroad track, and whoever bought it is sitting in a Baltimore waterfront wondering why Damien Moreau cheated them out of, what, $20 million, $30 million? I hope it wasn't the Koreans. They're not super forgiving. (pulls out phone)

Moreau: Who are you?

Nate (gestures for Moreau to wait): Yeah. Give it to him. Now. (hangs up phone)

[Massachusetts State Police]

Yasmin (hanging up phone): That was Mr. Ford. (gives Bonnano an envelope) He said to give this to you now.

(Bonanno looks into envelope to find pics of Moreau)

[Airport Hanger]

Nate: Now, I just delivered proof of your crimes to the police.

Moreau: You don't have any proof of my crimes.

Nate: Hey, you're right. You're right. I don't, no. That's right. But I'm framing you (points to Italian) with her crimes.


Italian: I need something from Moto's safe. (Nate drops envelope on crate) You didn't open it.

Nate: I don't open other people's mail.

[Airport Hanger]

Italian: You -- you did open it. You lied.

Nate: Of course I did. I... Anyway, five months ago, she asked me to steal records of money-laundering through blood diamonds. Now, the CIA, the NSA, the Russians were moving black-ops money through Alexander Moto. Now, you cover your tracks perfectly -- them, not so much. Nate: Now, there's enough evidence in those envelopes to take down governments. All I had to do was change the accounts in terms of where the money went so it went to your accounts.


Nate (looking at phone with account numbers scrolling): And now they're mine. I am gonna use these accounts to take down Damien Moreau on my terms.

[Airport Hanger]

Moreau: None of that is true.

Nate: Ah, who cares? True, schmue. It's all, you know, I mean, can you imagine governments, now they have a fall guy, you? Look, the one thing that I've learned, Moreau, over the last three years is that, ah, well, the only thing more ruthless than a criminal is a politician trying to save his own ass.

Moreau (angry): Who are you?!

Nate (laughs): You know how it feels like you been poked by a stick, you know, over these last six months or so? I'm that stick.

(Eliot bursts into hanger and begins running toward Moreau. Moreau sees him and pulls a gun, aiming it at Nate.)

Eliot: You got one shot, Moreau!

(Moreau shoots Italian, Eliot tries to get to Moreau before he boards the plane, Nate grabs him)

Nate: No, Eliot, no! I got other plans for him. (Nate goes to Italian and tries to staunch her wound) Eliot! Eliot!

(Eliot takes off his shirt and uses it to put pressure on the Italianís shoulder as they watch the plane take off.)

Nate (to Italian): It's okay. You're gonna be all right. Okay, hold on, hold on. I'm gonna get you. Hang on.


Eliot (approaching Nate): The rest of the team -- they don't need to know what I did.

Nate: I don't know what you're talking about.

(The rest of the team approaches and they all walk to the ambulance where the Italian is being loaded)

Italian (in Italian): Thank you for saving my life, Mr. Ford.

Nate (in Italian): You would have done the same for me.

Italian: No.

Nate: Mm. Well, then, I'm glad he didn't shoot me.

Italian: You're a free man now.

Nate: Mnh-mnh. Job's not done.

Italian: The job is dead.

Hardison: Moreau's gone to San Lorenzo -- tiny, little European country with no extradition treaty with anyone.

Italian: You couldn't touch him in your own country. How can you touch him in his?

(Italian is loaded into the ambulance, the team walks away)

Sophie: What now?

Nate: Now we go get him.

Eliot: To San Lorenzo?

Nate: To San Lorenzo.

Sophie: Nate, what are we gonna do when we get there?

Nate: Finish the job.

(cop cars pull up, fade to black)


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