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3x16 The San Lorenzo Job

[Presidential Office, San Lorenzo]

Ribera: Aaah! Aaah!

(Ribera picks up Nate and throws him on a table. Before Nate can get up, Moreau punches him.)

Moreau: Ford you honestly think you stood a chance?

Nate: Honestly, no. We didnít stand a chance in hell.

[McRoryís Bar, One Week Earlier]

Sophie: Damien Moreau is done.

Hardison (looking at phone): ďDamien Moreau, under investigation for antiquities smuggling.Ē ďMoreau linked to blood diamonds. Moreau assets in Switzerland, Germany, and Bolivia seized.Ē

Hardison: Last time anybody got this much press in the news, they had a nasty video out.

Parker: What kind of video?

Hardison: I-I-I donít know. I did not watch it. That would be wrong.

Nate: Now, Moreau is sitting in San Lorenzo, a country with no extradition, with his own private security, and heís gonna wait this out until it blows over. But he will be back -- I guarantee you. Now, weíve been in this situation before, when I pushed you into it.

Parker: You were drunk. Super drunk.

Nate: Thanks, Parker. I remember that. So Iíve pushed you, Iíve tricked you, Iíve lied to you. So now I-Iím just going to ask you. And if any of you -- any of you -- say no, then itís done. We donít do it. Please. Help me get rid of this Moreau guy for good.

[Briefing Room]

(Team gathered around table except Eliot who is on the phone in the background)

Hardison: Damien Moreau is holed up in San Lorenzo. Now, this was a British colony up until 1969, so the official language is still English. Less than 300,000 people living on 120 square miles. The population of the capital city couldnít even fill the cheap seats at Fenway. I mean, you could fit the entire government in this room.

Sophie: Whatís Moreau using for resources?

Hardison: Heís got millions in jewelry and gold bars stacked up at his villa there. I mean, we took out his international business, but he still can afford to sell and buy this country five times over.

Sophie: Iím thinking the Spanish turnabout.

Parker: Mm. No, heís not gonna leave the country. The turnabout pays off at an airport.

Sophie: The Peking Watch Con.

Parker: Nice!

Nate: Guys, guys, this is Damien Moreau. Now, we got lucky the first time we caught him on his blind side, and he still almost killed us. Now, if he catches wind that weíre running a con or a heist that heís seen before, weíre done. Itís got to be something new.

Sophie: There are no new cons, Nate.

Eliot (joining others): Put this up on the big screen. (tossing phone to Hardison) Remember I told you I had a friend in San Lorenzo? Make sure itís encrypted, too, because heís taking a big chance by talking to us.

Hardison (manipulating phone): Oh, so, like, do my job.

Eliot: Do your job.

Hardison: That I been doing for years.

Eliot: Do your job. General Flores, could you please tell my team what you were saying earlier about Moreau?

Flores (on screen): I have not been general for a long time...Commander. You understand, weíve had open elections in San Lorenzo since our independence in 1969. Democracy is, uh, hard, but we were making progress until President Ribera. Ribera was a minor officer in our security forces. Then Damien Moreau came to our country. He bankrolled Riberaís political career. Within a year, Ribera had bribed and murdered his way into the presidency. Anyone who opposes him is declared an enemy of the state. They are imprisoned, and by law, their assets are seized, their families bankrupted.

Eliot: This is why the generalís in hiding. Heís your candidate running against Ribera.

Nate: General, I understand youíre taking quite a risk for yourself and your family by talking to us. Uh, we-we certainly owe you a debt.

Flores: No, Iím the one with the debt. Spencer saved my life... twice.

Eliot: Once... and a half.

Parker: How do you half-save someoneís life?

Eliot: Ďcause I was the one that was sent to kill him, so I figure that only counts as a half, right?

Hardison: That actually makes sense.

Nate: General, I...

(Noises coming across the connection, Flores looks concerned)

Eliot: What is it?

Flores: I donít know.

Eliot: General, is that a secure line?

Soldier: Hold it!

(Soldiers come in and grab Flores on screen)

Eliot (angry): I thought you said this thing was safe, man! General!

Hardison: It was man. They just hacked it from the other side. Itís serious software, like, uhó

Moreau (on screen): Manticore? Thank you for destroying Duberman last year. Bankrupted his company, put his old servers on the open market. Amazing what $10 million and some clever tech support can do.

Nate: Moreau.

Moreau: Hey, donít blame yourselves for this. Ribera makes sure I stay safe, so I make sure he stays president. Actually, to be fair, I wouldnít have found Flores if you hadnít contacted him, so, uh, go ahead and blame yourselves.

Eliot: You canít just kill a war hero like Flores.

Moreau: No, of course not. Weíve got U.N. Election inspectors here, world media. No, heís just in prison until after the election. Then heíll have a car accident. You know how these things are done... Or, uh, you used to. Sleep tight. (closes connection)

(Eliot walks towards screen, upset)

Nate: Eliot.

(Eliot looks up, his face a mask of rage)

Nate (into phone): Ciao.

(team looks at Nate)

Nate (in Italian): I need to call in a favor.

[San Lorenzo International Airport]

(Team walks out of airport with bags)

Italian: You cleared customs under a different name. Your IDs and your work visas are inside. (hands Nate an envelope) It wasnít easy.

Nate: Well, if it was easy, I wouldnít have asked you for help. Now, he doesnít know weíre here, right?

Italian: Mr. Ford, it will never work. Damien Moreau will never leave San Lorenzo.

[San Lorenzo Parliament]

Woman: Thank you.

Clerk: Sign in, please. Thank you.

[Conference Room]

Nate: No, no, no. No, no. Ha ha -- no. People, no, you need the windows to be open! (opens blinds) You need light to see the goal! You need to see the goal to win the race! And also, people, you need the TVs to be off. (turns off TVs Half the time, theyíre telling us things we already know. The other half, theyíre telling us things that just arenít true.

Michael (entering room): Excuse me, who are you?

Nate: James Draper, Election Consultant. General Flores hired me to run the last week of his campaign, the final push and all.

Vittori: Flores is in jail.

Nate: Oh, well, give me the next in line.

Vittori: The next guy...

Nate: Uh, yeah, your next guy in the party that can run for president.

Vittori: He is in jail, too. So is the next, uh, ďguy.Ē

Nate: Who are you?

Vittori: Michael Vittori?

Nate: Why arenít you in jail?

Vittori: Because I am 30 points behind in the polls. Why bother to arrest a loser, huh? I am sorry you wasted your trip.

Nate: Wasted my trip? No, no, youíre perfect.

[Flashback Briefing Room]

Nate: No, no, no, no. This guy is awful.

Sophie: Ugh. I have to agree with Nate. You know how much I hate doing that.

Hardison: Well, look, Ribera arrested anybody else who stood a chance of taking him down. Seriously. Look, these are the other candidates, right here -- drug dealer; drug dealer; drug addict; embezzler; embezzler, drug dealer, and drug addict; and my personal favorite...

Sophie: Ew! Ew... What is that?

Hardison: Thereís no secrets on the internet. When will people learn this?

[Conference Room]

Vittori: You want to help me run this race?

Nate: No, I donít run races. I win them.

Hardison: Bolivia, 2002.

Sophie: Estonia, 2003.

Hardison: The Republic of Malta, 2005.

Nate: Do you know me now?

Vittori: Why me?

Nate: Why you? Because... (gestures for Vittori to sit down) you are a man of the people and a leader of men. The people of San Lorenzo need you, because you can bring this country into the shining future that it deserves. The people of San Lorenzo -- they need you! And Iím under contract. So letís get going.

Vittori: Youíve heard the man! Letís get started!

Sophie: You sure about this?

Nate: Letís go steal a country.

[Presidential Office]

Moreau: Good. Youíre here. I need you to change the banking laws. Iím moving whatís left of my money into San Lorenzo. I donít want to worry about paperwork.

Ribera: This is the Office of the President.

Moreau: Ribera, youíre not the first president Iíve bought. Youíre not even the most expensive one. Itís my office. Just sign. Whatís gotten into you?

Ribera: School teacher Vittori -- heís having press conference.

Moreau: Well, thatís good.

Reporter (on screen): Weíre live at the parliament.

Moreau: Makes it convincing for the U.N. Inspectors if they think thereís more than one candidate. Easier to pretend itís a real election.

Ribera: Iím not sure about this.

[Parliament Building]

Hardison: Well, the speech is focus-tested through anonymous e-mail linguistic sampling. Just good words people like.

Vittori: We donít really do press conferences here.

Nate: Yeah, well, exactly. Thatís why people came. Different is good. Different is news.

Vittori: And this quote from my grandmother -- ďthe truth is a lightĒ -- she never said this.

Nate: Ah, well, maybe she will.

Vittori: But...Sheís dead.

Sophie: Oh. Well, then, thereís no way to know that she didnít say it, huh? (adjusting Vittoriís tie) There you go.

(Vittori walks over to podium)

Sophie: Nate, I have to say, of all the deceitful, unprincipled, corrupt things Iíve done in my entire life, nothing is as bad as...

Nate: Politics.

Sophie: I canít even say it.

Announcer: Announcing your independent candidate, Michael Vittori!

Vittori: Good eveó (feedback on mic) Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being here today.

Nate: Okay, hopefully, Vittori is a stall. Eliot, did you find your friend yet?

Eliot: Yeah.

Nate: Good.

[Beneath Parliament Building]

Eliot: No, Flores isnít in a regular prison. Heís in the tombs -- Cells underneath the Parliament Building, left over from the old colonial days.

[The Tombs]

(Flores is lying on a mattress in an otherwise bare cell. Long hallway, single elevator with camera above it)

Eliot (voice over): They tore the stairwell out, put in a single elevator. Closed shafts, no access. Only way in and out.

[Guard Post]

(Monitor showing the Tombs watched by many guards standing in front of elevators)

[Beneath Parliament Building]

Eliot (voice over): And even if you get past the guards, theyíre gonna shoot the elevator up on your way back out. Itís a kill box. Flores, getting him out is gonna be loud. Itís gonna be messy.

Parker: Hey, how about this? Steam vent (pounds on metal) welded shut.

Eliot: Itís a steam vent, Parker. All right? People donít Ė

(Parker gives him a pointed look)

Eliot: Normal people donít g-- You -- they feel like -- it will burn y--

Parker (stopping at a pipe): This is it. Weíre here. (referencing diagrams) This intersection is 60 feet below the street.

Eliot: You sure thatís 60 feet down?

Parker: (singing) AhhÖ Yeah. Thatís it. 60 feet. That pipe.

[Parliament Building]

Vittori: But what I can do, is be a light that leads us through these dark days. My grandmother used to say that the truth is a light, and that light must shine. Let me light the way for San Lorenzo, and, in turn, our small island -- Little body with a mighty heart -- will be a light that leads the world.

(scattered applause

Female Reporter: Mr. Vittori...

Male Reporter: Mr. Vittori...

Female Reporter: What are your thoughts about the world economy?

Male Reporter: How do you feel about San Lorenzo joining NATO?

Female Reporter: How do you propose to bring the education of--

Male Reporter: What about the whereabouts of General Flores?

[Presidential Office]

(Watching press conference on screen)

Ribera: Ha! Look at him run.

Moreau: No, that speech was very odd. It was good.

Ribera: It was?

[Parliament Building]

Nate: What are you doing?

Vittori: Theyíre asking questions!

Sophie: Yes!

Nate: Yes!

Vittori: But nobodyís ever asked questions before. Nobodyís even paid attention before.

Sophie: Look, just stick to the talking points. Youíre an honest man who wants an honest economy. If you look confident, then you sound confident. Here. (touching his face) Once they know you, they will love you, and thatís the truth.

Female Reporter: Oh, get that!

[Presidential Office]

(Shot of Sophie touching Vittori on screen)

Moreau: What was that?

Ribera: What?

Male Reporter: This woman that Vittori is speaking with -- Is she in fact involved with his campaign...

[Parliament Building]

Vittori (returns to podium): Iím happy to answer questions now.

Male Reporter: Who is that woman?

Female Reporter: Is she your girlfriend?

Vittori: Excuse me. How is that relevant?

Male Reporter: What are you trying to hide?

Vittori: Iím not trying to hide -- Does anyone have a question related to my campaign?

Female Reporter: Is she a hooker?

Sophie: What?!

Vittori: What?! I am an honest man who wants an honest economy.

[The Tombs]

(toilet bubbles, a telephone in a bag pops up, ringing. Flores answers)

Flores: Hello?

Eliot: General.

Flores: Always full of surprises.

[Beneath Parliament Building]

Eliot: Weíre working on a way to get you out of there, sir.

Flores: And my people?

[The Tombs]

Flores: Spencer, the rest of my cabinet, men I fought with, my ministers, theyíre down here with me. I canít leave without them.

(shot of other men in cells down the hallway)

[Beneath Parliament Building]

Eliot: Sir, we can barely find a way to get you out of there alone.

[The Tombs]

Flores: These people you are with now, would you leave any of them behind? Ever?

[Beneath Parliament Building]

(Eliot turns to look at Parker, who looks back at him with a smirk)

[The Tombs]

Flores: I thought so. I cannot take the chance they will kill these men in reprisal if you rescue me. Leave me here, no matter what. (hangs up phone)

[Beneath Parliament Building]

Parker: You okay?

Eliot: Nate, I hope youíre having a better day than we are.

[Parliament Building]

Nate: Not exactly.

Sophie: Nate, we have to do something.

Nate: No, no, no. If Moreau finds out weíre in the country, heís gonna kill Ė

(Sophie walks toward the podium)

Nate: Soph--

Sophie: Uh, my name is, uh, Rebecca Ibanez, and...Well, we were trying to keep this a big secret, but, yes, as Michaelís grandmother used to say -- ďthe truth is a light, and the light must shine.Ē Weíre getting married!

Vittori: My grandmother -- she never said --

Sophie: Yes. Oh, itís very happy news, yes. Heís a wonderful man. One at a time.

Female Reporter: Are you a school teacher?

Sophie: Yes, yes, I am also a school teacher. I teach underprivileged children...

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

Hardison (approaching Nate): Hey, man. Hey, the feedback is great. I mean, on lineís going crazy for her. Thereís a hash tag on her. Thereís a bunch of phone videos going viral.

Nate: What about her back story?

Hardison: I have to wait until sheís done making it up, but I can graft one of her old IDs onto it. Listen, man, sheís not princess Di. Itís a small country. We got this. We Ė

(Moreau walks up with soldiers)

Hardison: Oh, hell, itís Moreau.

Nate: Yes, I caught that.

Moreau: Ford.

Nate: Yeah.

Moreau: I have to ask -- why wonít you leave me alone?

Nate: Well, you move dirty money.

[Parliament Building]

Sophie (on main floor): Well, we want a big family.

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

Moreau: Behind every great fortune, there is a great crime. If we couldnít move money just because it was dirty, the world economy would collapse. Iím a banker, Ford. Some banks buy land. I buy politicians. Some banks invest in business. I invest in countries. And I think big, and I donít judge the men I do business with. Now, thatís not a sin. Thatís vision.

Nate: Oh.

Moreau: Now, come along.

Nate: My man here has hacked into all the security feeds in the Parliament Building, so if anything were to happen to me or my team, the footage would go straight to the police and to Interpol.

Moreau: Thatís not my problem.

Nate: Well, I think you should know, though, that there are more U.N. Election officials here in this country right now than there are tourists. Now, your man Ribera, heís already arrested his main opponent. So if anything further were to go wrong with his election, like, say, the kidnapping of U.S. Citizens, well, you just might lose your safe haven.

Moreau: Make it interesting, Ford.

Nate: Yeah, Iíll -- Iíll try.

(Monroe and soldiers walk away)

Hardison: You do know I havenít hacked into any of the security feeds for Parliament.

Nate: Yeah.

Hardison: I should go get on that.

Nate: Do.

Hardison: Okay. (walking away)

Nate: Yeah. Oh, boy, Sophie, what have you done?

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

Sophie: Honey, donít be so shy.

[Conference Room]

Hardison: Hey. Up 10 points.

Nate: Not enough.

Hardison: Itís 10 points, man. Sophieís a hit.

Nate: Itís not enough.

(Vittori and Sophie walk in, everyone claps)

Nate: Eliot, Parker, start looking at those other plans.

Eliot: Those are pretty nasty.

Nate: Welcome to politics.

(Eliot and Parker leave)

[Vittoriís Office]

Nate: Okay.

Vittori: I am worried, Mr. Draper. I should not be lying to the people.

Nate: I agree. You know, youíre up 10 points.

Vittori: I am?

Sophie: Michael, do you believe that Ribera is bad for the people?

Vittori: Absolutely.

Sophie: Then itís worth anything to stop him. For the people!

Vittori: I suppose...

Nate: Donít think of it as a lie. Think of your engagement to Rebecca as a campaign promise. You tell people youíre gonna marry her, and when you become president, mm, you donít.

Vittori: How is a campaign promise different than a lie?

Nate: Itís complicated. Right now, your people, they need a pep talk. Itís not about us anymore. Itís about them.

Vittori (leaves room): Come on! Letís get started!

Nate: Okay, well, after two full days, youíre still alive.

Sophie: Michael was seconds away from burying your little plan in a shallow grave.

Nate: ďShallow grave?Ē Well, thatís good. Remember that joke next time weíre in the forest with two shovels in our hands.

Hardison: Country of 300,000 people -- Half of them likely to vote -- Yeah, I just need 20,000 of them to change their mind... in less than a week.

Sophie: Nate, if stealing a country were easy everyone would do it. (leaves room)

Nate: Hardison.

[Conference Room]

(Hardison hard at work on computer and phone)

[Exterior Street]

(Vittori and Sophi talking to people, shaking hands, signing autographs)

[Exterior Square]

(Ribera giving speeches)

[Parliament Building]

(Sophie rolling up Vittoriís sleeves and giving him pointers before he joins reporters)

[Conference Room]

(Hardison uses images of Vittori to create fliers and advertisements)

[Exterior Street]

(people hang up fliers that Hardison created)

[Parliament Building]

(Sophie stands at top of stairs and watches as press takes pictures of Vittori and his cabinet)

[Conference Room]

(Man looks at poll results on screen, Vittori is gaining)

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

Hardison (joining Nate with iPad): Check it, man.

Nate: A campaign ad?

Hardison: Yeah, see, Ribera and Moreau, they own the media, but they do not own the web. Look what every person in San Lorenzo got in their in-box this morning.

Voiceover (on video): San Lorenzo -- Today, a glittering jewel of the Mediterranean, Tomorrow, President Edwin Ribera... Against fire safety, for guns...

Hardison: I did an image and language scan of every successful U.S. Political ad, and I just combined the top techniques.

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Voiceover (on video): ...Against education, for child labor.

Nate: ouch.

Voiceover (on video): Vote Michael Vittori for president.

Nate: You donít think itís a little over the top?

Hardison: Over the top? What language are you speaking?

[Parliament Building]

Man: Presidente! Presidente!

(Ribera walks in with soldiers, child sees him, points and screams)

Ribera: Wha-- me?

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

Nate (on balcony): I take it back.

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

(line of people waiting to meet the president, who is surrounded by soldiers)

Ribera: So nice to meet you.

Woman: Thank you.

Ribera: Welcome.

Woman: Yeah.

(Ribera shakes Parkerís hand for the cameras, she steals his watch)

[Conference Room]

Vittori: This is incredible.

Nate: Yeah, yeah. Now, this is about the point in American politics, right, where you want to -- you want to drum up a little scandal.

Vittori: Like, ah, money? No. A scandal wonít work. Everyone knows heís corrupt.

Nate: No, no, no, no. Worse than money.

Vittori: Sex?

Nate: Way worse.

Vittori: What scandal is worse than money or sex?

[Presidential Office]

(Ribera throws his glass on the floor in anger as Moreau walks in)

Reporter (on screen): A Canadian animal-rights activist joins us today with shocking allegations. This is Ray Laroque.

Ribera: Did you see this?

(shot of television screen)

Reporter: Tell us, Ray, what brought you to San Lorenzo?

Eliot: Well, two words, Nicole -- dog fighting. Eh?

Reporter: So you contend that dogs were made to fight to the death in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace?

Eliot: Oh, absolutely. Even puppies as young as this one right here. This adorable little thing right here. Hi. (kisses dog)

Reporter: Wait. Was the president at these fights?

Eliot: I never saw the president at the fights, but I am aware that the dog fights did happen on his estate, while he was home.

Ribera: This is lies!

[Conference Room]

Reporter (on screen): The presidential spokesman has yet to comment. This is Nicole Polimo, reporting from the Presidential Palace.

Nate: Aww, littleÖ

Vittori: I think I hate you.

Nate: You know, Iím okay with that.

[Presidential Office]

Ribera (turning off TV): Okay, I-I should cancel the debate tonight. Hmm?

Moreau: The questions. (hands Ribera a piece of paper) All of them. And donít look surprised, Ribera. I own the TV station. Listen -- tonight, youíll bury him at the debate. Tomorrow, he loses in what will be the closest election in years, which, frankly, only helps legitimize you. So relax! Right?

Ribera: Right.

[Back Stage]

Sophie: So, listen to the question, then pause before you answer. It shows youíre thoughtful.

Vittori: Yes, dear. I am not made for this. This should be General Flores. He is a leader.

Sophie: Do you want people to follow you, to do what you ask? All right, Iím gonna give you the secret. Very straight, very confident. And then you give a person a choice, and one of those choices is a very easy ďyes.Ē You get someone to answer ďyesĒ to you in their head, and before they even realize it, theyíre on your side. And then as you do this, what youíre gonna do is youíre gonna reach forward as if to shake their Ė

(Sophie attempts to show Vittori how to hold his hand)

Sophie: No, no, no -- like this. No, as if to shake their hand. In Western culture, weíre hardwired to trust that gesture. So, very straight, an easy choice, reach forward. Now, go on. (pushes him toward stage)

Vittori: It sounds so easy when you say it.

Sophie: Are you gonna let down all those people that have worked so hard to support you? Or do you want to be president of your country? (holds her hand out)

Vittori: I want to be presó(takes her hand) Ohh. Ah..

Sophie: Go on. (pushes him on stage)

[On Stage]

Mediator: The next question in tonightís Presidential Debate will go to President Ribera. Mr. President...

Ribera: Hmm?

Mediator: San Lorenzo enjoys the highest standard of living in the region. How would you build on that in your second term?

Ribera: I believe my greatest accomplishment in my term as president has been, uh... economic development... I-- hmm... One moment. (reaches for his water)

[Back Stage]

Sophie: Another softball question. Did you see what she asked Michael? Whoís the finance minister of the E.U.?

Nate: Michael... Okay, wait for it.

[On Stage]

Ribera: We have increased tourism 22%, Thanks to my succ-- s-successful... ďthe, uh, the Soul of the MediterraneanĒ campaign... Excuse... Me. (takes another drink of water)

[Back Stage]

Nate: Yeah, we put, uh, nicotine cream under his wristwatch.


(Ribera shaking Parkerís hand)

Ribera: Vote for me.

Parker: Hmm?

(Parker walks away, holding Riberaís watch)

(Eliot wearing gloves using a cotton swab to put something on the back of the watch)

Ribera (back stage): ... ďSoul of the MediterraneanĒ campaign.

Parker: Your coat, Mr. President. (helps him put on coat)

Ribera: Thank you. My greatest accomplishment is... (finds watch in pocket) Ha!

Parker: Good luck.

Ribera: Thank you.

[Back Stage]

Nate: And nicotine on the skin goes right into the bloodstream.

Sophie: Rapid heartbeat...

Nate: Disorientation...

Sophie: The sweats.

Nate: It makes it look like heís been...

[On Stage]

Mediator: Sir, are you...?

Ribera: What?

Mediator: Is he drinking?

Aid: I donít know.

Ribera: No! This -- this is water. I-I just... I just donít. I... Ohh. (aid wipes his forehead) Oh, thank you.

Mediator: Mr. Vittori, rebuttal.

Vittori: Does San Lorenzo want to live in the past with President Ribera or (holds out his hand and looks off stage to Sophie)

[Back Stage]

(Sophie makes the same gesture with her hand)

[On Stage]

Vittori: Ödo they want a brighter future for their children?

(audience claps, light bulbs flash)

[Back Stage]

(Moreau glares at Nate and Sophie from across the stage)

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

Hardison (joining Nate): Hey. These are the latest numbers. I think tomorrow is anybodyís game.

Nate: Yeah.

(Moreau walks to edge of balcony not far away)

Hardison: Iím going to be so glad when this electionís over.

Nate: Well, donít be. The only reason weíre alive is that Moreau doesnít want to taint the election. Heís gonna kill us, yeah, the second the polls close.

(Nate nods at Moreau, who nods back)

[Exterior Street]

(line of people ready to place their votes in a ballot box watched by a U.N. Official)

Official: Right.

[Parliament Building]

(Vittori and Ribera place their bets in a ballot box, walk forward to camera flashes, and shake hands)

Ribera: Good luck. (walks off)

(Moreau follows Ribera and sends threatening look toward Nate)

[Conference Room]

Nate: Okay, how we doiní?

Hardison: Itís a record turnout, which is very, very good for us.

Sophie: Thereís not much time left at the polls. Iíve got everyone doing get-out-and-vote calls.

Nate (to Hardison): Okay, you go get on that other thing.

Hardison: Now?

Nate: Yeah, now. Now, listen, if things get ugly, turn Vittori loose.

Sophie: No!

Nate: If things get too hot, theyíre gonna come after him hard. You canít get in the crossfire.

Sophie: Well, thatís even more reason why one of us should be watching his back.

Nate: Listen, would you take a bullet for this guy?

Sophie: Maybe... For them.

(Nate sighs and walks away)

[Presidential Office]

Moreau: ďToo close to call,Ē hmm? ďToo close to callĒ! Howíd you let it get this far?!

Ribera: Why did you bring them to my country? (to soldiers) Get out!

Moreau: Can you control the streets?

Ribera: Ha. We donít have tanks to put in the street. My security forces are very good at driving people up into the mountains and making them disappear, but riot control? I donít know!

Moreau: But they provide security for the candidates, too.

Ribera: In theory.

[Conference Room]

Reporter (on screen): With polls closing in just minutes, weíre hearing rumors from parliament of an upset victory for Michael Vittori. This could be landmark moment in the history of San Lorenzo, something for the history books.

(room cheers)

Nate: Here we go.

[Beneath Parliament Building]

(Parker runs toward steam duct with tools in her hand)

Parker: Copy that. (lights torch)

[Guard Room]

(Eliot looks around corner to see guards milling around near elevator)

Eliot: Copy that.

[Vittoriís Office]

Hardison: Age of the geek, baby.

[Presidentís Office]

Male Reporter (on screen): And from our European desk, local press in San Lorenzo are saying that President Edwin Ribera may soon be on his way out, and schoolteacher Michael Vittori on his way in.

(Moreau changes channel)

Female Reporter (on screen): ...multiple sources from deep in the government, including missing independent party candidate General Flores.

Ribera: Flores?

Flores (voice over on screen): Itís true. All charges against me have been dropped, and my men have all been released.

[The Tombs]

Flores (in cell on phone): Weíre heading for parliament right now. I can only assume this is because Michael Vittori is even now taking control of our government, thank god. (hangs up phone)

[Presidential Office]

Ribera (on phone): I donít care. Send men down and make sure heís still in his cell, now. And if he is there, finish him. And get the rest. Yes, including Vittori.

[Parliament Building]

(soldiers dressed in SWAT gear run by bottom of stairs that Nate is walking down)

Soldier: Letís go.

Nate: Okay, guys, weíre hot. Get out.

(Nate is hit in the face and knocked down, then grabbed and led away by soldiers)

[Conference Room]

Soldier: Weíre taking you to the Presidential Palace now, sir, so we can issue a statement once the final votes are tallied. General Ribera feels itís important there be unity.

Vittori: For San Lorenzo!

Soldier: This way, sir.

[Guard Room]

(Soldiers in SWAT gear run in, enter elevator)

[Presidential Office]

(Ribera on phone)

Moreau: Nothing?

Ribera (putting down phone): No, we have Vittori. We can hold him till the results are in.

Moreau: I just called my TV station. They will not announce any results until we have cleared them. Radio station is the same. We can lock this down.

(Soldiers bring Nate into the room)

Nate: Good. We can talk.

Ribera: Aaah! Aaah! (grabs Nate and throws him on a table)

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

Sophie: Eliot, theyíve got Vittori.

Eliot: Iím out of position.

Sophie: Fine. Iíll do it myself. (grabs a knife and a wine bottle) Michael! (hits bottle with knife, cork goes flying)

Soldier (hit in eye with cork): Ohh!

(Sophie hits other soldier with bottle)

Vittori: We were going to the palace.

Sophie: Oh, youíre adorable. (looks over railing at crowd) Weíve got to get you into that crowd. We need to get you into that crowd now! Go! (pushes Vittori)

[Presidential Office]

Moreau (punches Nate): Ford. You honestly think you stood a chance?

Honestly, no. We didnít stand a chance in hell.

[Parliament Building]

Sophie: Excuse me. Excuse me.

(guards see Sophie and Vittori walking into the crowd)

Guard (into radio): We have a visual.

Female Reporter: Ah, the candidate and his fiancťe, joining us live. Can you comment on these rumors that there has been a stunning upset?

Sophie: Uh, yes. Uh, I didnít think this was possible when we started, but the people of San Lorenzo have found their voice. No matter what happens, donít let them take it from you, and no matter what they do, rise up and take your freedom!

Crowd: Viva Ribera!

(Soldiers in SWAT gear on balcony)

Man: Look out!

(shots ring out, Sophie moves in front of Vittori and is shot, soldiers duck down out of site. Vittori guides Sophie to the ground)

Vittori (blood on his hands): Rebecca! Rebecca! Sheís dead. Sheís dead!

[Presidential Office]

Michael (on screen): Rebecca, how could they do this?

Ribera (on phone): I didnít. Not in front of cameras. (hangs up) Okay, I have CNN, I have BBC, I have the U.N. Elections Inspector General all calling for my blood. Can I kill him yet?

(Moreau holds up his hand)

Nate: I need a drink.

Moreau: This is nothing I canít fix.

Ribera: They havenít even announced the votes yet.

Nate: No, of course not. Thatís the whole point.

Ribera (to Moreau): What does he mean? (to Nate) What do you mean?

Nate (takes out a piece of paper): This is a warrant for the arrest of Damien Moreau. (puts it on desk) Keep it, Ďcause youíre gonna sign that before I finish this drink.

Moreau: Iím so done with you.

Nate: And Iím done with you, Moreau. You know, for all the, ah, blood and corruption that you deal in, well, Iíve seen your like a hundred times. You think because of all your money that the entire world has to play by your rules. Youíre just another bastard in a suit.

Moreau: So? Then what are you?

Nate: Iím a thief. Thieves donít win elections. We steal them.

(sound of crowd outside, Ribera goes to look out window)

Ribera: There are people in the street. (turns on TV)

Male Reporter (on screen): Widespread celebration, chaos as everyone in San Lorenzo has received an official e-mail from the government confirming Michael Vittori has won the election.

Moreau: I told them not to report the results.

Nate: Well, theyíre not reporting the results, but they have to report people in the streets. They have to report what people are saying. In the absence of truth, the press will report rumor. Didnít you get it, Moreau? I mean, from the beginning, I was running an American campaign. No need win, you just declare victory from the start, first, and you stick to the story.

Moreau: I have the media. I have the guns. I-I have the... government.

Nate: You know what I have? I have a 24-year-old genius with a Smartphone and a problem with authority. You really never stood a chance.


Hardison: Look what every person in San Lorenzo got in their in-box this morning.

Nate: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait. You sent this ad to everyone in the country?

Hardison: Yeah. Took me an hour.

Reporter (on screen) ...Upset victory for Michael Vittori. This could be a landmark...

Hardison: Age of the geek, baby.

(computer screen showing confirmation of batch email sent)

[Presidential Office]

Nate: Did you know -- and I didnít know this -- four out of five people, they donít get their news anymore from the television or the radio. No, they get it from their Smartphone or a computer.

Moreau: Thatís a lie. It will never hold up.

Nate: Well, absolutely not, but, you know, any lie can last, you know, 10 minutes. See, what we needed to do is, we needed to get everyone to believe the same lie for the same 10 minutes.

Reporter (on screen): General Flores, are you involved in the new administration?

Flores: At this moment...

Ribera: Do you see this?

Flores: I am visiting with President Vittori. We are going to be investigating this horrible attack that has taken place today. We are going to find out who is responsible! The people of...

Ribera (turns off TV, into radio): Why is Flores alive? Hello? Hello!

Nate: Yeah, Iím sorry. No, we stole your security men, too, so...


(sparks coming from access panel, men in cells looking, panel falls, Parker climbs out)

Parker: Itís a dry heat.

(Parker turns off the camera and goes to open Floresí cell)

Flores: Who are you?

Parker: Iím supposed to tell you ďweíd be the cavalry.Ē

Flores: Spencer! (opens cell door)

(in guard room, soldiers in SWAT gear run toward elevator. In Tombs, they exit and run toward Flores and his men, who have been released. The front two soldiers are hit from behind from the last two, who pull off their masks to reveal Hardison and Eliot)

Flores: Spencer.

Sophie (in Parliament Building): And no matter what they do, rise up and take your freedom!

Crowd: Viva Ribera!

(Soldiers in SWAT gear on balcony)

Man: Look out!

(shots ring out, Sophie moves in front of Vittori and is shot, soldiers duck down out of site. Vittori guides Sophie to the ground, men on balcony lift their masks to reveal Flores and Eliot)

Flores: Come, Eliot.

Vittori (on Parliament Building Floor, covering Sophie with his jacket): We came here to announce that we have won the election. I president of San Lorenzo. The first moments of my regime are stained with blood by those who wanted to steal our freedom.

(Soldiers move forward through the crowd)

Vittori: So I ask you... do you want to go down in history with those assassins, or (holds his hand out to Soldier) do you want to be heroes?

(Soldier thinks about it, then shakes Vittoriís hand. On the floor, Sophie smiles slightly)

Crowd: San Lorenzo!

[Presidential Office]

Nate: Ah, that would be the riots. Yes, those happy crowds are just learning you gunned down their beautiful first lady.

Moreau: Ribera, do not lose your nerve.

Nate: You know, heís right. You could fight this. But the people believe that they won. And no matter how many ballots you show the international community, itís always gonna look like a fix. Now, from this point forward, running this country is gonna be a pain in the assÖ

(gunfire and noises from outside the room)

Nate: Öand you will always be looking over your shoulder. Of course, if youíre not president anymore, there would be no reason for anyone to bother you. You could have a nice pension, a nice estate in the country.

Ribera: How nice an estate?

Moreau: Ribera, you do not listen to him. You listen to me.

Ribera: How nice an estate?

Nate: Well, I understand his villa is spectacular.

Ribera: His villa?

Nate: Oh, sure. You could have all of the assets that come with the house, plus anything thatís hidden in it. Can you imagine whatís there?

Moreau: Itís not the governmentís to give. There are laws.

Nate: There are laws, including the law that says the government can seize the assets of a political prisoner.


Flores: Anyone who opposes him is declared an enemy of the state. They are imprisoned, and by law, their assets are seized.

[Presidential Office]

Moreau: Vittori and Flores are honest men. They wonít go for that.

Nate: Yeah. Youíre right.

(Nate looks pointedly at Ribera, then at warrant on the desk. Ribera looks down, then signs the warrant)

Moreau: No. No!

(soldiers seize Moreau as Nate finishes his drink)

Moreau (being pulled away): No. No! I have people! I have lawyers! You -- you -- Oh, my -- no!

(Flores, Vittori and soldiers enter room as Moreau is dragged out)

Ribera: Ah.

Flores: How is this going to go, Ribera?

Ribera: Oh, gentlemen... Hmm? (gesturing for them to sit down) I have just performed my last act as president of San Lorenzo. I am conceding the election.

Vittori: You are?

Ribera: Who am I to oppose the will of the people? Now, let us discuss the terms of my retirement.

[The Tombs]

(soldiers drag Moreau into the hall)

Moreau: Get your hands off me! You -- you have to get me out of here. You have to extradite me. Put me on trial in Rome or Paris!

(soldiers throw Moreau into a cell and close the door)

Italian: Iím so sorry, but San Lorenzo does not recognize extradition treaties. (to Nate) Damien Moreau will never leave San Lorenzo. (they walk away)

Moreau: Wait! Wait! Who are you people?!

[Parliament Building]

(A shrine for Sophie has been placed against the wall and people are leaving pictures and flowers)

Flores: With the resignation of President Ribera, there is no question as to the legitimacy of President Vittoriís administration, despite the confusion over the initial voting results.

Reporter: What is your role in the new administration?

Flores: I am advising president Vittori on foreign policy and acting as his minister within the parliament.

[Parliament Building, Balcony]

Sophie (joining Nate): Donít cry for me, San Lorenzo.

Nate (guiding her away): You are utterly unclear on how to be dead. This is the second time in two years that youíve shown up at your own funeral.

Sophie: Theyíre gonna put my face on the new 20 royal note...

Nate: I know.

Sophie: ...name a girlsí school after me.

Nate: I heard.

Sophie: Hey, did you see the inauguration speech? Heís a natural.

Nate: Yeah, you have every right to be proud.

Sophie: I am. Iím proud. You know, we didnít just con someone, we built something.

Nate: Well, we did subvert democracy.

Sophie: Ugh -- eggs, omelet.

Nate: Fair enough. No, weíre a good team.

Sophie: We are. Weíre a team. Finally. Partners in crime.

Nate: Partners?

Sophie: Together. See, you know, when we met, all that running and chasing -- You know, it was romantic, but it wasnít real. This -- this is real. Friends.

Nate: Friends, then. Do you want a friendly drink?

Sophie: Youíre a bad influence.

[Hotel Hallway]

(Hardison carrying large bag down the hall0

Eliot: Whatís all that?

Hardison: Knickknacks. We just stole a country. I want a souvenir. Whereís your luggage?

Eliot: I donít travel with luggage. Iím gonna go get Nate.

(Hardison helps Parker move a heavy trunk into the elevator as Eliot knocks on Nateís door)

Hardison: Geez. What have you got up in here, Parker, some of Moreauís gold bars?

Parker: Hey, you got your souvenirs, I got mine.

(Eliot breaks down door of Nateís room)

[Hotel Room]

Nate (waking up): Ohh, what is...Hey!

Eliot: Nate, letís go! Take off! Letís go.

Nate: Yeah, I was just... I had a couple last night. You know, a drink, just to celebrate.

Eliot: I donít care, man. Moreauís gone. Youíre a free man.

Nate: Yeah.

Eliot (laughing): Things are back to normal. (leaving)

(blankets stir, Sophie sits up holding blanket to her chest)

Sophie: Uh-oh.

Nate: Hi.

The End

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