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4x06 The Carnival Job

[Exterior Fluid Dyn]

(John and two security guards meet Geoffrey as he walks his bike up to the building)

Geoffrey: Morning, Johnny.

John: Morning.

(Geoffrey parks his bike and John motions to the guards to grab Geoffrey’s bag)

Guard: I'll take that.

Geoffrey: Hey, don't take my bag.

John (looks inside bag): Read your contract, Geoffrey. Anything you work on at Fluid Dyn is owned by Fluid Dyn. (takes chip from bag) I'm just doing my job.

Geoffrey: That's a hobby project, I swear. I only work on that at home.

John: This is some pretty sophisticated stuff. Do you really expect anyone to believe that you worked on this over the weekend in your underwear?

Geoffrey: I didn't do it in a weekend, John. I did it in 10 years' worth of weekends. While you were getting married and having a kid, I was alone in my garage, trying to change the world. You have no idea what you have in your hands right now.

John: If that were true, do you really think this would be happening?

Geoffrey: Son of a bitch!

(Geoffrey tries to go after John, but the security guards stop him)

John: Oh, and, you're fired.

Geoffrey: Why are you doing this? Hey, what? Get off me. Hey! Get your hands off me!

[McRory’s Pub]

Nate: What does this chip do, exactly?

Geoffrey: It's not what. It's how. The simple version is that it's an environmentally adaptive design that maximizes TTF, time to failure, on integrated circuits.

Nate: That's the simple version?

Hardison: So, basically, it, it changes everything.

Nate: What about military applications?

Geoffrey: Everything that a computer can do, my design can do it faster, better, and cheaper.

Hardison: But how do they plan to fabricate design history?

Geoffrey: That's what never made sense. You can't bring a chip to market without an R&D trail, so I sued, and that's when Connell did something I wouldn't have guessed in a million years.

Hardison:What's that?

[Leverage HQ]

Nate: He lied. No, he lied. His story is that Geoffrey attacked him after being passed over on a promotion. Now, in his version, there is no chip.

Sophie: Hmm. Well, it makes sense. Why would he admit to stealing it?

Nate: Well, because it's the basis for the legal claim. Denying it ever happened forfeits any rights Fluid Dyn would have on the design.

Sophie: Why would he do that?

Nate: Because he didn't steal it for Fluid Dyn. He stole it for himself.

Eliot: It's black market.

Sophie: Well, that explains Connell's trips to Russia over the last three months.

Nate: Hardison?

[Interior Van]

(typing on computer)

Hardison: There's your live feed from Connell's house, brought to you by Lucille. So now what she sees, you all see.

[Leverage HQ]

(viewing the exterior of John’s house on the monitors)

Sophie: Ooh, nice house for a V.P. of sales.

Nate: Yeah, well, he, a couple years ago, he spent a fortune in renovations. This guy is up to his hairline in debt.

(John walks out of the house with another man)

Eliot: Who's that guy?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: He's a contractor.

Nate: Hey, yeah, yeah, Hardison, what's up with the audio? Let's get some audio in here.

Hardison: Okay. Hit that button right there.

Parker: But it says "audio." (hits button)

John: All right, make it simple. Okay, explain it to me. Make it simple.

[Leverage HQ]

Contractor: You're already 2 feet above code.

John: How many times did I tell you not to use that word around me?

Contractor: That's easy for you to say, but I'm the one who loses his license if you get inspected.

[Interior Van]

John: Come on, man. It's never been a problem before.

[Leverage HQ]

Contractor: Well, it is a real--

Molly: Hey, dad.

John: Yeah?

Molly: Can I use your computer to finish my George Washington report?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: That's his daughter, Molly.

Contractor: I'm fine fudging a line here and there, but I'm not going to flat-out lie.

[Leverage HQ]

John: Look, give me a couple weeks.

Molly: You know who else refused to tell a lie? Cherry tree, ax, chop-chop. Anyway, so, I can use your computer?

Daria: Molly!

John: Daria. Daria, where have you been?

Nate: That's the nanny.

Molly: Never mind.

Come on. Get up here.

John: Forget it. Where have you been?

Molly: I'll just be the only kid in school who has to use books.

Nate: That's enough.

Eliot: Where's the mother in all this?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: According to...

[Leverage HQ]

Nate: Dead.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Yeah, uh, she died a year ago. How did you --

[Leverage HQ]

Nate: It's the way he looks at Molly. He loves her, but also, she reminds him of something that he's lost.

Sophie: Well, that explains his focus on the house. He's compensating for his loss by exerting power over his world.

Nate: Hardison, can you bring up the blueprint on the house?

Eliot: So, you're saying that being $1 million in debt, that's a lot of control?

Sophie: Well, it probably doesn't even register. I mean, that's not greed we're looking at it. It's grief.

Eliot: I thought we were supposed to hate the guys that we take down.

Nate: Not a requirement, a perk, usually.

(blueprints show up on the monitor)

Nate: Okay, so, we are here to get Geoffrey's chip back. Now, I have no doubt it's in that house somewhere. I just, I don't know where.

[Interior Van]

Parker: Look for a room or a door that doesn't go with the rest of the house.

[Leverage HQ]

Sophie: So, how do you want to get inside?

Nate: Oh, I thought we'd just, you know, wait for an invitation.

[Exterior House]

(Sophie stands in the street front of a house with a ‘sold’ sign as John pulls up in a car and beeps. Nate is in the yard moving around)

John: Lady, come on. I got to get to my house.

Sophie: Ah! Let me ask you a question, how do you feel about living in the shade of greatness?

Nate (peeking over hedge): Shadow, she wants you to live in the shadow.

Sophie: Shade, shadow, "tomahto," "tomahto."

John: You're the new owners.

Sophie: Oh, heavens, no. We've just been hired to make the place liveable, huh? Becka Jessup.

John: Contractors.

Sophie: You know what I'm thinking that house needs to achieve its potential for greatness?

Nate: What? Yeah?

Sophie: A spire.

Nate: Spire?

Sophie: A spire, 10, 20, 30 feet in the air. A spire made of glass and steel and (gasps) greatness!

John: Uh, are you serious?

Nate: I hope you like asphalt, buddy. Yeah. I-I hope you like asphalt. (runs across the road)

Sophie: Dear, dear, dear. Your landscaping's gonna have to go. Not enough sunlight, you understand.

John: Look, I-I don't know if you people are crazy or what, but you're not gonna build a spire in this neighborhood. The zoning board won't allow it.

Sophie: Oh, please. Zoning laws were made for people who don't have enough vision.

Nate: By "vision," she means "money."

Sophie: Vision.

John: Wait. Is that my dirt?

Sophie: Vision.

John: He just took my dirt. Put that back.

[Leverage HQ]

(Hardison takes the blueprints of the house next to John’s and adds a few modifications to it, including a spire)

[Plans and Zoning Division Office]

(Parker rappels from a skylight and swaps the blueprints in a file for the ones Hardison has drawn up and raises herself before John and a clerk come in)

Clerk: I, uh, really shouldn't be doing this.

(the Clerk trades John the plans for money)

John: This is ridiculous. Nobody needs a house that big.

Clerk: I think that's the garage.

John: Okay, how in the hell did they get that past the zoning board?

(Clerk holds up the money John gave him)

[Exterior House]

(Sophie is examining the sold house and taking notes as John approaches)

John: Hey, there. So, I, uh, know about the pay-offs. I've seen the blueprints. Now, either you and whoever you're working for can be buried under an avalanche of lawsuits, or...

Sophie: I'm listening.

John: Come work for me.

[Interior House]

(Sophie, John and Parker walk into a kitchen covered with drop clothes, and blue prints on an island countertop)

Sophie: Well, for a start, this is too confined. It's too narrow. No, this space, this space, it's all wrong. This wall. This wall, this wall's gonna have to go.

(Sophie opens a door to reveal a stainless steel door. John closes it quickly)

John: Panic room, best security money can buy. Only Molly or myself goes through that door. Understood? Can we talk about the tile in the kitchen? I need to install some.

Parker: Uh, Hardison, you know that room with the safe? It is a safe.

(sometime later Hardison is working on cupboards as Sophie and Nate follow John through the kitchen)

John: I don't want a media room.

Nate: No, no, cinematic-immersion zone.

John: Whatever. It's just me and Molly now.

Sophie: Look, I didn't bring Damon in just to make your multimedia dreams come true. He's gonna turn this place into a smart house.

John: Smart house?

Hardison: Yeah. You see, what happens is, say you forget to lock a window, close a door, or something like that. (pushes a button and a cabinet door closes) Boo. Right there, you see? Everything in this house, everything in your life, operates off of this guy right here. You can, I don't know, your locks, your video cameras, or I could wire it to your vehicle. You can, like, start your car or play a particular CD, lock, unlock the doors, something like that. It's pretty freakin' sweet, so...

John: Love it. Everything but the panic room. Only Molly and I access that.

Nate: But if there's already a CCTV in there, you know, it'd be easy for him to wire the--

John: Nobody goes in. (doorbell rings) Security. (goes to answer it)

Sophie: Wait. Can we get the combination to the safe from the panic room camera?

Hardison: I tapped into it already. The angle's no good. Plus, we'd need a button cam, but it's not gonna work with the kind of shirts that he wears.

Nate: Try his glasses.

Hardison: All right.

[Front Porch]

(Eliot rings the doorbell again, John opens the door and steps out onto the porch)

Eliot: Hi. Eliot, with, uh...

Uh, yeah, you're late. Where's Jack?

Eliot: ...Hancock Security. Jack is, he got sent to another gig, so they sent me.

John: Okay, well, go find Molly, all right?

Eliot: Okay. Who's Molly?

John: My daughter. Geez, don't you guys ever read your files?

[Interior House]

(Nate moves to the panic room door and examines the security panel)

Daria: E-excuse me. I am so sorry. I don't think Mr. Connell wants anyone back here.

Nate: Oh, sorry. (exits the room and closes the door) Thanks.

Daria: Yeah. Okay.

[Front Porch]

John: Look, I don't have time to keep tabs on her. (goes back in house)

Eliot: Can't watch his own daughter.

[Exterior Street]

(Eliot walks down the street to where Molly is sitting at the base of a tree)

Eliot: Hey, Molly. I'm Eliot. I'm supposed to...

(Eliot looks in the direction that Molly is looking, toward a carnival down the hill)

Eliot: It's got to be pretty cool living next to a carnival, though, huh?

Molly (scoffs): It's got to be pretty cool being the security guy.

Eliot: Wh-- M-my j--

Molly: Clearly you've never been to one. Every game is rigged.

Eliot: Is rigged.

Molly: It's a waste of time unless you cheat.

Eliot: Well, if you cheat, there's no satisfaction in winning.

Molly: Cheating's the only way to get anything in life.

Eliot: Uh-huh. Aren't you a little bag of sunshine?

Molly: It's my dad's philosophy. He believes that all of life is rigged. Probably some twisted reaction to my mom dying. Too much, too soon? Sorry. Don't have many people to talk to these days.

Eliot: I wonder why.

Molly: Other than Daria.

Eliot: Who's that?

Molly: She's our Eastern-European housekeeper. Talking to her is like… talking to an Eastern-European housekeeper.

Eliot (tries not to laugh): You don't have any friends?

Molly: My dad's been all wonky lately, not letting me go anywhere or have anyone over. He's all obsessed with this reconstruction thingy. My mom started it. It's like a shrine to her or something. Anyway, the blogs say he's grieving.

Eliot: What do you think?

Molly: I don't know.

Eliot (crouches next to Molly): You know, I know a way to beat these, uh, these games you think are rigged.

Molly: Yeah?

Eliot: Yeah.

Molly: What?

Eliot: What do you think it is? Hard work.

Molly (laughs): Was "Rudy" on cable last night?

Eliot: Yeah.

[Leverage HQ]

(Hardison is watching a security feed of the interior of the house, where Parker is looking at color samples)

Hardison: Nate, we're good to go. I hacked his med records and copied his prescription exactly. He'll never know. Parker, tell me how you're feeling right now.

(Hardison makes adjustments on a green electronic frog sitting on the counter next to him)

[Interior House]

Parker: Um... Wait. Huh?

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: Hmm? Uh, nothing. Never mind. He's coming toward you.

[Interior House]

(Parker moves to get in John’s way)

Parker: Oh! Ohh, sorry!

(color samples and glasses fall to the floor)

Parker: Damn it. Oh. Damn it. Sorry. (switches the glasses) I'm sorry. (puts camera glasses on John’s face)

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: Ah, there we go.

John: Yeah, yeah, just fine. Whatever. Just don't let it happen again, okay?

Parker: Okay. I'm sorry.

(Hardison gazes fondly at the monitor, which shows Parker’s face)

[Interior House]

John (answers phone): Hello?

[Leverage HQ]

(Hardison is watching John’s progress through the camera feed from his glasses)

John: Okay, give me a second. I've got to put you on hold, okay? Hold on. (the panic room door opens and John moves inside) I... Yeah, we're still on, but...

[Panic Room]

John: Yes, I know. Yes, it's secure. Look, whatever. Just have the money there tonight.

(John puts the phone down, then takes off his glasses)

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: No. No. No. No!

(John puts the glasses on top of the safe then bends top open the safe)

Hardison: Come on, man! (to Frog) You see this? You--you see this?!

[Interior House]

(John looks at the computer chip for a long moment, then puts it back in the safe)

John: I'm sorry, Geoffrey.

[Leverage HQ]

Hardison: No retina scan, voice, print, no facial recognition, nothing. He doesn't even touch the keypad.

Nate: Bring up the audio.

Hardison: There's nothing to bring up. He doesn't say anything.

Nate: No, no, just – just bring up the audio all the way.

Hardison: He's--

Nate: Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

(sounds of John moving into the room, then taking an exhale)

Hardison: Breath lock.

Nate: We're gonna have to get his DNA from his breath.

Hardison: We're gonna have to get him to take a breathalyzer.

Nate: He said that only he and Molly have access to that room. Eliot, I got something for you.

(Parker walks in carrying the Electronic Frog and slams it on the counter)

Parker: Are you kidding me? What, you think I wouldn't notice?!

Hardison: Oh, hey! Hey, girl, this thing is hypersensitive.

Parker: I'm hyper-sensitive when people are building robots to replace me!

Hardison: It's not a robot.

Parker: I'm not stupid, Hardison, okay? I know how smart you are and how capable you are of doing things. Parker 2000?

(Parker 2000 is written on the side of the Frog)

Hardison: No. What, no, see, like, um, okay. Yeah, I used your name, right? But it's not -- it's not what you think, at all. It's an ASCD, an automated safe-cracking device.

Parker: I'm a safe-cracking device. (walks out angrily)

Nate: Told you not to call it Parker.

Hardison (picks up the frog): The wheel?

[Interior House]

(Molly lays on the couch blowing up balloons)

Eliot: All right, you've blown up enough balloons. Come over here. I want to show you something. Now, let me see your balloon. (takes balloon and ties it) Can’t tie it?

Molly: Hmm?

Eliot: All right. Now, the mistake that most people make is throwing at the balloon, all right? The way these darts are weighted, they don't generate enough energy and momentum to go through the balloon. (throws dart at balloon and it falls to the floor) Boom.

Molly: Rigged?

Eliot: No, not rigged, okay? House advantage. But you throw in an arc... (throws dart in an arc, and it pops a balloon) Gravity, that creates enough momentum. You try.

(Molly throws a dart and fails as Parker crawls into the room)

Molly: You forgot to mention the need for talent.

Eliot: You go-- No, hard work beats talent every time. You're not putting an arc on it.

Molly: Do you subscribe to some motivational website or something?

Eliot (hands her a dart): Try again.

(Molly pops a balloon)

Eliot: And there you have it. See? Practice and hard work, and one of these days, (grabs a mirror and hands it to Molly) hold this right there, you'll be able to do this. (tosses a dart over his shoulder and pops a balloon)

Molly: Oh, sweet.

Eliot: That's right. (takes the mirror) Go over there and try it yourself. Use the mirror.

(Parker grabs one of the balloons)

Molly: Mirrors and I aren't exactly on speaking terms.

Eliot: What's the problem?

Molly: I just don't like what I see.

Daria: Molly, come! Time for carnival!

Molly: God. No, thank you! (sits down)

Daria: Your father wants us out of way.

Molly: Then Eliot can come.

Daria: No, no, h-he must stay.

Eliot: Uh, no, I got to -- yeah.

Daria: Now come on. It will be fun. I promise. I'll buy you cotton candy. Last year you loved the carnival so much.

Nate: Problem?

Molly: Can Eliot come?

Daria: Oh, wait. (phone rings) Wait. Your father's calling. (looks at phone) He say we must go now or we'll be late.

Molly: If I have to go to some lame carnival, then why can't Eliot come?

Nate: Yeah. Yeah. Why can't Eliot take you? It's fine, really. I mean, it's great. I mean, fewer variables means fewer complications… in renovations.

Daria: Okay, okay, that's fine. Let's go. Carnival, yay! (to Eliot) Okay? Come. Come. Come. Come.

Nate: Have fun.

Eliot: Yeah.

Nate: Clock starts now, people.

(Nate and Sophie move to the foyer)

Nate: Okay, Parker, Hardison, stand by.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Okay, Nate. How are you getting him out of there?

[Interior House]

Nate: Sophie and I are gonna run an abbreviated version of Roman Wedding. Not so hard.

(Sophie slaps Nate hard across the face as John comes down the stairs)

John: Holy crap.

Sophie: I quit! Ha! (walks out)

John: What was that about?

Nate: Uh, we better go get her.

(John leaves as Nate looks down at the phone in his hand)

[Exterior House]

(Sophie walks down the stairs)

John: Oh, come on, Becky! Come on! Hey!

Sophie: No, this is the last straw.

Nate: Oh, we got plenty of straws.

Sophie: This is like Mumbai all over again.

Nate: What do you mean, Mumbai all over again?!

John: What's--what is she so mad about?

[Interior House]

(Parker takes the balloon into the panic room entry and uses it on the breath scan security device. The panic room door opens and the Parker 2000 rolls into the room)

Parker: I'm not working with her.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Parker, it's not gender-specific. Plus, it can open a safe 6.5 times faster than you.

[Panic Room]

Parker: Ha! (moves to safe and turns the dial) There's no way I'm working with her.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: I don't...

[Carnival Games]

(Molly is playing the water balloon game and losing)

Molly: See? It's not working.

Eliot: That's 'cause you got to find the tell, all right? So, the way these guns are built, the barrel is aimed down and to the left. So you want to aim up and to --

Molly: The right.

Eliot: To the right. Right.

(Molly adjusts her aim and the bear begins to rise)

Eliot: You got it. You got it. You got it.

Carnie: There you go, little lady. (hands Molly a bear)

Molly (hands the bear to Eliot): Let's go.

(Eliot follows Molly and Daria down the midway)

[Exterior House]

(Sophie walks down the walk and begins to walk down the street, the others follow her)

Sophie: You didn't even tell him.

Nate: What? We don't have time for this. Tell him what?

John: Well, we need to make time.

Nate: Time for what?

John: Now, why is she so mad?

Nate: Why is she so mad? I'll tell you why. Well, because she has trouble seeing the bigger picture. That's why.

Sophie: I see bigger pictures than you've ever dreamt of. Who is it that designed David and Victoria's Ecuadorian water feature? Or who created Woody Harrelson's wall of hemp?

Nate: No, wait. Wait. Okay, Mr. Connell, just give this some pause. I just need one minute for you, me, and Ida Lupino here to sort this out, okay, one minute.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Woman, please just connect it to the safe's wall.

[Panic Room]

Parker: This is a Glen Reeder model 88-11, last made in 2009. Did she know that?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Yes, Parker, because I programmed it.

[Panic Room]

Parker: I knew you were trying to replace me.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Woman, please just connect it to the safe's wall.

[Panic Room]

Hardison: Ain't nobody replacing you.

[Carnival Games]

(Molly is playing the balloon game and winning)

Molly: Eliot, I did it!

Eliot: That's awesome. (to comm.) Come on, Parker.

Daria (phone ringing): I'll be right back, okay? Your father is calling.

(Daria moves off to answer the phone and Molly carries a huge giraffe over to Eliot)

Eliot: Sweet.

Molly: So, is "Parker" a code name? I mean, either you're talking on a secret radio or you're a schizophrenic.

Eliot (touches ear): I'm security.

Molly: Can I try?

Eliot: No.

Molly: Come on. Just let me try. I-I-I won't say anything. I'll just listen.

(Eliot takes an earbud from his pocket and hands it to her)

Eliot: Don't put it in your ear. Put it in your pocket, not until I tell you.

Molly: I'll be Botasky, and you be Perky.

Eliot: Who?

Molly: Don't you ever read?

[Panic Room]

Hardison: Parker, Connell's gonna catch you.

Parker (continuing to try and open the safe): Shh!

Hardison: Parker, please!

[Carnival Midway]

Parker: Are you talking to me or the new Parker?

Daria: Molly, your father wants us back soon. Let's go get cotton candy.

Molly: You want some?

Hardison: Maybe I should talk to new Parker. Give her the comm.

Molly: Eliot?

(Eliot continues to pay attention to the argument on comms)

Hardison: Give her the comm, Parker.

Daria: Molly! Molly!

Hardison: At least she listens. Give her the comm.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Girl, if you don't attach that thing to the safe wall --

[Carnival Midway]

Eliot: Just do it, Parker!

[Panic Room]

Parker: Fine. (takes electrodes from Parker 2000 and attaches them to the safe) There's no way she can crack this safe faster than me. (the safe opens) Whoa.

[Carnival Midway]

(Eliot watches the head of the giraffe move through the crowd as Molly follows Daria)

[Panic Room]

(Parker takes the chip from the safe)

[Exterior House]

John: Hardwood floors?

Nate: Yeah, I'm telling you. You know, she wants to use the hardwood from Burma, that crap. I mean, the hardwood from Brazil is the best stuff.

John: Fine. Whatever. I'll be upstairs in my office you need me. (walks away)

Nate: Okay, Parker, we are running out of time.

[Panic Room]

Parker: Done. (closes the safe)

[Carnival Midway]

(Eliot looks around but doesn’t see the giraffe. He moves in the direction he last saw it and finds it lying on the ground)

Daria: They took her! They took her! They took Molly.

(Eliot looks around, then pulls Daria to one side)

Eliot: Listen to me. Who took her? What did you see?

Daria: I don't, I don't know!

Eliot: What did you see?!

Daria: She, God. She was here, and then men were there, and I tried to hold her--

Eliot: How many men? How many men were there? Remember. It's very important you remember how many men!

Daria: Three.

Eliot: All right, g-go back to the house, all right? Listen, you understand me? Go straight back to the house now. Go.

(Daria leaves)

[Exterior House]

(Nate looks down at the carnival)

Sophie: Nate.

Nate: No, this can't be an abduction. This is K&R. The Russian buyers, they want the chip. We are on a reset. The main objective is the girl. We find her, bring her back safe. We lose the chip if we have to. We burn Connell if we have to. Anyone have a problem, speak now. Hardison, the carnival is covered in cameras.

[Interior Van]

Nate: I'll need a map.

Hardison: I'm on it.

[Exterior House]

Nate: Eliot, we're gonna need to know if anyone has left the carnival.

[Carnival Midway]

Eliot: 40 seconds from the main entrance. Nate, if I'm engaged...

[Exterior House]

Nate: Do your worst.

(Nate and Sophie walk into the house)

[Interior House]

(Nate and Sophie enter the kitchen where John is standing looking over the blueprints. Nate is holding the chip and walks around the island as he talks)

Nate: This is a goodwill gesture. What I want for it in return is your undivided attention and the benefit of the doubt. (drops chip on island) My name is Nate Ford. In just a few seconds, that phone is going to ri—

(John’s phone begins to ring)

Nate: I'll make this brief. The Russians that you lined up to buy that chip, well, they've decided they don't like your price anymore. Now, you need to listen to me very carefully. They have your daughter. They have Molly. Now, do you understand what I mean by that?

(John tries to grab Nate, but Nate grabs his arms)

John: If you hurt my child, I will end you.

Nate: We are not the Russians. Thorne.

John: Geoffrey? (lowers his arms)

Nate: The guy that you stole the chip from has hired us to steal it back. Do you understand?

John: If you're not working with them, how did you know that they'd call?

Nate: 'Cause I'm very good at what I do. Now, if you want to get your daughter back, you'll let me do the talking. (answers phone) Yeah?


Russian: Connell?

[Interior House]

Nate: No, uh, you're not gonna be dealing with Connell anymore. You're gonna be dealing with me. (phone hangs up)

John: What happened?

Nate: They hung up.

John (picks up phone): I'm calling the police.

Nate: No, no, no, no, wait. Just give it a few moments. They'll call back.

[Carnival Games]

Eliot: I've got no intel here, guys. Tell me you have something.

Molly: Eliot?

Eliot: Molly?


(Eliot hands Molly an earbud)

[Carnival Games]

Eliot: Where are you?

Molly: I don't know.

[Storage Shed]

Molly: It's dark. I can't see anything. Eliot, I'm scared.

[Carnival Games]

Eliot: All right, listen, you're gonna be fine, okay? This is, this is just a drill. It's like a, like a fire drill. You have those at your school, right?

[Storage Shed]

Molly: If I promise not to cry, will you just tell me the truth?

[Carnival Games]

Eliot: All right, this is not a drill. These guys are very bad guys, the guys that took you, okay? But I'm coming for you, me, and I'm gonna find you, and I'm gonna bring you home. Now, you tell me, does that sound like the truth?

[Storage Shed]

Molly: Yeah.

Eliot: Okay, good.

[Carnival Games]

Eliot: I'm gonna need your help.

[Storage Shed]

Molly: What do I have to do?

[Carnival Games]

Eliot: I need you to use your ears. All right? I need you to listen harder than you've ever listened in your entire life, and I need you to tell me exactly what you hear.

[Storage Shed]

Molly: Music. And the sound from the Spider ride.

[Interior House]

(John’s phone begins to ring. He looks at it for a moment, then hands it to Nate)

Nate (answers phone): Yeah?


Russian: At the carnival, in one hour. If you bring the chip, you'll get the girl. If you don't bring the chip... (hangs up)

[Interior House]

John: What did they say?

Nate: Doesn't matter.

John: What do you mean, "It doesn't matter"? We're negotiating for my daughter.

Nate: No, no, no. No, we're not. They're testing us.

John: Wait. I don't understand. Testing for what?

Nate: Testing us to see if they even need to negotiate. Now just be quiet. Hardison, I need you to clear out the carnival, and fast.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Okay, now, Eliot, I need you to find the janitor's closet, where they keep the supplies.

[Carnival Games]

Eliot: I know where it is.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Okay, good. Here's what I need you to get.

[Interior House]

Sophie: Based on what Molly hears and the location of the spider, she is here. (points to a spot on the map) Eliot, northeast corner.

Eliot: Got it.

Nate: Okay, that's where the meet will be.

Sophie: Nate, I'm only saying this 'cause they're Russian. Ferris Wheel.

Nate: Maybe they got a bird's-eye view of the entire carnival.

John: What does that mean?

Nate: It means they can post a sniper.

[Ferris Wheel]

(the wheel slows and a Carnie opens the door to a car)

Sniper: I go again.

Carnie: All right, come on, dude. It's like your 10th time in a row.

Sniper: I go (looks at Carnie) again.

Carnie (closes door): All right.

[Carnival Midway]

(Eliot walks out of a building holding many bottles of liquid)

Eliot: All right, I got it, Hardison. Now what?

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Okay, Eliot, find the hottest liquid that's not water, mix, and run like hell.


(Eliot enters the kitchen and empties the bottles into the frying oil. It explodes and he stumbles out of the door))

Eliot: Damn it, Hardison. A little warning next time.

[Interior Van]

Hardison: Well, what you think "run like hell" meant?

[Carnival Entrance]

(a cloud of smoke covers the carnival and the patrons hurry toward the exit)

Hardison (on PA): Please exit the park safely and quickly. Everything will be fine, nothing too toxic. Folks, right this way. Just go home and come back tomorrow.

(Hardison joins Nate and Sophie at the gate)

Hardison: After I made the recording, I called police and fire, told them it was a false alarm.

Nate: Nice work. (watches people leaving) Really nice.

John: Hey! (approaches the gate)

Sophie (steps in the way): No, Mr. Connell, please stay back here with me.

John: She's my daughter. I'm going. (walks around Sophie)

Nate (steps in the way): No, no, no. No, no, no, you're not.

John: Please. She needs me. I haven't been there for her. When, when, when I lost my wife, I-I forgot that Molly lost her mother, too, so when she needed me the m-- Please. She's all that I have. No, I’m-I'm-I'm all that she has, and I've lost everything.

Nate: Not yet, you haven't, no. She needs you to stay right here. Now, we're gonna go and get her.

(Nate, Parker, Sophie and Hardison enter the carnival and join up with Eliot just inside)

Eliot: I'm coming for you, Molly. Stay small and quiet, and if I say "run," you run.

[Storage Shed]

Molly: Okay.

[Security Shed]

(Hardison enters and turns on the light)

Hardison: Okay. Hey, guys, I got the security shed. (sits down and accesses the cameras) Okay, Eliot, heads-up, man. You got a little trouble ahead. You—

(on the screen, a man is thrown back into one of the game booths, unconscious)

Hardison: What? Damn. What the hell was that?

Eliot (walking by on monitor): It was a little trouble.

[Carnival Midway]

(Eliot sees a man standing on one of the ride platforms and walks toward him)

Eliot: Where is she?

(the man swings. Eliot blocks, then punches the man in the face and pushes him away into the interior of the ride. The man swings, but Eliot blocks and hits him several times in the chest, knocking him back against the ride’s seats. Eliot stalks the man out of the middle of the ride. The man swings, but Eliot blocks and hits him in the chest, knocking him down. The man gets up and Eliot punches, but the man blocks and kicks Eliot in the face, then in the stomach, knocking him down. Eliot gets up and the man nods to another man in the control booth. The control man pushes a button and the ride begins to move, swinging around and hitting Eliot in the face. Eliot flies back and slides off the platform, coming to land on his stomach on the ground, unmoving)

[Storage Shed]

Molly: Eliot? You okay?

[Carnival Midway]

(Nate walks through another part of the midway)

Russian: Oy! Do you have the chip?

(Nate doesn’t answer, simply looks around)

Russian: What are you looking for?

Nate: Your boss.

Russian: I am the boss. Where I come from, boss is the guy with the gun.

Nate: Yeah, well, in America, the boss is the guy who doesn't need a gun. You know, here's the thing, if you had permission to pull that thing, I think you would have done it already. (loudly) Little respect! That's all I'm asking for, common courtesy!

Russian: There is nobody here but us.

Nate: Look, I haven't made myself clear, have I? I'm gonna speak to no one but her.

Daria (walks out behind Russian): How did you know?


Daria: Oh! Look. (looks at phone) It's your father calling. He say we must go now or we'll be late.

Nate: Not so hard.

(Sophie slaps Nate hard across the face as John comes down the stairs)

John: Holy crap.

Sophie: I quit! Ha!

(Sophie hands Nate a phone as she walks out)

John: What was that about?

Nate: Better go get her.

(John leaves. Nate looks down at John’s phone and sees that he’s made no calls that day)

Daria: I don't think that Mr. Connell wants anyone back here.

(Nate looks down at Daria’s wrist and sees a star tattoo)

[Carnival Midway]

(the Russian also has a star tattoo on his kneck)

Nate: Lucky guess.

[Security shed]

Hardison: Okay, Parker. Parker, it's on. Get there.

[Carnival Midway]

(Parker runs past rides and games. Elsewhere, Nate talks with Daria)

Nate: Where's Molly?

Daria: Safe.

Nate: This negotiation won't begin until you give me proof.

Daria: You should look at your chest before making any more demands.

(Nate looks down to see a red dot on his chest. He looks up at the Ferris Wheel where the sniper is located, then glances at his watch. He begins to count on his fingers. When he reaches three, he looks again at the dot on his chest, which moves away and settles on Daria’s shoulder)

[Ferris Wheel]

Parker: I'd like to see Parker 2000 try that.

(Parker is holding the rifle with the sniper tied up beside her in the seat)

[Storage Shed]

Molly: Eliot? Eliot? You okay?

[Carnival Midway]

(Eliot remains lying unconscious in the same location just off the ride platform)

Molly: Eliot? Eliot?

[Carnival Gate]

Sophie: Molly, my name's Sophie. I'm looking out for you. Everything's gonna be fine, Molly. Molly, can you hear –

(John moves up beside her and holds out his hand)

John: She's my daughter.

(Sophie nods and hands John the earbud, which he places in his ear)

John: Molly?

[Storage Shed]

Molly: Dad?

[Carnival Gate]

Molly: Dad?

John: Honey, everything's going according to plan, um, hey, you know that I only hire the best, right?

[Storage Shed]

Molly: Yeah.

[Carnival Gate]

John: Well, that's who's coming to get you, the best. And they're gonna bring you back safe and sound, and I'll be right here, waiting. I'll be here for you, Molly. From now on, I promise, just you and me.

[Storage Shed]

Molly: I wish I was with you right now, dad.

[Carnival Gate]

John: Me too, honey. You just hang on a little bit longer, and we'll both see each other real soon, okay? Molly, I love you so much.

[Carnival Gate]

Molly: I love you, too, daddy.

[Carnival Gate]

(John hands the earbud back to Sophie)

Sophie: You did good.

[Carnival Midway]

Hardison: Eliot? Eliot?

(Eliot begins to stir)

Hardison: Are you at the storage shed?

(Eliot starts to get up)

Hardison: Eliot, did you find Molly? Eliot?

(Eliot gets to his feet and moves away from the ride. Elsewhere on the Midway, Daria talks to Nate)

Daria: If you kill me, how will you find the girl?

Nate: Actually, I was gonna do it the other way around.

Daria: Oh, so you know where she is, then?

[Storage Shed]

(Eliot enters the shed and looks around)

Eliot: She's not, she's not here.

[Carnival Midway]

Eliot: Nate, they moved her.

[House of Mirrors]

(Roper holds Molly against his chest)

Nate: Best move for you is just to hand her over.

[Carnival Midway]

Daria: Once I am safe with chip, you get Molly.

Nate: First we need proof of life.

Daria: You think I hurt her? I raised her, more than Mr. Connell.

[Storage Shed]

Molly: You're gonna be in big trouble when they find me.

Roper: I said shut up.

Eliot: Molly. Molly?

[House of Mirrors]

Molly: You're gonna regret this.

Roper: Shut up.

[Storage Shed]

Eliot: I'm here, Botasky.

[House of Mirrors]

Eliot: Give me a clue.

Molly: I don't like what I see.


Molly: Mirrors and I aren't exactly on speaking terms.

Eliot: What's the problem?

Molly: I just don't like what I see.

[Carnival Midway]

(Nate steps forward and hands Daria the chip. She takes it and says something in Russian to her friends. They both move away. Eliot walks from the storage shed and takes off his jacket)

Eliot: Nate, I know where she's at. I'm gonna go get her.

Nate: No, Eliot, Daria's got the chip. We got to just wai--

Eliot: I don't wait. I'm coming for you, Molly.

[House of Mirrors]

(Eliot enters the House of Mirrors. He enters the hall and sees Roper and Molly reflected on all sides)

Eliot: Roper.

(A man hits Eliot from behind, knocking him to the ground)

Molly: Eliot!

(Eliot struggles to his feet as a man’s laughter echoes through the hall)

Molly: Eliot, help me. Please!

(disoriented, Eliot looks around at all the mirrors)

Molly: Are you still there?

(Eliot sees the man he fought earlier reflected in the mirrors)

Molly: Eliot, I'm scared.

(Eliot punches at the man, but only hits a mirror, shattering it and cutting his knuckles)

Molly: Please help me. I'm scared. Please.

(the man grabs Eliot and head butts him, knocking him back. Laughter rings out once more)

[Carnival Parking Lot]

(Daria runs to her car and gets in it, starting it quickly and pulling away)

[House of Mirrors]

(still disoriented, Eliot walks further into the hall of mirrors. Molly’s voice echoes hallowly around him. He sees himself reflected all around him, then Roper is in every reflection. Eliot strikes back with his elbow, but Roper ducks and hits Eliot in the face. Roper strikes, but Eliot blocks several of the blows. Roper hits Eliot in the stomach, then across the face, knocking him to the ground. Dazed, Eliot stumbles to his feet. Eliot kicks at Roper, but Roper catches his leg and punches him in the face, knocking him down again. Eliot gets back to his feet and tries to kick, but again Roper grabs his leg and spins, elbowing Eliot in the face and knocking him to the ground.

Roper: The great Eliot Spencer. (laughs)

(Eliot lays there for a moment, stunned, before trying to get up)

Molly: It's dark. I can't see anything. Eliot, I'm scared.

Roper: Get up, Spencer.

(Eliot makes it to his knees)

Molly: I don't like what I see. I'm scared.

(Eliot closes his eyes and manages to get to his feet, listening carefully. Roper swings several times, but Eliot dodges easily. Roper swings again and Eliot blocks, then dodges another blow. Roper swings and misses again, then grabs Eliot and tries to punch him, but Eliot ducks under the blow. Roper seems confused as to how Eliot is managing to evade his strikes with his eyes closed. Eliot turns his head slightly, listening again, then opens his eyes and looks at Roper. Roper rushes forward and Eliot hits him hard in the stomach, then punches him in the face and chest. Eliot then grabs Roper’s vest and and pushes him into one of the mirrors, shattering it before throwing Roper to the floor. The mirror falls, revealing the man Eliot had fought earlier holding Molly. Eliot moves forward and punches the man, knocking him out, and grabs Molly to him, holding her tightly)

[Carnival Midway]

(Molly supports Eliot as they leave the House of Mirrors. As they approach the gate, John sees them and starts running in their direction)

John: Molly! Molly! Molly!

(Molly runs toward her dad leaving Eliot behind)

Molly: Daddy!

(John catches Molly and lifts her in a hug)

Molly (over John’s shoulder): Nice work, Perky.

Eliot (walking past): You too, Botasky.

(Eliot stumbles toward Nate, who turns to walk with him toward Sophie who waits at the gate]

[Parking Lot]

(Parker and Hardison catch up with them outside, and they all walk to the car where Daria is trapped, desperately trying to start the engine. Nate walks up to the driver’s window as Hardison walks around to the other side)

Daria: Son of a bitch! Let me out of this car right now, you son of a bitch!

Nate: Sorry, what? I can't hear you.

Daria: I will kill you! Do you hear me? I will–

Nate: You'll what?


Hardison: Everything in your life operates off this guy right here, your locks, your video cameras, or I could wire it to your vehicle. You can, like, start your car or play a particular CD, lock, unlock the doors, something like that. It's pretty freakin' sweet, so...

(Hardison attaches wires under the dash of the car. Daria pulls away but the car stalls before she leaves the parking lot)

[Parking Lot]

Daria: Let me out!

Nate: I'm sorry. What?

Daria: Let me out!

Nate: Can't hear you.

(Hardison lowers the passenger window and reaches in to grab the chip)

Daria: I will kill you! I will kill you!

(Hardison rolls up the passenger window as Daria tries to escape through it)

Daria: No, no, no, no, no! No, wait! Wait!

(the team walks toward the van as sirens begin to approach)

Daria: This is not over! Stop! Stop!

[McRory’s Pub]

(Geoffrey approaches the door, chip in his hand)

Geoffrey: I can't thank you enough. This is my life. And it sounds like Connell's turned over a new leaf.

Sophie: Well, I wouldn't say "Turned over a new leaf" so much as…

Nate: Oh, you know, sometimes, when you lose something that's important, something that centers you, something that you feel you can't live without, you lose how to live.

Geoffrey: Like my chip. (leaves)

Hardison: Well, it sounds like Molly and her dad are doing okay.

Eliot: They're making up for lost time.

Hardison: Hey, man, you really should have let us get you to a hospital.

Eliot: I hired a nurse.

Parker: Ah, that-a-boy. A little (punches Eliot’s arm) chicken noodle soup, a little (punches him again) grandmotherly love.

Eliot (flinches back in pain): Stop.

(a tall blond woman with long hair enters the pub. Eliot gets up to meet her)

Eliot: Hey. How are you? (to Hardison) This is nurse Gail.

(Gail guides Eliot out of the pub)

Hardison: I don't think she's registered.

Sophie (to Nate): You doing okay?

Nate: Always. (to Hardison and Parker) How you two doing with your little mini-Parker?

Parker: I can't believe you brought her here, by the way.

Hardison: Okay, you know what, Parker? Look. (puts Parker 2000 on table) You want to know why I made it green?

Parker: Mm-hmm.

Hardison: Because your favorite color is green. You want to know why I named her after you? It's because she's based off of you. Parker, that's why I was always asking you, "What are you thinking? How are you feeling?" Everything she knows, she learned off of you. I didn't make her to replace you. I'd never want to replace you. She's--she's for you.

(Parker looks at Parker 2000, pushing it a little, then smiles)

Parker: I love it. (grabs it)

Hardison: Really?

Parker: Yeah. I'm gonna call her "Hardy."

Hardison: Okay. No. Um, it's "Parker 2000." It says so right there in the fine print.

Parker: It used to be.

Hardison: Okay, no. That's, that's not gonna work. That's –

Parker: Hardy it is.

Hardison: But it's Parker 2000. It's like --

Parker: Yeah, but you said it's mine, so I can name it whatever I want. She shall be called Hardy. (to Parker 2000) You like that name, don't you? (high voice) Yes. Yes.

Hardison: Right, but when I invented it, I registered the name as Parker 2000.

Parker: She likes it. She likes it.

Hardison: Hardy is good. I can make a Hardy.

The End

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